Tokyo Fanmeet June 2013 by manyearsago

Joo Won Sweet Smile Fanmeeting & Concert in Tokyo on 15 June 2013 

         Complete Version of Audio Recap – Part 1


At 5pm sharp on 15 June 2013 in Hall C of Tokyo International Forum, all lightings were switched off following by two big screens projecting video footage of the sky diving and parachute training scene of “Level 7 Civil Servant” which Gil Ro played by Joo Won, singing birthday song to Seo Won played by Choi Kang Hee.  Intro of its OST was being played in the background and Joo Won making his appearance on stage singing “My way to you” had unfolded his 2nd fanmeeting in Japan.  While one screen was playing the video footage of the drama, the other screen was projecting the cool and handsome video image of Joo Won singing on stage.

I was looking at the big screens all the time as my seat was too far and I could only see the tiny JW on stage.  He was wearing a woven tweed grey & white blazer and black pants.  His voice was great !!!!  

After the song, MC appeared on stage and said “The singing is excellent, many people came to Joo Won’s fanmeeting and concert.  Would you please say your greeting to the audiences.”

JW:  How are you?….(waiting for responses)…..  How are you?  (audiences responding)  Everyone, Good Evening. I am Joo Won.

MC:  You greeted in Japanese, you must have practised a lot.

JW:   eh, ah, yes ( a bit embarrassed).  If I come to Japan, I expect the biggest problem would be language.  Because it is hard to communicate with audiences, I practise a little bit.

MC:  I see. (asking audiences) Everyone, what do you think ? (audiences responded by applauses).  

MC:  Have you been looking forward to seeing Joo Won?  (audiences responded again applauses)

MC:  Joo Won san, it is a full house today from 1st floor to 3rd floor, everyone here has been waiting you for long, would you please occasionally wave to the audiences sitting above?  (Joo Won waving to fans and fans responding). Let’s have a good time today.  By the way, I am your host today and my name is Lee Yumi.  (she is a very experienced host interviewing hallyu stars) and Temoto Rie san is our interpreter.

MC:  Joo Won san, please have a seat.

Both of Joo Won and Yumi sat down on chairs.

MC:  Ah, Joo Won san, you are so handsome, I am envious.  Today, we will be spending a nice time with Joo Won.  Joo Won san, when was your last time in Japan?  (The MC was very funny, somehow I found her quite moaty the way she said it!!  She even asked some moaty questions too.)

JW: It is more than one year ago.   I really wanted to come and I missed my fans, I arrived yesterday.

MC: You can more and less see the face of your fans now.  Joo Won, how do you feel after seeing them here?

JW:   They are lovely !! (JW said it without hesitation in Japanese and we audiences laughed, he was so sweet!!)

MC:  Everyone is smiling?  There are fans who keep looking at your face, it looks like we have to give them some eye drops.  Please do your best looking at him.   Joo Won, you started the event by singing a song, were you nervous?

JW:  I am not nervous at all now, however I was a bit nervous before appearing on stage.  I am alright now.  

MC:  Normally,  are you the type who doesn’t feel nervous?

JW: Normally, I don’t show nervouness.  I am the type who doesn’t show nervousness on my face even I am. I only keep the nervousness in my heart.  I just don’t express  it.

MC:  I see.  Even now you are showing us your nice expressions.  What did you do after your arrival in Japan?

JW:  I started the rehearsal upon my arrival yesterday as I am going to sing and also to show everyone my dancing, I will dance with other dancers today. 

MC:  Wow, we look forward to seeing your dance.  You will sing and dance.  You rehearsed your dance with the Japanese dancers, right?  How do you match dancing with the local dancers?

JW:  The choreography was produced in Korea and the video footage was then sent to the Japanese team for viewing.  Japanese dancers just dance according to the planned choreography, therefore there is not a single problem at all.

MC:  I guess everyone here will be looking forward to seeing how you are going to match the dance with the local dancers.  By the way, have you already eaten anything nice in Japan?

JW:  Yesterday, I ate sushi ….

MC: Sushi and…

JW:  and the premium Japanese beef (laugh).  There is no more Japanese beef left in the restaurant (laugh) because I really ate so much. (we audiences laugh too) I don’t eat much during filming in Korea but I like Japanese beef so I ate a lot yesterday.

