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#01: Dailymotion| Dailymotion (LQ)
#02: Dailymotion | Dailymotion (LQ)
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#04: Dailymotion | Dailymotion (LQ)
#05: Dailymotion
#06: Dailymotion |Dailymotion (LQ)
#07: Dailymotion | Dailymotion (LQ)
#08: Dailymotion (LQ)
#09 Dailymotion (LQ)
#10 Dailymotion (LQ)
#11 Dailymotion (LQ)
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#13 Dailymotion
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#15 Dailymotion
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#17 Dailymotion
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#24 Dailymotion

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Please inform us if you are going to use our subbed videos as a base when re-subbing into your language.
You may re-translate the video using our English translations. Please give credits to Joo Won Cutie International Subbing Team.

22 thoughts on “Cutie’s Lilo

  1. Thank you so much for (all) your effort in subbing this video. I’m really grateful for that. Love it ^_^♡ 주원 오빠 화이팅

  2. Thank you very much for all your hardwork in subbing these! I’m happy that I discovered this awesome blog dedicated to Joowon. Thank you! ❤

  3. wow joo won arrived in the philippines..^_^..joo won oppa we will always love you..i enjoy watching joo won life log is so amazing..i hope theres more like this so that we continue know what joo won do in his daily life..

  4. We like Joo Won in all of his presentation. He is a superb actor.Wating for his next drama or movie.

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