Joo Won Fanmeeting Report♪ (Osaka 2016)

Hello everyone~♪

On 6th March (Sunday), Joo Won’s fanmeeting was held at the Dojima River Forum!!

Memorable scenes from dramas that Joo Won starred in were projected on the big screen.
While audiences were engrossed in looking at the screen and reminiscing the dramas, Joo Won appeared cheerfully in person!!

“Annyeong! I’m glad to meet everyone” he greeted playfully. “I’m here for sightseeing in Japan~!” Joo Won looks happy.


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(F.A.E.P.) JOO-WON 2015 SWEET SMILE FANMEETING 11/22 Toyosu PIT Report (Eng Trans)

9 December 2015


Joo Won, dubbed as the “Prince of Ratings” for his Korean dramas that always succeed, has held performances in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya. For Osaka and Tokyo, the afternoon part is the Fanmeeting and the evening part is the Live. We were asked to cover the 「JOO-WON 2015 SWEET SMILE FANMEETING」held at Toyosu PIT on 22nd November.

Joo Won in navy blue suit greeted energetically with “Annyeong! Have you eaten?” when he appeared, causing the audiences to break into loud screams. Currently 29 years old in Korean age, he will be welcoming 30 years of age in January. In preparation of this new milestone, the corner 「My BEST3」 starts. Fans have previously voted in various themes and the results are presented in a ranking format. It has received much active participation as we look back into his 20s.

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[Event Report] Joo Won & Shim Eunkyung, Highly Praised Each Other at the Drama Event

30 May 2015

‘Nodame Cantabile ~ Tomorrow Cantabile’, a drama based on Japan’s best-seller manga which sold over 37 million copies, is a classical music rom-com that shows the growth and love between Yoojin, an elite music university student aiming to become a conductor and Naeil, a music university student who falls behind in the piano department. Playing the lead role Yoojin is Joo Won who has acted in many popular dramas such as ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’. And the heroine Naeil is played by Shim Eunkyung whose acting in ‘Miss Granny’ is still fresh in our minds. This is a work piece that became a large topic in Korea as a cast of Korea’s young and talented representatives is formed and also because the Japanese version drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’ has a lot of fans. The Blu-ray & DVD-BOX will be released on 1st July and to commemorate this, a drama event was held on 29th May (Fri) at Tokyo-Zepp Divercity.

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Joo Won held solo live with self-MC! JOO WON 2015 SWEET SMILE LIVE Coverage Report!

A regular favourite with the hit drama ‘King of Baking Kim Takgu’ and earns high ratings consecutively in ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ etc. Dubbed as the Prince of Ratings, Actor Joo Won who is also in great demand in movies and musicals had held a solo live ‘JOO WON 2015 SWEET SMILE LIVE’ in Tokyo on 24th January 2015 (Saturday) and in Kyoto on the 25th (Sunday). This article will report the situation in Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT on the 24th.


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[JOO WON] Held solo live! ‘Might cry’ with breakup song (TOKYO FM 2015) [Translated]

Article from Hanryu PIA:

3 February 2015

[JOO WON] Held solo live! ‘Might cry’ with breakup song



Went to the solo live of Korean actor Joo Won on 24th January at Tokyo Toyosu PIT.

Joo Won started his career as a musical actor. At the live on this day, he started with the impressionable song from the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ – ‘This Is The Moment’. Translation of the song lyrics was available at both sides of the stage just like musicals, strongly conveying the content of the song that Jekyll sang with full determination.

Joo Won spoke to the audience – “Hello. Have you been well? It’s been a long time since I came to Japan. Today there is no MC too. I will be proceeding and singing as I like!”. Just like his innocent image from variety programs, the live proceeded with a free atmosphere.

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6 February 2015

Blog post from:
Note: Words in brackets with *asterisk are the English translator’s notes.



Everyone, hello~♪      (*in Korean)

On 25th January (Sunday) at Kyoto Theatre,

Speaking of Joo Won, he has acted in various dramas such as ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’, ‘Good Doctor’, ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’ etc., performed in musicals, and his singing and acting are also wonderful too.

The venue was congested with customers.
Waving cute pen lights, they were looking forward to Joo Won’s appearance.

There were loud cheers that came along with the appearance of the actual person.


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