MC:  I see.  Even so, your face doesn’t get swollen today, I am envious (laugh).  As for me, the day before I go on live performance, I ensure myself not eating any beef (laugh).   (Asking the audiences) Everyone, do you watch the drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” currently being aired on KNTV? (applauses).  Looks like many audiences are watching this drama, Joo Won san, could you please tell us what drama it is and the role you play?

JW:  Oh!? (laugh)

MC:  So cute.

JW: (laugh) The story of the drama is about the Korean National Intelligence Service.  Most of the stories about National Intelligence Service have scenarios carrying with heavy atmosphere but the pace of L7CS is actually very light and you will find it enjoyable to watch.  I played the role of Han Gil Ro who has both manly and lovely personalities, however he sometimes can be a bit childish but you will find it more enjoyable in watching this drama by seeing more of his different personalities.

MC:  I see.  You are biting your fingers while the interpreter does the interpretation for you.  When I am chatting with you, I have fun.  When I see you like this, I have more fun.  You are so lovely, Joo Won San (audiences cracked up laughing).  So cute!

MC: Well, who were your co-stars?

JW:   I think audiences know who they are.  My co-stars were 2PM’s Chan Sung, Choi Kang Hee noona, Son Jin Young  and many other actors.

MC:  I see. Let’s have a look at the video footage and we will continue our conversation.

Video footage of L7CS was then showed on both big screens.

MC:  They are wonderful scenes!!  First, what do you think of the action scenes? I guess there would be different ways in posturing the action scenes.

JW:  I had many action scenes this time like riding on an auto bike, snow mobile, hit by a car.

MC:  I guess you would have received some special training for playing those action scenes.

JW:  Yes, that’s right.  Before taking any action scenes, I have to go to action school for practice but there were also lots of scenes which I had to use pistols in this drama, like how to disassemble and plunder the pistol, I had to practise that too.

MC:  You were violently beaten by your co-star Choi Kang Hee san, I guess actually it would have hurt, right?

JW:  I was actually beaten by her (laugh). It hurt in the beginning but once I gradually got hold of the technique of being beaten, it didn’t hurt anymore.

MC:  This is how you did it. I guess both of you are professionals so you two can do well.   I see from this drama that there were many cool shooting scenes.  We want to see if Joo Won san is actually possessing the skills of being a spy.  Can we give you a test now?

MC:   The first Spy Test is shooting skill.  We will be able to find out if Joo Won san’s shooting skill is good.  I guess he can show us his skills while talking to us.  Joo Won san, please come over here, the targets are here and we have the pistol for you to use.  First, Joo Won san,  you can see a pair of nice looking goggles here.  (Asking audiences) Do you want to see Joo Won san’s handsome shooting pose? (applauses) 

MC:  By all means! There is a camera over there.  Just feel like you have a chance shooting right into their eyes!!  Joo Won san, could you please put on the goggles, face the camera and show us your handsome shooting pose.  We would be happy if you could do it. Is it Ok?  Well, everyone, keep your eyes on him. (while JW was facing the camera and pointing the pistol towards us the audiences and fans, we were madly screaming as he looked so cool and handsome.   We didn’t mind being shot by such a handsome sniper!)

MC:  Thank you.  Joo Won, you are wonderful.  As I expected, you look so cool. You look like a spy.  Actually, do you think you are that cool?

JW:  (laugh)  Me….(embarrassed).  (I think he was doing a funny posture saying no so audiences  laughed)

Photo of his co-stars were brought out onto the stage, they were Joo Won’s target for the shooting test.

MC: The targets are all here.  They are photos of Joo Won, Chan Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Im Yoon Ho and Anh Nae Saeng.

MC:  OK, I am going to ask questions. Please target and shoot the photo of the person.  The first question is “To whom you don’t want to lose amongst these people?”, please shoot that person.  Everyone please have a look and see who Joo Won san will target at.  (JW pointed the pistol to Chan Sung and laughed)   Ah, wouldn’t it be Chang Sung san?  Please shoot.  It didn’t work, please try once again. take two. The bullets are not loaded.  Are they stuck? Something like this can happen (JW targeted Chan Sung and was ready to shoot but the pistol was not properly loaded, so staff had to come out fixing it)

MC:  Let me ask who did you target at?

