Joo Won wins Best Actor award at 26th Korean PD Awards

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Joo Won and Chae Won Win Best Couple Award [English Subbed]

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Joo Won’s speeches at KBS Awards 2013

Top Actor’s Award: picked by the drama PD’s (around 150) from KBS, MBC and SBS

PD award

 Hello, I am JooWon
(Screams by the fans)

I feel embarrassed and sorry that I received the award Lee Mi Sook sunbae-nim was eyeing.

I am really thankful

Through ‘Good Doctor’ I felt the my heart becoming warm, and seeing the audience’s heart becoming warm

I felt the strength a drama has

I am very happy these days.  I received much love from meeting a great piece (drama)

and with the current performance I am going back to my beginning heart

I am now beginning a baby walk of  my 60 years of acting life

For the 60 years I will humbly try and work hard to give you more heart- warming and more big love

Thank you.  Love you.

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Medical Drama? Script? Acting? Good Doctor coolly overcomes all stereotypes!

The popular drama Good Doctor has aired its final episode on 8 October 2013. 1st Year Resident Park Shi On, who was an autistic savant, manged to overcome the prejudice of people telling him that certain things are out of his limits. The drama ended with Park Shi On entering the peak of not only his professional life but also his love life.
It is little known that when KBS was first writing the script for Good Doctor, it was in the same precarious situation as Park Shi On. There was no broadcasting station was willing to take on a mini series written by a relatively unknown and non established writer, actors who has the skill but no star power as lead actors and characters that constantly create trouble, Many were doubtful that this drama could ever succeed.

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