[FANACC] Joo Won Thailand Fanmeet 2016 by rionae

It took a little long, but I finally finished it (^-^)/

20160220 Thailand Fan Meeting @ GMM Live House


Hello Thailand ~ It’s my 2nd time visiting Bangkok~
This time too, I went there to attend Joo Won’s Fanmeeting again ^^


19 February 2016 「Arrival & Press Con 2016」

This year, Joo Won arrived in Bangkok on 18th February while I flew in on the 19th, so we couldn’t wait for him at the airport. We heard that his hotel was at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok – it’s near Chatuchak Market which would take around 30 minutes by train/taxi from the venue x.x That’s too far! So we went back to the same hotel in Pratunam that we stayed at last year.


Took the first flight to Bangkok with @sagaseed this time. Sooooo early Z_Z We knew that Press Con would be on the 19th but did not know the time until around a week before FM, and flights were selling out quite quickly. But well, it turns out that the registration for Press Con will start at 2.30pm. So we took our time getting to the hotel and met @maymay and her friend there before proceeding to the venue at Central World Plaza.


Both the Press Con and Fanmeet is held at the GMM Live House located on the 8th floor of Central World Plaza. So we decided to locate the hall before having our lunch.


When we reached the escalator leading up to 8th floor, we found out that it has been blocked off… (゚Д゚;)

It was a very long wait after that. To summarise, fans were queueing around the railings by the escalator. Some mall/event staff then apparently told fans not to sit there as it would bother the mall-goers, so everyone had to stand while queueing…
…But we were just sitting right beside the railings, sitting orderly in rows of 2… the path is not blocked and if anything, we’re just blocking people from the railings which doesn’t make a difference if we’re queueing sitting or standing.  ̄▽ ̄;


Registration was supposed to start at 2.30pm, but they opened late… ̄▽ ̄;

After registering, I found out to my horror that there are no seats for fans. It is a ‘standing show’ *faint* Shouldn’t have worn those shoes!

They do allow fans to use camera at the Press Con this year. But with that distance, fans probably can’t get a good close up shot unless they have super zoom cameras.


While waiting at the venue, Joo Won’s OST were played in the background. There were even non-OST songs like GHOST songs and Butterfly Effect! (゚o゚)


Just a little before 4pm, Joo Won started a live V App broadcast! Everyone tuned in~


At one point, the Kakao Talk on his manager’s phone that he used for the broadcast sounded. And then at the venue there was a hundred KaTalk tones everywhere pwahahaha. Everyone was receiving Kakao notifications eh? That was amusingㅋㅋㅋ

And then suddenly, some fans started screaming. I was puzzled why they screamed because there was nothing happening at the venue and Joo Won was obviously still sitting in the waiting room.

And then we learnt that fans could hear the background music playing at the venue from the V App broadcast! And when fans scream, it gets captured as well!!!

Haha, when I replayed the V App clip at a later time, fans started screaming right after the 3rd time he said to scream (since there will be a delay from the time he says something till the time it gets broadcast to us~) He looks so cute with that surprised look. The timing was really great haha!

And so, it became a scream-whenever-Joowon-does-a-heart-or-aegyo event. It was fun (^-^)/


Then the MC came out to the stage and started his introduction. Joo Won was getting his makeup fixed at that time keke.

Since Press Con was starting, I closed the V App ^^; Need to get my camera ready!


Then there was a lottery which we heard the winners can win some hotel voucher? But they announced the numbers in Thai, we don’t even know if our numbers were called. And well, the first few numbers went unclaimed ^^; Then we asked a Thai fan to help translate and coincidentally at that time, my friend W got it! Lucky!
The selected winners then went up to the stage for group photo.

Then finally, it’s time for Joo Won to makes his appearance! OMG!!!!



Some fans were speculating if one of the ahjussi in the first row was Joo Won’s father? But looking at this picture, it doesn’t seem like Papa Moon was there ^^;


cr sgettpark@instagram

And so, Press Con starts!



This is how he looks like on official photos, how lovely ♡_♡


But we were too far away to see him clearly… Oh well.




Haha, I forgot what they were saying. Why that pose?