JW:  Chan Sung (laugh).

MC:  You feel like shooting at him ?

JW:  By looking at his photo, I can feel I am the one Chan Sung hates the most (laugh).

MC:  I see (laugh).  You are very observant.  Is there any anecdote between you and Chan Sung san during filming?

JW:  When I was with Kang Hee noona and Chan Sung, somehow I felt like Chang Sung was the oldest.  His face was like that (laugh), behaviours of Kang Hee noona and mine were somehow prone to childish whereas Chan Sung looked very quiet and intellectual.

MC:  I see. That’s why you want to shoot him because you don’t want to lose to him. (the pistol was fixed by staff and JW pointed to his target again, but the pistol was still playing up.  JW felt frustrated and dropped it on the floor and stepped on it.  He looked so funny.  Then the staff tried to fix it again.)

MC: Ah, has it been fixed?   Please try again and shoot the satisfied-looking Chan Sung.  (bullet still didn’t come out and after a few trials, the bullet came out and landed on the target which JW scored 9 points)   eh?   Hang on, you are brilliant!   You shot right into the target?!  You are really good in shooting, aren’t you?  I thought you only look good and handsome in posing (laugh).

JW:  I actually practised a lot in shooting.  I used real bullets for practice.  Do you know there is a shooting range using real bullets in Myungdong of Seoul.   I practised shooting there.

MC:  I guess people will rush there from now.  The next person I want you to shoot is the one “who had the most NG scenes”. Who will you shoot?  Joo Won san, please get ready!  Ooh,  the one you shot was yourself?!  It is just perfect.  Have a look, the bullet landed on the line between 8-9.  Brilliant, but did you have that many NG scenes? 

JW:  I have changed my acting style playing the drama this time.  I have been acting many heavy roles before.  Because I have changed my style, I ended up having many NG scenes.

MC:  I see, you did so well even you had many NG scenes.  OK, the shooting test is now finished.  I still have many questions to ask.  Please have a seat.  Your shooting is really good.  By the way, there are many sweet scenes in L7CS and I think viewers did find many heart-throbbing romance scenes.  Let’s have a look on screen.

Video footage showing romance scene of Gil Ro kissing Seo Won on the snow.  Joo Won somehow felt embarrassed and covered his face.  MC was screaming and saying  “long….. long… being embraced like this…………..I am envious of Choi Kang Hee san.”. 

MC:  Thank you.  It is fantastic.  Joo Won san, What do you think of your kiss scene?

JW:  (saying in Japanese) It is embarrassing….. embarrassing (laugh).  

MC:  Do you think the scene was beautifully taken? 

JW:  I like it very much.  It was very cold when filming that scene.  My body became numb lying on the snow.

MC:  I see but your lips were not numb, (audiences cracked up) you just need to concentrate on your lips. That cute lips belong to Choi Kang Hee san, right?  (audiences cracked up) It was great .  Anyway, how was the kiss scene?  Were you nervous?

JW:  Yes, I was nervous.  I had to be very careful as I was thinking if I was being impolite to such a good actress.

MC:  What sort of preparation did you do before the kiss scene?  Something like you don’t eat food with black sesame (Laugh).

JW:   I brushed my teeth and gargled many times and also put on fragrance.

MC:  I think you don’t need to put on any fragrance (audiences laughed), You certainly do care about your partner.

JW:  I thought when we were to embrace each other, it would be better for her smelling my fragrance rather than my sweaty smell.

MC:  I think it is just fine even to smell your sweat!  (We audiences cracked up laughing and clapped our hands.)

MC:  As long as you don’t fall asleep when you do kiss scene, that is OK. ( I am not sure of this part because I was laughing loud and didn’t get what the MC said.)

JW:  Is it OK?

MC:  Also, everyone saw the footage of sky diving scene which Joo Won san singing birthday song as a surprise present.   Joo Won san, if you have a girlfriend, what will you do?

