About Joo Won Cutie

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<Joo Won Cutie> is an international fansite for Moon Jun Won, created by Cutie-obsessed fans on Joo Won soompi forum. By building this home for fans from around the world, we hope to spread love for Joo Won and help in supporting our beloved Cutie.

We call ourselves Cuties because Joo Won is the epitome of cute. No one can be more adorable and ‘aegyotastic’ than this man.

This is the place to understand more about Joo Won and keep abreast with updates, translated news, interviews and subbed videos. Indulge yourself further by ogling at his handsomeness, sexiness and cuteness in his photos and pictures.

We welcome every person who loves Joo Won. <Joo Won Cutie> is the place where all Cutie’s lovers gather and make themselves at home.


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Email: cuties2mjw@gmail.com



25 thoughts on “About Joo Won Cutie

  1. TQ for your undying support to Joowon and for helping to spread him INTERNATIONALLY. Kamsahamida. If Joowon see this new home, he will stay FOREVER, definitely.

  2. This site is looking great. Thank you for providing a new wonderful home for Joo Won’s international fans. Keep up the good work. Fighting 🙂

  3. It’s so happy and enjoyable to read interviews about Joo Won Oppa! Watching and reading about him is my greatest pleasure! Thanks so much so much for your articles! Each of them are so precious! All good wishes to you!

  4. i hope Ojakgyo Family will have part 2. work for it! and i think they should give him a singing contract, he sing very well right?! AJA!

  5. The first time I watched the movie Catch Me I got so hooked to him!! I started to fall in love with him. Then one by one I started to watch his dramas and movies. I first watched Ojakgyo Brothers and damn he’s so cool and handsome in that drama then Good Doctor, I cried in each episode T.T he’s so damn good! I started searching and learning everything about him. After watching Bridal Mask and Level 7 Civil Servant i was so amazed and said to myself that i’m really crazy over him. Then I found out about this site at first in you tube i was really happy. That means I can keep myself updated about him by checking this awesome website. I watch every video and articles that you have here. Well you can say that I’m really a fan. Now that i finished most of his movies and dramas im a bit sad but i still have 1 Night and 2 Days to finish yehey o.0 😀

    Joo Won is one of the best Korean Actor!! I also have some actors that I liked before but Joo Won got this charisma and charm that I cant forget. I’m crazy over him that I even give up most of my rest time just to watch him. I’m now waiting for his upcoming drama NODAME CANTABILE with Yoona weee I’m so excited. Whoever maintain this website I’m so thankful coz you share your fascination to us! Thank so much and keep up the good work and you have our support all the way. And we all shout “I love you Joo Won”!!!

  6. hello admin

    I am one of the many fans of Joo Won. Thank you so much for creating this site and I really appreciate all your effort and dedication. Since I started following him. I have had watched his dramas, movies and all, including the ones without the english subtitle (even w/o understanding it). I’ve read a blog about him and there’s a banner about him with caption that reads “This man what you see is what you got. But wait till you ………..(don’t remember what was written here)you can’t get enough of him” and its true. I’ve been searching all his appearances and watched, As of now, I haven’t watch his chinese drama and movie. As his enlistment in the military is past approaching, I am getting anxious and just re-watched (again and again) all his drama, movies etc…except his variety guesting without eng subtitle wanted to watch like the following:

    Come to play (full episode)
    Lee Seung-yeon and 100 Women
    Witch Hunt w/ KIM Ah Joong//Ahn Jae-hyun)
    SBS Radio Time w/ JW and Ivy (Choi Hwa Jeong)
    SBS Radio Time w/ JW and Ivy (Jang Ki-ha)
    Cultwo Show

    I really appreciate it if it can be subbed in english…kamsahamnida.


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