Joo Won Fanmeeting Report♪ (Osaka 2016)

Hello everyone~♪

On 6th March (Sunday), Joo Won’s fanmeeting was held at the Dojima River Forum!!

Memorable scenes from dramas that Joo Won starred in were projected on the big screen.
While audiences were engrossed in looking at the screen and reminiscing the dramas, Joo Won appeared cheerfully in person!!

“Annyeong! I’m glad to meet everyone” he greeted playfully. “I’m here for sightseeing in Japan~!” Joo Won looks happy.


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(F.A.E.P.) JOO-WON 2015 SWEET SMILE FANMEETING 11/22 Toyosu PIT Report (Eng Trans)

9 December 2015


Joo Won, dubbed as the “Prince of Ratings” for his Korean dramas that always succeed, has held performances in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya. For Osaka and Tokyo, the afternoon part is the Fanmeeting and the evening part is the Live. We were asked to cover the 「JOO-WON 2015 SWEET SMILE FANMEETING」held at Toyosu PIT on 22nd November.

Joo Won in navy blue suit greeted energetically with “Annyeong! Have you eaten?” when he appeared, causing the audiences to break into loud screams. Currently 29 years old in Korean age, he will be welcoming 30 years of age in January. In preparation of this new milestone, the corner 「My BEST3」 starts. Fans have previously voted in various themes and the results are presented in a ranking format. It has received much active participation as we look back into his 20s.

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“And the one reason for not responding to malicious rumours would be…” TV Report Interview

20151026_1445840032_16716700_1And the one reason for not responding to malicious rumours would be…”
If Ha Jung-Woo is the face of actors in their 30s, then Joo Won would be the face of actors in their 20s. On 28 Oct, “That Guy” premiered. Before then, Joo Won had already appeared in 7 different dramas and 5 movies. In between all of that, he had also appeared in musicals, with nary enough rest all this while. Keeping a busy schedule and working hard has distanced him from these malicious rumours.
“I’m fundamentally childlike, in that I approach things with a level of innocence. I need to hear positive words of praise and encouragement in order to work well. Therefore I will certainly avoid reading negative messages.”
“Whenever I got a break, I would start to feel restless. After filming for “Good Doctor” ended, I started rehearsals for the musical “Ghost” the very next day. I used to think that keeping unconditionally busy with continuous productions was a good thing. Today however, I’m beginning to realise, rest is also necessary.”
Having been guided by the principal of “being as productive as possible”, Joo Won, who used to slog like a dog, has started to feel a change in himself as he approaches his 30s.
“Since the time I was in high school, I had never liked taking on similar roles repeatedly. While others wanted to play the lead, I would opt to play the role of the perverted old man. It’s the same with dramas. I want to show the audience different personas. Yet somehow over time I found myself developing a certain image. To me, at 29, this is the point where I feel I need to create that distinction in myself.”
Joo Won will turn 30 in the coming year. As he prepares for enlistment then, he also plans to break free from his current image and looks forward to change. His choice of the starring role in “That Guy” was precisely to work on a character he had never played before.
“So I was asked, ‘Would you like to try being in a horror-thriller?’ Put that way, it did jolt me some. I was quite nervous before turning the cover on the script. I had gained weight for this role and definitely looked different, and my! I looked so gauche! But that was exactly the reaction I wanted (from others)! Haha!”
Do you look forward to presenting a different Joo Won with each production?
“I find it amazing when actors are able to transform themselves to the point where they are unrecognisable. I admire them. Like how Christian Bale inAmerican Psycho was so different from him as Batman, and senior Song Kang-Ho’s absolute change in The Throne was both shocking and provocative.”
“I hope that the future Joo Won will be well-rested physically and mentally. And when it comes time to choose my next project, that I will be discerning in what it is I want to do.”


Chinese Translator: Yu Hsing/Yoland, JWTC(Joo Won Taiwan Fan Club)

English Translator: gilaswan

i-Weekly Interview – Breaking Through The Mould Of An Introvert

How do you grow a talent

He counts amongst the hottest Korean male stars this year. In a world of abundant Oppas occupying the Hallyusphere, YongPali (The Gang Doctor) has broken through the 20% ratings threshold, putting it as the highest rated kDrama in 2015 to date. With a passion for work and a relentless schedule all these years, he has blazed a trail with most of his productions. Yet we hardly hear of him in the media. Often playing the genius though once taking on the role of a simpleton, who exactly is Joo Won? He would tell you, “I’m not one who is reckless or wild.”

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U-Weekly Interview- Joo Won.Serious.Prince of Ratings

Joo Won. Serious. Mic Bug. 

High praises for Kim Tae Hee

Gang Doctor (also known as Yongpalyi) ‘s Yongpal Kim Tae Hyun, remains smiley despite numerous obstacles. Real life Joo Won is a big boy who often displays shy smiles. While Kim Tae Hyun likes to glib talk, Joo Won answers questions seriously, definitely adding points.