JW:  I don’t think I can do something like this big in scale, I don’t know but I will buy something little for her even it is not her birthday, I will buy things for her wherever I go and will always give her small presents.

MC:  I see.

Suddenly background music of 007 was being played in background.

MC:  Well, we are going to do the next test, the test is about insight of a spy!  To test whether a spy has insight, he needs to be observant. Now, Joo Won san, you need to act according to my order, you have to select three people from the audiences by using your insight in accordance with my order and the selected three audiences will have to come up on stage.  Well, here is the criteria for selecting these three people,

Spy test number 2 – Insight

1.       Occupation is a civil servant

2.       Wall paper of mobile phone has Joo Won’s photo

3.       Someone who has possession of JYP100,000 or above

MC:  Joo Won san will come down to the audience seats and select three people.   Joo Won san, you can’t ask the person directly whether she has JPY100,000 or she is a civil servant, but you can ask them questions and  they can give you hints.  Audiences, if Joo Won san points at you, please stand up and come to the stage.  Now, Joo Won san, please use your insight and select 3 audiences.  Let’s start!

Joo Won went down to the audience floor to choose the three people.

MC keeps reminding Joo Won the criteria of the three people whom he has to choose. 

MC:  Joo Won san, please  select the three people.

JW: I am greeting the audiences.

First he eyed on a person wearing vividly bright colour outfit.

MC:  Who is the person picked by Joo Won  san?

JW:  By judging from her bright-coloured outfit, I think this grandmother has JPY100,000.

MC:   Grandmother, please come up to the stage with your purse.  He is very confident. And would the staff please come up to the stage with the grandmother.

MC:  Please find the person who is a civil servant and the person who has Joo Won’s photo in mobile.

JW:  (he was busy waving hands to fans, while doing his fan service, he was eyeing on two other audiences)  I think this audience has my photo as wallpaper in her mobile because she showed me my photo.

MC:  That is OK if she shows it to you, but this test is to check your insight.

MC:  What did she say?

JW:  Looks like the other girl has my photo in her mobile too.  This girl showed me my photo but it looks like the other girl has my photo too.

MC:  OK, Please bring your mobile phone and come up to the stage with the staff.  Joo Won san, last person you have to find is civil servant.  What is your image of a civil servant?

JW:   Eh! Ah! Today is Saturday, I think the person will be wearing a suit going to work and the image  should be intellectual.

MC:  Apparently no one is wearing a suit today.  (JW walked around the venue once).  Aah!  Someone wearing a pair of spectacles was chosen.   Please, please get back to the stage.  So, three people are choosen, why did you choose her?

JW:  Somehow I don’t know but she looks like a civil servant.

MC: I see. Please come up with the staff.  Joo Won san, please come back to the stage.

MC:  (saying to the three guests on stage).  Thanks for waiting.  Ok, let’s check the insight of Joo Won san!   Please come to the front in the middle so audiences can see you all.   Please come up to the front.   Joo Won san, you are so kind.  Would everyone please give your applause to the 3 guests on stage.

MC:  Joo Won san, who do you want to check first?  

JW:  Shall we start with grandmother first?  

MC:  Ah,  grandmother,

JW:  She is using a brand-named purse.

MC:  Grandmother, you are using a brand-named purse but why do you put the banknotes in a vinyl bag? (audiences laugh)

Guest A grandmother:   I regard money as a lucky charm.

MC:   Regard money as a lucky charm!?….. You are great! Money as a lucky charm.

Guest A:  When I meet someone,  I want to give out the money neatly .

MC:  I see!  You are very thoughtful!   Sorry, However,  is it okay….. can…..can I count them?  (counting the bank notes while audiences are witnessing, clapping hands and helping with counting)    It is exactly JPY100,000.  Thank you.  You are great.  There are so many people here but you can exactly find this grandmother who has  JPY100,000 amongst them.

JW:  After this event, please have a cup of tea and meet with this grandmother.

MC:  Joo Won san, Congratulations.  and Thank you, Grandmother!  (audiences applausing).  Are you alright getting down the stairs?  (Joo Won shook hands with the grandmother, looks like grandmother doesn’t want to leave the stage.  Their hands are still intact and they bowed to each other for at least 10 seconds, we audiences just cracked up laughing!)

