[Event Report] Joo Won & Shim Eunkyung, Highly Praised Each Other at the Drama Event

30 May 2015

‘Nodame Cantabile ~ Tomorrow Cantabile’, a drama based on Japan’s best-seller manga which sold over 37 million copies, is a classical music rom-com that shows the growth and love between Yoojin, an elite music university student aiming to become a conductor and Naeil, a music university student who falls behind in the piano department. Playing the lead role Yoojin is Joo Won who has acted in many popular dramas such as ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’. And the heroine Naeil is played by Shim Eunkyung whose acting in ‘Miss Granny’ is still fresh in our minds. This is a work piece that became a large topic in Korea as a cast of Korea’s young and talented representatives is formed and also because the Japanese version drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’ has a lot of fans. The Blu-ray & DVD-BOX will be released on 1st July and to commemorate this, a drama event was held on 29th May (Fri) at Tokyo-Zepp Divercity.

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Tomorrow Cantabile Review

by ecs707a

Hi everyone!  I’ve never written anything for the blog before, but I had some things to say about Tomorrow Cantabile, so here I am!

First, let’s start with a little background on me as a drama watcher.  Let’s just put this out there.  I am generally not a rom-com watcher.  I am not the target audience for anything billed as “romantic comedy” or even “romance”, for that matter.   For whatever reason, I’m generally pretty immune to “romance” in general, so if a story is primarily a romantic one, there had better be some other stuff going on to keep my interest.   The most important factor in my enjoyment of a drama (or movie, or book) is how I feel about the characters.  There has to be at least one that I connect with on some level, and preferably there will be more than one.  Fortunately, this drama is brimming with relatable, likeable characters.  Tomorrow Cantabile is a romance, lack of kiss notwithstanding, but there’s plenty to like despite that. *ducks tomatoes*


Going into this drama with a modest amount of familiarity with the source material and adaptations (watched the jdrama, but only the main series; read a random volume of the manga (vol. 2, lessons 7-12); watched exactly one episode of the anime), I was excited to see what this version would have to offer (other than the obvious *ahem*).

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A Tale of Two Cantabiles

by mrdimples

I am the only one out of the 3 reviewers who has watched Nodame Cantabile Live Adaptation (J version/J drama) so I was saddled with the unenviable task of writing this review with reference to the J drama. I have never written a drama summary review like this before but then again, following Tomorrow Cantabile was one unforgettable experience.

NC poster


Nodame Cantabile J drama



Tomorrow Cantabile – K drama

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Tomorrow Cantabile Ep 15 & 16 Review

by farbarri

It’s the end… I don’t want it to ever end, but it has to. There are so many things to wrap up. I love every single moment of the drama, though it is not without its flaws. I kept trying to choose which are my favourite episodes, but I ended up choosing it all. I tried to choose favourite moments too, but I just love them all, apart from the office politics.


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Tomorrow Cantabile Review – Episodes 13 & 14

by farbarri

This week’s episodes are probably two of the best episodes! Erm, I like all the episodes, so… Anyway, episode 14 remains one of my most favourite! Joowon shows what a great actor he can be with his gazillion face expression, and Shim Eunkyung just made me fall in love with her awesome acting ability.

This week, it is quite hard for me to separate Yoojin and Naeil’s parts. Both of them are deeply conjoined in the storyline and each other’s growth that to speak of Yoojin will be to speak of Naeil too.

(pictures are credited to Joowon Cutie International FC)

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