[LYRICS] Musical Ghost: Here Right Now

Here Right Now
Musical (Korea) 뮤지컬〈고스트〉
Sam Molly

이 순간 이 순간
i sungan i sungan
우리가 기다려온
uriga gidaryeo-on
이 순간에 모든걸 맡기고 느껴봐
i sungane modeun geol matgigo neukkyeobwa
이 순간 우리가 꿈꿔왔던
i sungan uriga kkumkkwo watdeon
그 모든걸 이룰 기회가 왔어 즐겨봐
geu modeun geol irul gihoega wasseo jeulgyeobwa

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[LYRICS] Musical Ghost: Three Little Words

Three Little Words
Musical (Korea) 뮤지컬〈고스트〉
Sam Molly

널 품에 안을때
neol pume aneulttae
부엌일 도와줄때
bueokil dowajulttae
너와 말 장난 할때
neowa mal jangnan halttae
모든 니 편 들어줄때
modeun ni pyeon deuleojulttae
나는 눈으로 말해
naneun nuneuro malhae

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[LYRICS] Musical Ghost: Rain / Hold On

Rain / Hold On
Musical (Korea) 뮤지컬〈고스트〉
Sam / Molly


갈길을 알려줘
galgileul allyeojwo
이제 너를 느낄 수 있어
ije neoreul neukkil su isseo
악몽은 다 끝났어
akmongeun da kkeutnasseo
이제는 포기하지않아
ijeneun pogi hajianha
갈길이 남았어
galgili namasseo
또다시 너를 놓치지 않아
ttodasi neoreul nohchijianha

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[LYRICS] Musical Ghost: I Had A Life

I Had A Life
Musical <Ghost> (Korea) 뮤지컬〈고스트〉
Sam / Molly / Carl


완벽했던 내 인생이
Wanbyeokhaetdeon nae insaengi
단 한 순간에 사라졌어
Dan han sungane sarajyeosseo
다 뺏어갔어 모두 무너졌어
Da ppaeseogasseo modu muneojyeosseo
넌 내 모든 걸 전부 훔쳐갔어
Neon nae modeun geol jeonbu humchyeogasseo
내 꿈마저도
Nae kkum majeodo

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Our Messages to Joo Won : June 29, 2014 Project

Fan Account with Follow Up

I know this has been long overdue. But please bear with me as I narrate what my experience is and the outcome of our project last June 29, 2014. The finale of Joo Won’s Ghost Musical.

June 29, 2014. Joo Won’s last Ghost Performance


21  3

It still brings back a mixed feelings whenever I think about it. Joy as Joo Won will finish one awesome musical that left a big impressions on the audiences and fans. Sadness as this will be the last time that I will watch him as Sam.

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Goodbye SAM : Fan Project by Joo Won Cuties


On this last day of GHOST, we marked 539 days of a long journey with Joo Won as he returned to his first love – the musical stage. Although we could not put in place a food project, we decided that we’d still want to show our appreciation to this man who worked tirelessly to give back to his fans the best way he can and to be true to himself.

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GHOST Musical by farbarri Part 8 : The Plan (finale)


i don’t know if i should be happy or extremely sad. but Ghost will always remain in me as a happy memory.

My sincere apologies for writing this very late. I’ve actually written ¾ of this part months ago, but I can’t bring myself to complete this whole thing. The ‘sense of ending’ is very strong in me. I’m the type of person who feels sad at parting ways with someone who I chatted with for a mere couple of hours. So you can just imagine how sad it is for me to part with Ghost which I’ve loved since I was little, and loved even more since I found out Joowon will star in it.

This ending part constitutes some of the most hard-core technicalities of the whole production, failure of which is doomed for the casts. But it also contains the most touching and beautiful parts. There are very less pictures. Hope you can still enjoy~

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