MC:  Let’s check the mobile next.  What is your name?”

Guest B:    Kana

MC:  Kana, Kana chan.

JW:    Kana chan is cute (saying in Japanese).

MC:  Kana chan is cute,  in order to see if Joo Won san has the insight in selecting you who have his photo in your mobile phone, would you please show us the wallpaper of your mobile?  Please show your mobile in front of the camera.  (Kana showed her mobile phone in front of the camera and it has Joo Won’s photo)  

MC: It is excellent!  I think you were not rushing to do it this morning (audiences laugh)?

Guest B:  No (laugh).  I like Joo Won oppa from a long time ago.

MC:  When was it?

Guest B: From Baker King.

MC:  From the time he hated Tak Gu?   (audiences laugh) Congratulations!  Kana chan, Thank you.  Now let’s check the last guest.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  Please stand closer.  What is your name?

Guest C: Mieko.

MC:  Mieko chan, please speak closer to the mic.  (audiences laugh)

JW:  you are beautiful (speaking in Japanese).

MC:  Mieko chan

JW:  Mieko chan, you are beautiful (speaking in Japanese) (audiences laugh)

MC: Mieko chan is choosen.  OK Now, let’s check the answer.  Mieko chan, would you please tell us your occupation?

Guest C:  (looks apologetic) housewife.  (MC screams and audiences laugh)

JW:  Mother! (audiences laugh)

MC:  Although you are a Mom, Joo Won san, is it because the spectacles she wears is giving you an impression that she is an intellectual civil servant, that’s why you chose her?

JW:  She looks intellectual with spectacles, the outfit she is wearing does give me a neat impression, that’s why I chose her.

MC:  It was OK even you got it wrong for this one.  Congratulations.  I guess the audience was thankful for being chosen!   (audiences applause)

MC:   OK, the spy insight test is finished!  (applauses)  Joo Won san, somehow you invited a special guest joining us today, would you please call him out?

JW:   In the L7CS, he was my rival but actually I treat him as a loving and precious younger brother.  He is JJ, Im Yoon Ho.

MC:  Im Yoon Ho san please say your greetings to the audiences. (applauses)

YH:  (greeting in Japanese)  All Japanese fans, Good Evening, I am Im Yoon Ho!   (We audiences were amazed with his “handsome look” I guess!)

MC:  Wow, looking at these two men is just beautiful, they are handsome.  Let me ask a few questions.  Please take your seat.  Both of you played in L7CS, what is your mutual impression?  Yoon Ho san, what is your impression of Joo Won san?

YH:  First…

MC:  Please move the mic closer to your mouth.  (audiences laugh)

YH:  The first impression he gave me was sharp and unapproachable but as I know him more, he is cute and he looks after me.  He is a very nice person.  (Joo Won laughs when hoobae saying he is cute)

MC:  I can understand Joo Won san is a nice person.  Joo Won, what was your first  impression of Yoon Ho san?

JW:  From a man’s point of view, I found him really handsome.  When I see his acting through the monitor when filming L7CS, I found his acting is good.  Even it was his first time acting and he played a villain, I think he played the role so well.  It would be very hard to act it out but he did it so well.  He is now playing in a new drama, we can see how he grows as an actor.   He is good in acting and he looks charming.

MC:  I see, from their comments I can feel both of them are mutually relying on each other.  There is video footage.  Let’s watch the scenes which both of them played in the drama.

Their action and rivalry scenes are being shown on screens.

MC:  Thank you. Those scenes made you clench your fists to sweat.  It was Yoon Ho san’s first time playing a villain, is there any memorable anecdote that you can think of in playing this drama?

YH:  I remember a memorable scene playing with Anh Nae Saeng sunbae.  In that scene, I had to shoot him.  It was very cold when filming the scene but all the staff members did their best shooting the scene.   There were things which I didn’t feel satisfied with myself and I felt regretful as I have inadequacies in acting but I can say that was the only scene I liked the most.  

