[FOOD PROJECT] Message Board: Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Tomorrow Cantabile

by rionae


1) Perfect Almighty Cha
2) Beautiful friendship with Naeil, Rakgun, Minhee, Soomin and Yoonhoo
3) Hug magnet Cha Yoo Jin
4) Music which touches the heart
5) Beautiful cinematography

Not too long ago, @mrdimples had collated a list of Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Tomorrow Cantabile.

But well, looking at the size of the message board, we obviously cannot fit all the 10 points in. Thus, we wanted to shorten it to just 5 main points but in a way which still captures the essence of all the points we have. And coincidently, we have that picture of the 5 main casts doing the  hand sign, which fits if we use the Top 5!

Our first ‘Top 5’ was actually lengthier than the one you see above. This was our first draft to Coffeegreate… xDD


1) ★ Perfect Almighty Cha ★ 
2) Beautiful friendship with multidimensional Naeil, cheerful Rakgun, mini Minhee, pretty Soomin and mesmerizing Yoonhoo <- (Yoojin: We are so-so to each other. Hah) 
3) Hug magnet Cha Yoojin (We want to hug too!!)
4) Music that touches the heart (Yoojin sunbae, you conduct our hearts!!)
5) Beautiful cinematography (Autumn Man Cha Yoojin ♡.♡)

Puhaha. We knew this was going to be too long to write on that small board, but being a Joo Won fanclub, we wanted to mention Yoojin somehow in all the points created .

Hehe, I think we overused ‘Almighty Cha’ xD. Cha neu nim is here on the message board, as well as our main food truck and coffee truck banners But Cha neu nim is really Almighty, we just can’t help using it~~~

And for that line in brackets in #2. Hah. I really wanted to keep that line even when we send the shortened version to Coffeegreate T^T It’s actually Yoojin’s line from Episode 10 when he walks home with Naeil and Yoonho (see image below). (In the English subtitles, it was translated as ‘We’re not fond of each other’ – I’ve used the literal meaning up there in my translation.)

For #5, we call Yoojin ‘autumn man’ because in the original Japanese manga, Chiaki’s name is 千秋 which literally means thousand autumn.

I would like to thank @sdee hc for helping us to proofread and edit our message! And also thanks to @hairuchii for doing some checks for us ^.^

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