Taiwan Fanmeet May 2013 by mjwonnie


To all my dearest fellow Joo Won ‘cutie’ lovers,

I have had one of THE most blissful weekends of my life! Why? Cos I was one of the fortunate few who attended cutie’s FM in Taiwan. If not for a blistering migraine attack yesterday, (prob a cutie’s withdrawal syndrome ) I would have made this post much earlier. In any case, I wanted to share my 1st hand experience with all of you, as my special thanks especially to the major contributors and ‘life’ of this sacred forum ie coolreborn, mrdimples, septmoon16, stearly, ctrs?? (sorry, cant find yr actual id) etc.

Before I begin, I just wanted everyone to know the reason y there were so limited videos n pixs of the event. Except for the 1st lch prog where cutie appeared in that blue jacket, we were totally not allowed to take any videos/pix for the rest of the prog. There were many watchful eyes who would constantly remind u to keep yr cameras. So bless the souls of all those who managed to sneak and record cutie’s performance.

Day 1 Fri 17 May

Thankfully, the organisers posted cutie’s flight details so I was able to match my own flights with his. My flight arrived at Taipei airport abt 11.45am. Cutie’s flight landed abt 12.15pm. Taipei’s airport had only 5 baggage belts. Mine was No 1 whilst cutie’s was No 5. There was only 1 escalator from the immigration counter to the luggage belts. So when Belt No 5 started running, my friend thot it wld b safer for us to proceed to the escalator and wait for cutie. As we were approaching the escalator, I saw a tall guy in plain white t-shirt, sunglasses and with a pair of headphones round his neck. I knew instinctively that it was cutie! Becos he was accompanied by just 1 female airport staff and another guy, and didn’t hv like an ‘entourage’ surrounding him, my friend totally didn’t recognise him. I immediately told her it was cutie! From that moment that I saw him, I literally froze! I had specially bought a new camera for this event and was holding it in my hands. But when I saw cutie just barely abt 2m fr me, my mind just went blank! Cutie’s legs are really long so with just a few long strides, he was already at his belt no 5 waiting for his luggage. My friend on the other hand, had to literally try to run after him! When she managed to catch up, she asked if he was Joo Won Shi. He smiled n replied ‘yes’. Then she asked if she could take a photo with him, but his manager said ‘No’. Cutie himself said ‘sorry sorry’ then pointed to the luggage belt as if to say that he had to take his luggage. Where was I? I was about 4m away as I just could not bring myself to go anywhere near him! I could literally feel my whole face blushing in full redness just cos he was barely 3-4m away fr me. I was just in absolute awe! His shoulders were broad and he had a nice stride in his walk. His lips did seem a bit pale though. Amazingly, his face looked really small! I was in complete heaven! Since it seemed that he didn’t want any ‘attention’, I pulled my friend away and we made our way out. Whilst outside, his fans were already there waiting for him. He finally appeared again but this time with a larger group. But again, with his long legs, he was gone in an instant! When he appeared, his fans screamed and cutie put his hands to his ears. He was really shy!

Day 2 Actual Fan Meet

We decided to stay at the hotel where the FM was to take place. The prog began with a lunch starting at 12noon. Midway, cutie appeared in his blue jacket for abt 5mins. The MC introduced him and cutie mentioned roughly what was planned for the rest of the day. Lch was then superceded with the press conference. Again they were extremely strict abt any photo taking cos they wanted the press to hv the 1st exclusive release of any pixs/news etc. This was followed by a Q&A session where cutie answered qns that were written on sticky notes. The 1st 100 could then go on stage and shake hands with him whilst the remaining got a signed poster. It ended abt 3.30pm. Somehow, we managed to make real friends with most of the people who sat at our table. Since it was another 3hrs or so til the evening prog, I invited our new found friends to have a rest in our hotel room. Amazingly, all 7 of us could click very well. Besides my fren n I, the other 5 all came alone. There was even a 61 Grandmother! She was so adorable! Whilst in our hotel room, we all shared about how we came to know and love cutie! We had some real good laughs too! To me, it was truly amazing how bcos of cutie, a 61 yr old grandma, plus 3 other 20s-30s locals, 1 hongkonger and my friend n 1 who are both singaporeans but living in hk, cld come together and gel and hv so much fun and laughter together!

