2013 Top Hit Icon, Actor Joo Won’s Four Never Ending Story

A Great Actor with a Soul like Peter Pan

Baker King Guide Book

Dispatch : “It’s Me, It’s really Me”… Joo Won ‘Hug Day’ Humiliation Case

FtoF 2013 December issue

GHOST Interview – Joo Won

Good Doctor Joo Won Grew Together With Park Si On

Good Man & Good Actor – The Star cover story

Joo Won “Although I do not have the confidence to do Variety, I would like to take part in ”

Joo Won attended Press Conference in Japan for Premiere Broadcast of “Good Doctor”

Joo Won “ Choo Sung Hoon’s daughter Sarang is really very beautiful and cute.”

Joo Won Feels Pride in Title “Actor Representing 20’s Actors” (Interview)

Joo Won “I May Change Without Knowing It”

Joo Won “I Met My Dream Love”

Joo Won ~ Interview with Magazine 「もっと知りたい!韓国TVドラマ」vol 43

Joo Won Japan Fan Meeting 2014

Joo Won Musical ‘Ghost,’ Bustling with Japanese Fans? “Arrest Arrest~”

 Joo Won removes labeling with his acting skills – Sina, Korean Entertainment Weekly Star

Joo Won Reveals Moon Joon Won’s Secrets (30 questions 30 answers)

Joo Won: “The unachievable sorrowful love was what I always dreamed of”

Joo Won, whose honesty started “Joo Won’s Era of Success”

KWave Magazine Interview “I want to be praised for showing warmth in my acting”

Medical Drama? Script? Acting? Good Doctor coolly overcomes all stereotypes!

Movist Magazine Interview 2011

My Dream is to Become People’s Actor with Warm-Heart Instead of a Star

Romantic-Comedy . Older Actress . Musical … JooWon’s Everything

‘Successful’ Joo Won, The Reason Why His Greed Does Not Bring Criticism [MD Focus]

Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast and PD (Part 1)

Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast and PD (Part 2)

The Big Big Big Event That Happened to JooWon This Year? [Interview]

韓流ぴあ 2013/11 Special ­­­Interview with Joo Won


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