Another group of reporters commented that Joo won replies are direct to the point and his manager does not intercept the questions. This is their easiest experience interviewing Korean stars so far.

Joo won previously claimed that he was very excited to work with Kim Tae Hee, more so than other actors. Is it because he also see her as a female goddess, thus looking forward to working with her?

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Joo Won: My Date Is My Ideal Marriage Partner

Source; Singapore Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

picture credit: ctfrsgp @mylittlehappyplace

Excerpt from source:

“Restricted Area” question which got answered without hesitation. “Hallyu Top 5 New Kings” Joo Won talked about his relationships: His date is his ideal marriage partner!

Very tall, with deep set dimples when he smiles, recently through <Gang Doctor> which garnered top ratings in Korea(it was also the top show on Starhub in Singapore), hugely popular lead actor Joo Won came to Singapore with his drama “sister” Park Hye Soo for a fan meet.

Joo Won appeared in western attire. In real person, he was very friendly, slightly bashful and perhaps due to the language barrier, he didn’t give much eye contact to the reporter or interpreter.

He would always incline his head, earnestly listened to the beautiful interpreter’s questions, pondered over them carefully and then gave detailed answers. His responses were very sincere.

Reporter was brave enough to ask him a question on “dream girl”. Private life questions are typically taboo for Hallyu stars, especially when it’s about relationships. The publicist at his side, who bore the responsibility, smiled and reminded that this “cannot be asked”. Who knew, Joo Won who does not speak English, understood the reporter’s key words “dream girl” (ideal partner). Although the reporter intruded into the “Restricted Area” for questions, Joo Won actually laughed and answered magnanimously.

“It’s hard to get into a relationship. When I see someone I like, I step back instead and carefully observe whether the other party is suitable for me. Is she the right one? I will think a lot. But if I have someone I like, dating is the prerequisite to marriage. To me, the one I date should be my marriage ideal. Because there are two sons in my family, I hope that my other half can get along with my parents just like a daughter would.

The reporter praised him for being a ‘good man’ and immediately gave him more points.

Through <Gang Doctor>’s fiery ratings, Joo Won got billed as “Hallyu Top 5 New Kings” together with Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Woo Bin. How does he feel about being promoted to “Hallyu New King”?

Joo Won answered earnestly: “I do not know how I got this title. Of course I would be happy. My life hasn’t changed, I will still focus on filming. But the expectations from the outside world would be raised and thus the pressure on me will be huge. But, I am still me, no change.”

Meeting Joo Won, I realized that he who’s a cut above the rest, does not have a slightest bit of arrogance.




Translation: mrdimples

[ARTICLE] Ariel Lin visits set of ‘Yongpal’; Joo Won was shy to take photo


10 September 2015



Ariel Lin had flown to Korea on the 10th to attend the Seoul Drama Awards. Making use of her free time, she went to the filming set of Korea’s current hottest drama ‘Yongpal’ and visited the male lead Joo Won. As her drama ‘It Started With A Kiss’ had been broadcast in Korea and her other drama ‘In Time With You’ has also been remade into Korean version (*The Time We Were Not In Love), Joo Won was nervous and anticipative to meet this original ‘You Qing’ (*Character name in ‘In Time With You’). After seeing her in person, he exclaimed that she had maintained her skin so well that it’s like a young girl’s!

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[Personality] Joo Won’s Work Life


KBS [King of Baker Kim Tak Goo] 36.7% [Bridal Mask] 16.9% MBC [7th Level Civil Servant] 11.4% KBS [Good Doctor] 18% [Tomorrow’s Cantabile] 4.9% (AGB Nielsen Korea NationWide). Joo Won’s mini-series average ratings is 17.58%, among the currently active actors, it’s 2nd highest followed by Kim Soo Hyun. [enews24]. In this, if you add weekend drama KBS [Ojakgyo Brothers] which passed 30% and with KBS [Happy Sunday] 1Night 2Days, he has earned the nick-name “brother lover” and received public awareness. However, in one interview, although his overseas popularity is enough to call him “Next Generation Hanryu Star,” he doesn’t have the feeling of ‘Big Star.’ To this question, Joo Won’s answer was “I am contemplating about it. It’s not that I do not want to be a (Big Star), it would be good but…” ([Singles]) Strangely with his consistent good marks, he did not experience exploding stardom.