Soon it was 6pm and time to head down to the ballroom for the actual ‘Cinderalla show’ with oppa!

Again, we were all made to line up and enter the ballroom according to our tkt nos. Once inside, we were reminded once again that no photography was allowed. Cutie soon appeared in his white suit belting out ‘My Love’. Needless to say I was totally 100% frozen in all aweness! He sang a total of 5 songs and everytime he sang, I literally felt my heart beat soooo fast! To hear him sing ‘live’ in an enclosed room is simply amazing! I really had trouble breathing! I honestly cant describe how I felt listening and seeing him sing ‘live’! I was in complete 200% awe! Magical is still quite a far off word to describe the moment! My gosh, this 25yr old man truly was able to make this otherwise no-nonsense girl into a pile of slush jelly! Thru out the entire fan meet, cutie truly gave his complete all belting out each song to perfection! He was also very sporting and did whatever the MC asked him to do. Even doing the ‘poko poko’ dance from the 7GCS drama!

Whilst I wasn’t lucky enuf to rec any of his personal items, nor get a chance to hug n smell him, I did managed to shake his hand and rec a signed poster from him! image

Whilst lining up in the queue to shake his hand, again I was transformed into a pile of jelly! When it was my turn n I had to walk up to him, I was totally lost in his gaze! He held my hand with both his hands and it felt really warm n comforting. He said in a very soft voice ‘Kamsamida’, and I nodded and attempted to open my mouth to reply a ‘kamsamida’ too but it all I cld hear fr coming out fr my opened mouth was a very weak and soft ‘kamsamida’…. I was literally floating thereafter….  My other friend asked me how he smelt, I truly cant tell cos my ‘touch; senses was totally lost in his warm handshake and my eyes was totally lost gazing into his eyes’. I literally died and went rose to heaven!

During the past 2 days, my friend and I had the insane opportunity to b invited to a dining event with cutie! So for abt an hour or so, I was literally barely within metres of cutie! I heard ‘live’ his signature laughter a couple of times! I felt I had died there and then and was already in heaven! Our request to take a photo with cutie was again rejected by his manager. But just before the Korean crew left, cutie came and stood in front of us and waved goodbye! That was his silent way of saying ‘thank u’ to us since his manager didn’t allow us to take any photos with him. Then just as he started to walk and leave, he turned and looked back and at that moment our eyes met. I must have looked like a forlorn sad puppy cos just at the moment when our eyes met, he give me a big smile that was so wide it shld off his right dimple! Needless to say I was in total rumble! I was barely just able to wave goodbye to him!

Then barely 48hrs later, I read that cutie may star in a medical drama. Whilst I’m happy at the thot that I can cont to see him on screen, I cant help but wish he’d reject this drama too. Seeing him upfront, I cld see his eye bags and dark eye circles. Believe it or not, his face is also very very small! At 1.85cm and weighing barely 68kg, I think he’s also very skinny. I am sooo soooo afraid that he’ll just collapse one day from exhaustion!

I’ve already booked my Tokyo fan meeting tickets and will surely make my way to seeing cutie again! But this time, I prob wont understand 80% of wat’s happening.

From my brief interactions with cutie, and my observations of him thru out the fan meet, I can only reiterate the fact that cutie is truly one of a kind…. an extremely well mannered man, thoughtful, humble, sincere, warm, talented and most impt of all, the most ‘humane’ celebrity I have met in my entire life!

thank you soooo much Joo won shi for ‘coming into my life’!

Day 3 at the airport

Although our flight times were barely 10mins away fr each other, I told my fren that we shld avoid him as much as poss. I didn’t want him to think of us as ‘stalkers’. So we checked in as usual and whilst we were lining up at the immigration counters, we started to hear screams. So we knew it had to be cutie. I hastily cleared immigration and literally stood at a corner to see cutie. This time, bcos there were a few local fans that purposely booked the same flight to seoul as cutie, he was constantly surrounded by his Korean crew. Nevertheless, I was still able to catch a glimpse of cutie!

PLEASE DO NOT REBLOG. Please do not use in translating without permission.


One thought on “Taiwan Fanmeet May 2013 by mjwonnie

  1. wow:) how i wish i would be there as well:)) how i wish he could come in our country to have his FAN MEETING HERE(philippines) we really cant wait to see him….. loving him so so much:)

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