Joo Won Fanmeeting Report♪ (Osaka 2016)

Hello everyone~♪

On 6th March (Sunday), Joo Won’s fanmeeting was held at the Dojima River Forum!!

Memorable scenes from dramas that Joo Won starred in were projected on the big screen.
While audiences were engrossed in looking at the screen and reminiscing the dramas, Joo Won appeared cheerfully in person!!

“Annyeong! I’m glad to meet everyone” he greeted playfully. “I’m here for sightseeing in Japan~!” Joo Won looks happy.


「Talk Show」

Q: When did you come to Japan?
A: It’s a secret. I actually came to Tokyo a few days ago. I ate everything I wanted to eat!

Q: You received the SBS Daesang Award last year. Congratulations.
A: Even though I received the award, I am still the way I am. Nothing has changed.

Q: What are the charms of musical?
A: The live feel?

Q: Do you like working in musicals?
A: I like it the most!! I also like singing songs overseas.

Q: Did you do anything to improve your singing skills?
A: I did vocal training for around 2 years. I had trained by myself. But even though I did the vocal trainings, it was difficult to sing OST songs. Although I like ballads, it is hard to sing in ballad style.

Q: What about your dance experience?
A: I did jazz dance during the 3 years I was in high school.


From here it’s a talk while looking at photos.

Q: This is Joo Won who was 7 years old. What kind of son were you?
A: I was a very obedient child. I was always running.

Q: What did you want to do when you grew up?
A: I wanted to be the president or an interpreter. My English pronunciation was really good!

Q: You like manga (Japanese comic) right? What are the manga that you are addicted to?
A: Pokemon, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Naruto etc. There are many.

Q: What song did you like during high school?
A: I really liked Wheesung. I could even listen to them for 24 hours. I had imitated them singing.

Q: Which Japanese artiste do you like?
A: Hirai Ken, Anzen Chitai, Southern All Stars.
I would like to meet Hirai Ken.

And with that, he performed Hirai Ken’s ‘Close My Eyes’ (Hitomi wo Tojite).


During the fanmeeting this time, Joo Won’s close sunbae – Korea’s talented musical actor Kim Namo appears as a guest!!

His collaboration with Joo Won was unveiled.

As expected, that impressive and powerful vocal strength that only musical actors have!

Since Joo Won is also a musical actor, listening to their wonderful duet gives people the goosebumps…


Joo Won was with Namo in Tokyo yesterday and they took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka together. They are really close and matches well with each other.

Namo shared, “I’m really happy to meet everyone. I had really wanted to come to Japan. Since Joo Won had invited me, I came hurriedly this time. I am really glad. Thank you.”

Q: From Namo’s point of view, what kind of person is Joo Won?
A: We had also done the fanmeeting last year together. He is really pure, without changing the way he was years ago. He is a very lovely person.

Q: What does the pure Joo Won remember about his first love? When was the first time you dated?
A: It was during the 1st year of high school. It was a mutual love.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: Basically, she should have a bright character and cares for her parents.

Q: What are the love songs that you find memorable?
A: Epitone Project, Anzen Chitai and Tamaki Kouji’s ‘SHOKORA’. There are many.


「Questions from Fans」

Going down the stage, Joo Won walked around the hall and answered questions from fans.

Q: Are you not doing musicals anymore?
A: I want to do musicals again. I will continue to act until I die.

Q: I was really looking forward to come here today.
Actually, on 1st March my husband had passed away at the age of 82.
We had watched ‘Yongpal’ together.
The funeral had ended on the 4th. As I was looking forward to this, I think he let me come today.
After I return home, I will report to him.
It’s fine even if I die tomorrow.
I am 75 years old and had watched several drams like ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘Yongpal’. My husband was also a fan.
My husband had told me to come to Joo Won’s fanmeet.

She had said that in front of Joo Won while crying.
Sounds of people weeping in sympathy could also be heard in the hall…

Whenever we go to cover fan meetings, we get to hear about the various stories of those who came. I felt that this is the power of entertainment.

Q: What is your favourite subject? (A cute elementary school girl)
A: Moral education
(Joo Won was gazing at the cute girl very lovingly)

Q: What do you do on your day off?
A: There’s nothing in particular. I would wake up, make coffee, watch TV, drink coffee, make coffee again, put it into the refrigerator…
Since I don’t drink alcohol, I really like coffee. I also frequent the coffee shop near my house.

Q: Please do the frog and tadpole dance from Ojakgyo Brothers.
Even with such a sudden request from fans, he quickly showed an OK sign and did a very cute dance.

Q: I was in the acting club during high school. Can Joo Won please share any fun memories?
A: We played hide-and-seek in the theatre, it was fun. There were many places to hide, and no one was able to find me.


After that, Joo Won performed Japanese songs, Korean songs and musical songs.


Joo Won’s greetings at the end.

“For 30 years, I have been living with my best efforts. Because of that, I came to Japan for a few days this time and ate everything that I wanted to eat. I am really happy to be able to meet everyone. Thank you.”


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