MC:  I see.  I think the audiences can remember well what you say when they replay the scene you just mentioned.  In the middle of the drama, there was a scene that Yoon Ho was injured and we could see his abs (audiences cheered).  Joo Won san, did you see that and what do you think? (audiences laugh)

JW:  ….. (takes JW some time to answer) I think it doesn’t look good if the skin looks uneven. (audiences laugh)

MC:  I guess you prefer to having a smooth abdomen (laugh).

JW:  eh, I think I prefer soft muscle (audiences cracked up laughing)

MC:  I see, that means you won’t be able to show us your chocolate abs.   But Yoon Ho san, do you exercise a lot?

YH:  aah (hesitating) ….

JW:  He was born with 4 packs of abs (laugh).

MC:   He was born with 4 packs of abs (laugh)!  Really ?

YH:  No, that is not true. (laugh)

MC:  I see (laugh).

YH:  But originally I really like doing sports and I always do workout in gym.  In order to prepare for the action scenes of L7CS, I lost some weight.   I got my abs once I lost weight.

MC:  I see.

JW:  I don’t get any abs even I did action scenes (laugh).

MC:  Well in this case,  please show us your abs one day!  I think everyone is looking forward to seeing it.   (applauses) Thank you.  Have a feeling like “Fighting”!!   Both of them are conversing harmoniously, aren’t they?  Joo Won san, soon we are going to finish part 1 and what are you going to show us in part 2?

JW:  I want to spend some “hot” time with everyone here in part 2, please sweat with me today!

MC:  Everyone, will you sweat with Joo Won san? (applauses)

MC:  Everyone, Joo Won san is going to prepare for part 2.  Everyone please applaud,  Joo Won san.  Thank you. 

MC:  OK.  Yoon Ho san, today you are the special guest of Joo Won san’s fanmeeting, let me ask you about his future activities and aspiration!

YH: After L7CS , I have been busy playing a drama “Sincerity is the way of heaven”.  Other than that, I am also reading and selecting the script for my next project and meeting with production teams.  I am looking forward to seeing you all with more good projects in future.

MC:  I think audiences will be supporting you.  Thank you.  And Yoon Ho san is going to sing a song for us today. What song is it?

YH:  I am going to sing Titanic’s theme song “My heart will go on”.

MC:  Please go and stand by.  Event will keep going.  I am done today.  Please enjoy the rest of the event. (applauses)

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Joo Won Sweet Smile Fanmeeting & Concert in Tokyo on 15 June 2013 

         Complete Version of Audio Recap – Part 2


Part 2 of the fanmeeting is a mini concert, video footage of Joo Won practising singing and dancing was shown on screens.  Joo Won wearing a black blazer matching with a pair of white pants and sneakers came out on stage and sang “This is the moment” from musical “Jekyll & Hyde”. 

After he finished the musical song, (audiences applausing) he said…..

JW:  1st floor !  (looking at the cue card in his hand) (cheers from fans).  One, two, 2nd floor?  (cheers from fans),  3rd floor? (cheers from fans again)   (Saying in Japanese and laughing) Thank you.  How was my song?  (applauses) Embarrassing!! (laugh).  Ah, eh, (in Korean) I will be using the time in Part 2 communicating with you.  Today I feel very good and also it is very meaningful to me.  I want to enjoy as much as I can!  (applauses) From this moment, there is only me on the stage.  Because no one will come up, sometimes we can converse with our eyes, I am happy that I can empathize with you through songs.  (applauses)

JW: Do you know I sang a track for “Level 7 Civil Servant”?  That is the next song I am going to sing.  It is called “I don’t know how to love”.  Everyone, let’s do it together!

After singing “I don’t know how to love”, he said…..

JW:  (speaking in Japanese)  Thank you.  3rd floor, can you hear me?  (applauses) can you hear me?  (struggling speaking in Japanese so he keeps looking at the cue card, and he is so cute)  By singing the song, you can see me (applauses) and I can immerse well with my feelings  (applauses)  I am really very happy to see you listening to my song seriously. (applauses)   The staff members were panicking when I suddenly started to sing (laugh).  I saw it all (laugh).  Please get ready.  Even in my next drama and movie, when I thought about it, I only realized the characters I played were all different.  I have fun in acting, I also enjoy filming but the concert and fanmeeting today is a rest time for me and I feel really very good.  Yesterday, I went to Harajuku.  While I was walking, a staff said to me “Joo Won, you really love Japan”.  I wanted to come long time ago and I miss you all.  I arrived yesterday but the filming of movie on the previous day didn’t finish until yesterday morning.  However I really wanted to come to Japan, I just flew over without any sleep. (applauses)  I want to change the atmosphere with the next song.  This song can bring this event to its climax…….. (he wants to continue)……..(laugh)