Being called the KBS employee with continued KBS projects such as [King of Baker], [Ojakgyo Brothers], [Bridal Mask], ‘2Day 1Night’etc., is also Joo Won’s way of building his experience. Since Joo Won’s debut in 2010 until now, he’s done 5 movies, 7 dramas, and 1 musical without a rest. In [Good Doctor], he acted with bent back and neck to a point it brought pains to portray Shi On, a doctor with autism. Immediately after this, he went into a practice from 10 am through 10 pm for the Musical, [Ghost]. And while doing the [Ghost] he filmed the movie [Fashion King] (2014 January, filming began) as Woo Ki Myung, “Caddy for Snack,” and immediately after went into filming a movie [HaYooKyoMok A- Mang Chun Dang] (2014 May filming began). Unlike the stars in his age group, who would give terms in between selecting the next project when they receive attention with a success of the project in order to leave the strong impression and try transformation in acting, Joo Won acted without a rest. Role of Police, Detective, Profiler were six times, and Doctor 2 times. It’s good to receive reliance steadily but it’s not easy to manage his image as a ‘Star.’ As if an athlete who considers career record more importantly than being the MVP of one season, he seems to believe his cumulative experience with his hard and unceasing effort will propel himself forward in development.



And, in SBS [Yong Pal-Yi], it gives expectation that those cumulated experiences can be turned into a colorful impact. Acting for a few years without ceasing, he experienced from Mini-Series to the long running weekend drama, and digested from the period piece [Bridal Mask] to medical drama [Good Doctor], even a criminal piece [Special Investigative Unit]. As a result, in [Yong Pal-Yi], he is able to film surgery scenes proficiently as he practiced in [Good Doctor], film car chase scene and other various action scenes as a doctor in debt who is treating gangsters in order to pay back loan shark. Being able to go from comedy to traditional acting in one scene without the feeling of exaggeration in a drama with dramatic setting and his acting that is able to pull the drama through, is result earned through the unceasing appearances in dramas. And [Yong Pal-Yi] received 11.6% ratings (AGB Nielsen) in it’s airing of first episode. This is a high rating amongst the recent dramas, and Joo Won showed his happiness in his SNS. His accumulated efforts passed the threshold and started receiving attention.


Tae Hyun in [Yong Pal-Yi] without time to sleep, he works and struggles for survival without a rest. Believing one day he will be able to find the happiness and stability in life. And Joo Won worked and lived hard until [Yong Pal-Yi], to a point he can say, “People say ‘anyone can work hard, so you have to do it well,’ but not everyone works hard. I really have worked hard going many nights without sleep and rest.” ([TV Daily]) No one knows if [Yong Pal-Yi] will remain as the hot topic drama until the end of the show as it is now. However, Joo Won, as he has always done, he will appear in another project. There is no assurance whether he can be the Top Star with the strong impact. But as if he’s climbing the ladder where it’s end cannot be seen, he survived until now by continuing to act as if he’s going to work at the filming sites. And now, it seems he has come up very far. But his goal seems far ahead. “I imagine my later life in my 50’s. That is my driving force which helps to pull myself back up and keep going without a breather.” ([Lady Trend])


English Translation : SdeeHC@joowoncutie

Original Article in Korean :

Writer. Lee Ji Hae

Picture SBS

Editor. Kim Young Jin

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‘Yong Pal-Yi’s Joo Won, Magic Acting Which Makes 60 Minutes Feel Like 1 Minute ‘Thumbs Up’


Actor Joo Won made drama unfolding time of 60 minutes feel like 1 minute with his magical acting and brought viewers intense immersion.


Last broadcasted on 6th, SBS Wed-Thurs, drama ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ 2nd episode followed Joo Won’s 1st episode’s showcased highly praised acting, and told the heartfelt story of the reason for living as Yong Pal-Yi, to the feeling of tension for his identity that is about to be detected.

When Joo Won and Gangster leader Doo-Cheul (Song Kyung Cheul), whom coordinated Yong Pal’s concierge trips, became trapped by the police, they jumped from the Han River Bridge without any hesitation after administering epinephrine. Having unrest and anxiety, after realizing he left his scalpel back at the place of his illegal visit, when Chief Lee (Jung Woong-In) notices his identity as Yong Pal-Yi, Joo Won kneels before Chief Lee in apology.

With Joo Won’s heartbreaking past of his mother passing away, not even getting a chance for a surgery due to VVIP patient, along with Joo Won’s heart striking emotional and tearful acting, even formed viewers’ consensus of how Kim Tae Hyun became a snob who only works for money.

Furthermore, Joo Won showcased his deep down humanism and doctor’s responsibility by helping the patient who could not have emergency surgery for not having the guardian and insurance, behind the scene, which was opposite from his cold outer appearance, which brought deep impression to the viewers.

The edge of your seat tension, heartbreaking past about his mother, helping patients all are avoiding in secret, in his own way and bringing warm emotions…Joo Won’s acting showcased amazing absorption and by making viewers feel like the drama’s procession passed in seconds, brought viewers praise with “Of course, Actor Joo Won (that can be watched with trust in his acting ability)”

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere, anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. Broadcasting every Wed-Thurs 10 PM.

English Translation by : sdeeHC@joowoncutie

Taken from
MiRae HanKook

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