[FANACC] Joo Won Thailand Fanmeet 2016 by rionae

It took a little long, but I finally finished it (^-^)/

20160220 Thailand Fan Meeting @ GMM Live House


Hello Thailand ~ It’s my 2nd time visiting Bangkok~
This time too, I went there to attend Joo Won’s Fanmeeting again ^^


19 February 2016 「Arrival & Press Con 2016」

This year, Joo Won arrived in Bangkok on 18th February while I flew in on the 19th, so we couldn’t wait for him at the airport. We heard that his hotel was at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok – it’s near Chatuchak Market which would take around 30 minutes by train/taxi from the venue x.x That’s too far! So we went back to the same hotel in Pratunam that we stayed at last year.

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Joo Won in Singapore! Fan account

Fan account by Ma OO

10.10,1015 Joo Won Fan Meeting for Yong Pal

This is the day which I will remember for my whole life. I was finally able to meet Joo Won in real life although it was not as smooth as I wished to be. Nevertheless,who am I to complain? I am just so glad to see him.Almost upclose. Although there are 4 or 5 heads blocking in front of me.

Preparation for the day

I have a lot of ideas about gifts for Joo Won.A lot. But I was not able to do much due to my schedule. So in the end,I decided that I should just give him a jacket .So this is the one that I bought for him. And I added the 2 DIY movable eyes on the right side.Hopefully, he doesn’t mind.


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Joo Won’s Press Conference for Yong Pal in Singapore 10th Oct 2015 – fan account by gilaswan

picture credit: @taehyung_tokki

Fan Account by @gilaswan

Joo Won’s press conference for Yong Pal in Singapore, hosted by ONE TV Asia @ Grand Park Hotel, Singapore on 10 Oct 2015 @ 1445h

Joo Won’s press conference to promote Yong Pal with ONE TV Asia was held in a private dining room within Mitzo Restaurant & Bar. The room had been cleared of its tables and in their place a small stage was set up with the ONE TV Asia Yong Pal backdrop. There were an estimated 40-50 people in the room, mostly from the press with some from ONE TV Asia’s media partners such as Starhub and Singtel.

At 3pm, Joo Won arrived through a side door to the room (one wonders if that door actually led to the stair well or some service passage because it was essentially the “exit” from the room) with Park Hye Soo, their interpreter (who was very pretty!) and ONE TV Asia’s host for the afternoon. The session started with the usual pleasantries – it was his first trip to Singapore apparently, and Park Hye Soo’s second (she had visited with her family before).

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[FANACC] Joo Won Thai Fanmeet 2015 by rionae

Finally I’m done with the fanaccount~ ^_^
It’s quite long… 7k words ^^;
I had also written about meeting the Joo Won Cutie eonnis.
For the fanaccount of meeting Joo Won at the Press Con and Fan Meet, you can just read my Day 3 and 4 (and 6?) portion ^^

Day 1. 29 Jan 2015 (Thursday) 「Hello Thailand!」
Day 2. 30 Jan 2015 (Friday)   「Joo Won Arrived in Thailand! Hotel stakeout?」
Day 3. 31 Jan 2015 (Saturday) 「My First Meeting: Press Con at Aetas Lumpini」
Day 4. 1 Feb 2015 (Sunday) 「Joo Won Sweet Melody FM in Thailand」
Day 5. 2 Feb 2015 (Monday)    「Joo Won… Departed Bangkok?」
Day 6. 3 Feb 2015 (Tuesday)   「Goodbye, the Land I First Met Joo Won!」

29 Jan 2015  (Thursday)  「Hello Thailand!

After much planning and coordinating difficulties, it was finally the day to fly to Bangkok! I had arrived at the Bangkok Don Mueng Airport in the evening of 29th Jan~


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[FANACCOUNT] BeansBins Event 20150207

After waiting for 12 hours, overnight under -3C temperature, it was all worth it. I even made Joo Won say “Maha pi ma” again. ^^

At around 9PM, we started lining up outside the coffee shop. And at 9AM the next day, the staffs let us get the tickets. Only 100 fans can go inside the coffee shop. From what I counted, there were at least 70 fans waiting outside the coffeeshop like me.

Joo Won served strawberry waffles to 20 fans only, and luckily, that included me and 1 fellow Thai fan.

I am so happy that I get to see Joo Won. It is all worth it even if its waiting overnight in a very cold weather.  ^^


Fan Account by: Kwan @JoowonCutie

Repost with full credit.


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GHOST Musical by farbarri Part 8 : The Plan (finale)


i don’t know if i should be happy or extremely sad. but Ghost will always remain in me as a happy memory.

My sincere apologies for writing this very late. I’ve actually written ¾ of this part months ago, but I can’t bring myself to complete this whole thing. The ‘sense of ending’ is very strong in me. I’m the type of person who feels sad at parting ways with someone who I chatted with for a mere couple of hours. So you can just imagine how sad it is for me to part with Ghost which I’ve loved since I was little, and loved even more since I found out Joowon will star in it.

This ending part constitutes some of the most hard-core technicalities of the whole production, failure of which is doomed for the casts. But it also contains the most touching and beautiful parts. There are very less pictures. Hope you can still enjoy~

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aweSAM – GHOST fan account by moonandhearts

I sooooo missed spazzing and posting in soompi! I’ve been too busy lately that I did not get to awesome every posts and join you guys in spazzing. Anyway, I know this has long been overdue and it still is not complete, but more or less here it is (I’ll just edit it when I get the other pics and vid)! My fanaccount of last April 20 and April 23 encounters with Cutie Joo Won! ^^ The pics that I got are considerably lesser in quality and quantity of what you’ve guys already seen. I hope you’d enjoy reading this!


*note: n❣x is also me! just in case you see that watermark in the pictures below. hahaha! Also, this is VERY long with just a FEW pictures. So, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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