JW: (speaking in Japanese)  When I say “Shake it”, please stand up!  Can you do it ? (audiences saying yes), can you do it? (audiences saying yes).  Hey, your voice is not loud enough (laugh).  Say it louder (audiences saying louder) OK… (laugh)  Staff members, please get ready!    Joo Won wants to say something but intro of the song has already started.  He laughed and started to sing the song.

He sang dance version of “I believe”.  Everyone stood up when he said “Shake it”.  After the song, everyone applauded and he was so tired that he lied on the floor pretending he had collapsed, he was very cute.

JW:  (speaking in Japanese) Everyone, are you having fun? Are you having fun? (applauses) Thank you!  I also have fun!  Thank you!!  (he signalled audiences to sit down)  I am tired (laughed).  (he took off his blazer, was wearing a white tee-shirt)

JW:  You know the song I just sang is called “I believe”.  This is one of my favourite songs because this song has the lyrics which I like the most.  The lyrics is about “I was wondering if the world  has been shining brightly even before I met you?”  I was wondering if the world has been shining brightly even before I met you all (laugh)?  (audiences laugh too)  It is really because of you all, I can do my best and focus my activities in Korea.  I always feel thankful and keep feeling thankful to you. (applauses)  Not long ago, I thought about it, it has been 3 years since I have made my debut.  After 3 years, I can stand on this big stage meeting you and singing for you.  Today is the day and I want to leave a good memory in my mind once again.  I am really happy and fortunate.  (applauses)  Really and really I could only sing 3 songs in my musical days (laugh).  However, I sing many songs today.  It is all because of the strength you have given me.  (applauses)  My body is gradually sweating a lot (laugh).  I am thinking in this moment, I want to enjoy my time with you all the way.  Please cheer up and stay healthy.  I always want to make  a good memory with you. (applauses)  Can we do it?  (applause) Thank you!!   For the next song,  (he is putting on his blazer again and audience laugh)  I definitely have to put on my blazer again (laugh).  

JW: Everyone, you know there is a song from a well-known drama “Boys Over Flowers”, right?  I am going to sing its OST.  I am not sure if it is suitable for me but the song is called “Because I am stupid” (laugh).  (Immediately after singing “Because I am stuipid”, he performed the famous horse dance of “Gangham Style” with dancers.  His dancing was fantastic and we audiences all stood up while he was dancing.   The atmosphere of the event had elevated to another climax.)

Still shots of VIP fanmeeting at Morning Calm Village were shown on screen.  Prince Charming Joo Won re-appeared on stage wearing a white suit.  (I couldn’t hide my surprise!)

JW:   The photos previously shown on screen are photos of Joo Won VIP fanmeetings held at Morning Calm Village in Korea.  A village with good quality of air and a river meandering the beautiful place and mountains, I always go there as it is a nice and quiet place.  If possible, please come to my  VIP fanmeeting next time as I want to make many good memories with you. (applauses)  I am going to sing the last song but I want to sing more.  (applauses)  there is something I want to say to you first, and I have written a letter so I don’t forget.  (applauses) This is the letter I wrote while I was thinking of the day which is today that I am meeting you.  I am going to read it out now.

Joo Won took out the letter from the envelope and started to read.

“My mind and body are always exhausted to cope with hectic schedules everyday.  When I look at the calendar, 15 June is coming soon, the event is only a few days away.  Again I am going to overcome it today and live a busy life.  The warm welcome derived from your heart has made me feel joyful, do you know how long I have been waiting to meet you who made me feel so touched?  When I think about it, I feel excited and my heart is throbbing.   This is your unconditional love and sincerity.  I am wondering if I am entitled to receive them?  I have been thinking a lot.  Because of your love, I can stand on this stage today.   From now on, your love means the existence of me Joo Woo.  Today I live the best day of my life as I have been waiting so long to meet you.  Today in this venue, meeting you who are so excited in seeing the other side of me, I feel very happy and fortunate to the extent that even I wish time can stop.

