[FANACC] Joo Won Thai Fanmeet 2015 by rionae

Finally I’m done with the fanaccount~ ^_^
It’s quite long… 7k words ^^;
I had also written about meeting the Joo Won Cutie eonnis.
For the fanaccount of meeting Joo Won at the Press Con and Fan Meet, you can just read my Day 3 and 4 (and 6?) portion ^^

Day 1. 29 Jan 2015 (Thursday) 「Hello Thailand!」
Day 2. 30 Jan 2015 (Friday)   「Joo Won Arrived in Thailand! Hotel stakeout?」
Day 3. 31 Jan 2015 (Saturday) 「My First Meeting: Press Con at Aetas Lumpini」
Day 4. 1 Feb 2015 (Sunday) 「Joo Won Sweet Melody FM in Thailand」
Day 5. 2 Feb 2015 (Monday)    「Joo Won… Departed Bangkok?」
Day 6. 3 Feb 2015 (Tuesday)   「Goodbye, the Land I First Met Joo Won!」

29 Jan 2015  (Thursday)  「Hello Thailand!

After much planning and coordinating difficulties, it was finally the day to fly to Bangkok! I had arrived at the Bangkok Don Mueng Airport in the evening of 29th Jan~


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[FANACCOUNT] BeansBins Event 20150207

After waiting for 12 hours, overnight under -3C temperature, it was all worth it. I even made Joo Won say “Maha pi ma” again. ^^

At around 9PM, we started lining up outside the coffee shop. And at 9AM the next day, the staffs let us get the tickets. Only 100 fans can go inside the coffee shop. From what I counted, there were at least 70 fans waiting outside the coffeeshop like me.

Joo Won served strawberry waffles to 20 fans only, and luckily, that included me and 1 fellow Thai fan.

I am so happy that I get to see Joo Won. It is all worth it even if its waiting overnight in a very cold weather.  ^^


Fan Account by: Kwan @JoowonCutie

Repost with full credit.


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