[Interview] Seoul Club on Daily News 2016-02-25


‘Joo Won’ reveals he is fortunate to receive love from Thai fans. Please come again…we are waiting because you are our happiness.

Every time Joo Won visits Thailand, he always impresses Thai fans. He has already brought love and warm to Thai fans for 3 consecutive years. The fan meeting this year “AIS presents 2016 The Best of Me, Joo Won” is held at Muangthai GMM Live House, Central World by Now Productions. Fans can be exclusively close to this handsome guy. We also get a chance to particularly have an exclusive interview with Joo Won for his fans. If you are ready, here we go!

How do you feel for this fan meeting?

“I am very thankful. I have a chance to hold a fan meeting here again because of love from all Thai fans. I promise that I will repay their love very well.”

You have received SBS Drama Awards 2015 Daesang from Yong Pal. How did you feel at the second your name was announced?

“It was so honorable when I heard my name because it is all actors’ dream to receive a great award like Daesang. This award is the target in many actors’ career life. I am also one of them who dreams that I can receive it one day so I worked very hard. When the MC announced my name, I felt like a dream. It was unbelievable and I thought if this was real. On the other hand, I felt considerate of sunbaes sitting in front of me. I felt very honorable to receive this award but not because my acting was good, but perhaps because I worked so hard that year. And because of the love everyone giving to me, I promise to myself that I will sacrifice myself and work hard forever to keep the reputation of Korean actors.”

What is your principles in work?

“Every time I work, I will tell myself that I do not work alone. Everything is done as a team. Therefore, I have to understand all staff who work with me as well.”

If you had a chance to work with any actor in the world, who would you like to work with and what kind of project do you want to participate with him/her?

“I would like to work with “Leonardo DiCaprio”. He is my role model. If I can work with him, the action project would be interesting. When he acts, he has a very good psychological inner like a psychologist. If I can work with him in a part he is really good at, it would be so honorable (smiling).”

If we say a name “Joo Won”, what would you like everyone to think of?

“I would like them to think of a reliable actor. When they see my name in a drama or a movie, I would like them to feel that it must be fun. You don’t have to worry about the acting because Joo Won will make the audience believe in it definitely. I would like them to remember me as the actor who is good in every roles I act. Even if they think that this drama may not be interesting, but when they see my name in it, I would like them to feel like watching it because they want to see me in the drama.”

Talking about the woman who can win over your heart, what are the characteristics she should have?

“I like a cheerful woman (smiling). She should have a gentle heart who can make everyone around her happy with and she should always be optimistic. If you can live with this kind of woman, no matter what the problem you have been with, she can make you feel good, relaxed and cheerful with her. For the beauty, she may not have to be so pretty, actually. If she is pretty and has a good heart like I said, it would be good. However, if she is very pretty, but her heart is not OK, I think I won’t really like her. I prefer looking at the beauty from inside.”

What do you think is your charm?

“What is my charm? (smiling) …It might be that I am gentle and modest, I guess.”

If you could have a supernatural power, what kind of power would you like to have?

“I’ve ever think of things like this. I would like to have the power that when you look into my eyes, you would like me. It’s not like you are so crazy about me like that, but you feel good about me and feel that I am good.”

In the future, what do you think “Joo Won” in the age of 60s would be like and what he is doing?

“I think I am still an actor at that time. But I also have another dream to be an acting teacher. I would like to teach the students who are interested in acting.”


What would you think of every time you visit Thailand?

“It might be the weather. I love the weather in Thailand because I love warm weather. Actually, it is really cold in Korea now. Before I came to Thailand, I was very excited. I would like to come here quickly because I think I must be warm here in Thailand (laugh). I really love it. Actually, Thailand is the country that I feel so relaxed when I stay. Every time I come here for work, it feels like relaxing as well. You don’t have to worry about food because Thai food is delicious. I believe that it is not only me who feels this way, but other Koreans who come to Thailand also like it too. Of course, Thai foods I like are Pad Thai, Tom Yum Kung and stir-fried crab with curry powder, but I can find them in Korea too. Therefore, what I like most is soft-shelled crab. You cannot find it in Korea. It is really rare. I like it very much (smiling).”

Is there anything in Thailand you would like to try or go to, but you didn’t have a chance to do it?

“Actually, I‘ve never have a real visit tour in Thailand (smiling). But I always think that if I have a real visit tour in Thailand, it would be good. If I have time in my life, I would like to try it and Thailand is one of the countries I want to visit most. But I don’t have enough time now, it is fine. I have to work first. But in the future, I would like to visit the place I would like to go and try the food I want to taste. Personally, I prefer the sea to the mountain. Therefore, if I have a chance, I would like to go to the sea in Thailand. I also love to see ancient buildings.”

If you could give a present to Thai fans, what would you like to give?

“I would like to give my work in Thailand for my Thai fans. It could be a drama or a movie because acting is my expertise. As an actor, I would like to give this to them.”

If we ask you to write a song for Thai fans, what would you name the song and what it would talk about?

“I would name the song “You love Korea I love Thai fan”. The song would talk about the love we have for each other and what I would like to tell Thai fans from my heart (smiling).”

Finally, what would you like to say to Thai fans who always support you?

“Firstly, I feel like I am so fortunate (smiling). I am very lucky to have a chance to come to Thailand every year like this and I am really thankful. What I can repay everyone is that I will work hard and I will try to find a chance to see you in Thailand very often like this.”

Then it is a time for the fan meeting. At the moment Joo Won appears, fans welcome him with a very loud screaming as much as how they miss him. Joo Won opens the fan meeting with the song “Honey” which means every Thai fans are “his honey” before continuing with fun games which allow Joo Won and Thai fans to play very closely. When he is asked what are the 3 reasons he likes Thailand, Joo Won replies sweetly that “They are the weather, food and most importantly, everyone here. I really mean it. I didn’t try to be honey tongued. Today when I see everyone, I feel like why you become more beautiful than before and Thai women are really charming.” Oh my! How can’t you fall for him when he said like this? Moreover, Joo Won also gives a surprise birthday celebration to the fans whose birthday is on the day of the fan meeting.

What surprises us the most is that Joo Won sings the Thai song “แสงสุดท้าย (The Last Light)” by Bodyslam. We heard that he intentionally chose this song by himself to be a song from his heart to the fans. What is more important is that he can sing it with a very precise pronunciation. This makes fans really impressed with his ability and good intention to give it to them. Then it is the most touching moment when Thai fans surprise him with a VTR project to tell him from their hearts that “For us, what is the most important in this world is your happiness…Don’t forget to smile because when you laugh, we are happy…When you cry, we hurt too. This is what to insist that how much you mean to us. Don’t be afraid that we will forget you. You see? We are always here for you. Whenever you return, we still wait for you here…Keep smiling. We will always smile besides you and support you forever…” and then all fans show the project banner with the words “Please come back … we will wait for you”. This makes Joo Won unable to hold his tears. He said “Normally, I do not cry a lot like this. But when Thai fans do something like this for me, it impresses me so much. You write it very well. My fans are really good. You told me not to cry, but you are the one who make me cry (smiling).” This is so touching that many fans cry after him. It’s time to bid our farewell. But before Joo Won leaves, he reveals what is in his heart that “I am an ordinary person who lives in this world. I am not perfect. Thank you everyone for loving this imperfect man.”

This fan meeting is really the best in every aspects. Not only Joo Won and Thai fans themselves, but also the love they have for each other as well.


Story: Ha-neul
English Translation: Natty (https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/interview-dailynews-20160225)
Source: http://www.dailynews.co.th/entertainment/381748

Please re-translate with full credits.

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