Are you also as happy and fortunate as I am?  As for me, your laughter is at least making me feel the happiness, I am more than happy sharing the excitement with you.  As an actor, I keep meeting many people in my life but I think there is nothing more than our encounter which I feel so thankful.  Your support by giving me endless love, trust, and watching over me is a kind of fate between the precious you and me.  I think it would be good that we can stay connected forever through our fate from now on.  I want to respond to the love you have given me.  I will go back to normal life tomorrow but I will not forget my heart-throbbing feeling today.   Being able to meet you today is such a fortune to me.  I will show you more of my excellent projects and performances.  I promise I will come back again as a Joo Won who will be loved even more than now.  Until the day we meet, please stay healthy and be happy and only think of me.  I love you all.”  (We audiences just laughed loud when we saw “Only think of me” on screen. It was a touching letter which definitely make audiences shed tears but what he wrote in the end was just making us laugh, he is so cute & thoughtful!!)

After reading out his love letter, Joo Won wiped his eyes and emotionally said ….

JW: “I feel like shedding tears.  (applauses) I didn’t realize it when I was writing it.  Today I only realize I am actually nervous when reading out this letter to you.  It was not a letter, I feel very happy and fortunate that I can convey my feelings to you from the bottom of my heart. (applauses) You cheer  me up today.   I feel very good, I can go home now with my energy fully recharged.  Until the day we meet again, please be happy and stay healthy, we will meet again with smiles.  Also, please be like the grandmother who came up on stage earlier that you always have JPY100,000 in our purse (laugh).  Please be happy and I hope you live everyday with love. (applauses)   I am going to sing the last song, Shall I stop singing?  (audiences saying no)  I am taking an early flight tomorrow morning flying back to Korea and I will start filming movie upon arrival.  I will be filming drama and movie in alternate days, I will be busy days and nights for the next 5 months filming continuously.”  (An audience screams out “fighting”).  

JW said  “Fighting and  (speaking in Japanese) I will do my best.  Please listen to the last song.  (Everyone in the venue clapped their hands.)

JW:   The song I am going to sing next is sung by one of my favourite Japanese singers, the song also has a Korean cover version, it is beautiful song and it has nice lyrics.  (Interpreter didn’t interpret this part, I guess @daydreamsindecember can correct me.)   (speaking in Japanese) Please listen to the last song, “Close the eyes”.     (Audiences applause and expect to listen to the Japanese version performed by Joo Won.

JW:  (speaking in Japanese) Thank you.  I love you.

After singing Hirai Ken’s “Close the eyes”, audiences applauded and JW withdrew himself from stage.

Audiences kept on clapping hands for encore.  JW re-appeared on stage and sang his debut Japanese song “Nadeshiko”.   (In flower words, Nadeshiko means “pure love”) 

After singing Nadeshiko, Joo Won waved to fans and hopped to the backstage.  He finally put a fullstop to his 2-hour fanmeeting and concert in Tokyo on stage but handshake and autograph sessions were still underway for the next 2-3 hours at the venue.


I was whinging how hot and stuffy it was inside the venue queuing up for shaking his hand and getting his autographs while stirring up atmosphere by joking around with @mjwonnie But even Joo Won looked very exhausted, he still showed us his lovely and handsome smiles in both sessions.  I just felt bad and guilty!!

His smiles are always boosting up my energy.


WELL DONE!!  Joo Won.  I am so proud of you.  Thank you so much for giving me such a nice and unforgettable memory in Tokyo.  You are the one cheering me up.   I will always be supporting you.  Please stay healthy and wishing you all the best for all your future activities.  See you.

Credit to @coolreborn who uploaded the audio clip

Credit to @mjwonnie who uploaded that many video clips sharing with us,

Credit to @keaiduo who sent me the links of articles written by Japanese media

This fan account is shared by manyearsago.

PLEASE do NOT REBLOG this. Do not use in translating without permission and proper credits.


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