Finding Alice in Wonderland in Yong Pal

by @bjvipb2uty

Preface by @mrdimples

Before Yong Pal aired, I translated a synopsis on Chinese Baidu which was translated from SBS official page for the drama. Here’s the excerpt:  

Although Chief Surgeon Lee witnessed the police chasing after Yong Pal and discovered Yong Pal/Tae Hyun’s real identity, he saved him instead.

Because Chief Lee has some other motives up his sleeves….so our Tae Hyun has become “Alice”, dragged by Chief Lee into the trickery that is happening in the weird world on the 12th floor of Hanshin Hospital.

This didn’t cross my mind again until our Korean translator brought it up. I told her about the mixed reactions international viewers have towards to change in plot from action for the first 6 episodes to a revenge driven story line in a bizarre chaebol world. She pointed out that it has always been in the synopsis from Day 1 and the reference to Tae Hyun as “Alice” in <Alice In Wonderland>. 

@bjvip2uty on soompi Yong Pal thread did a marvelous job in penning down the symbols and inferences found in <Alice In Wonderland> and its sequel <Through The Looking Glass> and their relation to Yong Pal.

When the Alice in Wonderland reference was brought up I started taking mental notes of little things I saw in Yongpal that reminded me of the book. Yeah, this is how I try to deal with Yongpal withdrawal.

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Hills of Wind

fanfic by mrdimples


cr: SBS

Tae Hyun strode past the bodyguards who tried to stop him but Sang Chul took care of them.

Tae Hyun literally leapt up the stairs and ran towards Yeo Jin’s room. Chief Housekeeper was there at the door, she stepped forth to stop Tae Hyun. But one look at the desperation and anxiety on his face, she didn’t have the heart not to let him in.

He collected himself before he pushed the door, almost afraid of what he might see.

She was lying in bed, a pitiful form. She looked so small, so vulnerable. Tae Hyun heart ached. He regretted leaving her that day. How could he miss it? The signs were all there. Foolishness and pride had pulled a veil over his eyes. He should have known how much she needed him.  Most of all, he should never have doubted Yeo Jin’s love for him.

He could hardly see her face for she had pulled the covers almost all the way up. He sat down gently on the bed and put his hand on her.

“Yeo Jin ah, it’s me. I am back.”

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[FANFIC/YONGPAL] 「Angel」 by Mrdimples


(warning: mature content)

They stood there with Tae Hyun hugging Yeo Jin from the back. The wind blew gently and the sound made soft whispers,  brushing against our lovers’ faces.

Tae Hyun nuzzled his nose into Yeo Jin’s hair and kissed the top of her head. He is the happiest man in the world now. As he stood on the pinnacle and stared at the rolling hills of green, he felt like he owned everything because he has the most precious thing – his beloved, in his arms.

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How Come You Don’t Know – Good Doctor fanmv and fanfic

fanmade MV by ezze

Fan Fiction by mrdimples


Yoon Seo ran like a mad woman towards the hospital. Her heart was in her throat and she tried her best not to cry. But she felt the hot tears brimming in her eyes as she made her way to the ward, she screamed in her head “It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have ignored him. I shouldn’t have shouted at him. What am I going to do? Please, don’t die Si On, please!”

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Good Brother – fanmade video

*this video has been moved under header “Drama”

An awesome fanmade video by Rapha art. It parodies Joo Won’s current drama “Good Doctor” but is more than that. I love how all Joo Won’s previous drama characters play a role here. You can appreciate how Joo Won acts each character so differently that we forget that they are all played by the same man. The video maker is also flawless in the editing.

It is a masterpiece and a treat that all Joo Won fans will not want to miss. That is why we got it translated into English for more non-Korean speaking fans to enjoy