Is he… looking into my camera? (゚Д゚;)



Aha, I remember this. We were told to pretend that Joo Won just won an award, so Joo Won would act like he was just announced the winner and fans would cheer for him. Cuz most of us can’t be present at the awards ceremony in Korea… so this is probably the once-in-lifetime opportunity for most of us too.


Cutie hehe



After some time I stopped taking pictures. Legs were about to give way X_X
I think even my camera was dying lol.
The finale pose…


As the Press Con ends, Joo Won started taking group photos. Our friend who won the lottery got to take a group photo with him too!


After the Press Con ended, my legs were too tired to just hang around the venue to take picture with his standing banner. Just took a quick photo of the big banner and made my exit x.x



The Press Con this time…

“Why am I so far away T^T Can’t even see him clearly T_T”

I couldn’t see the glow of aura I first saw during 2015 Press Con T^T I’m sure he still has that aura though, as I can feel it when looking at the official pictures later.

I guess I was just too tired to fully ‘enjoy’ him this time. We practically stood all the way for 5-6 hours. I think I probably wouldn’t start queueing so early if I had known it would be a standing event and it would be so far back anyway  ̄▽ ̄;

That concludes my Joo Won activity for the 19th~!



20 February 2016 「Joo Won ‘The Best Of Me’ Thailand Fanmeeting 2016」


This year, the Fanmeeting is held at the same place as the Press Con, so there are no troubles finding the place~

GMM Live House in Central World, here we go again!


The FM starts at 6pm but we didn’t know what time will they open the venue. But anyway @sagaseed, @meg15 and I had lunch at Central World. The venue wasn’t open at 1pm xD

ThaiFM2016-026Yummy Pineapple Rice! kekeke

Then we returned to our hotel to wash up and went back to Central World again! Convenient~
This is why it’s more important to stay near shopping places or the venue rather than to stay at the same hotel as him.  ≧▽≦
(And we’re a little more experienced dealing with their tuktuk drivers this time. Pwaaahaaha!)


Back at Central World, we had some desserts before proceeding up to GMM Live House around 3.30pm.
(Oh btw, you can see the escalator going up to GMM Live House in the photo at the top left!)

Registration time~ received a white T-shirt with a picture drawn by Joo Won! So cute~
The shirt only comes in Large size… Well, I don’t think I will be wearing the shirt anyway haha.

Then, I saw a booth with the word ‘Couple Shot’ (in English). I thought it was some kind of Facebook photo event but it turned out to be the VIP photo with Joo Won! It’s not a selca this year, there will be a photographer!

And I almost forgot about the poster. The collection counter was at another lane beside the registration ^^;

And then I began to realize…….. THAT THERE ARE NO MERCHANDISES SOLD! /(゚Д゚; )\
Then then then, will we get our posters signed?

@sagaseed then went to register for the ‘fansign’ as she won the lottery. The staff then said Joo Won will be handing out pre-autographed posters. But only those who won can receive it.

So for all the others like me, we won’t be getting any autographs T^T

More important than getting autographs, I think it is actually the interactions with Joo Won during the fansign that is the most precious memory, at least for me. Because that moment is unique to each fan and that is also probably the only time you can say something to him with him most likely to hear it.

They called this a ‘fansign’ … but it is not T_T

Anyway, this is how the T-shirt, normal poster and autographed poster look like.

They used black ink on a dark picture =.= So hard to see the autograph..

Then we walked around a little and saw the ‘special gift’ that is given only to Zone 2 ticketholders.
But… It was an ordinary-looking notebook with the word “JOOWON” printed on it. Nothing really fanciful.
Well, it’s ‘special’ in the sense that you can’t buy this anywhere… but is this really special?
Kind of…. cheats people’s feelings… ( ̄Д ̄!)

Then it was time to enter. Like last year, no camera and water is allowed.
Even plain water is not allowed. What if I get a heart attack after seeing Joo Won because I don’t have water to take medicine with?

The hall was biggggggggg. And wow, is this a full house?
Got to my seat which is near the front. But even the front rows are not near the stage (◎_◎;) The first row is about 10 metres away from the stage?
But it can’t be helped since his popularity has grown so much~

At 6pm, the FM started punctually before I could catch my breath!


An introductory video clip starts playing with the original OST ‘The Way To You’ from Level 7 Civil Servant playing.

After that, the live band starts playing! Wow!

Oh? I know this tune! What was it… the one he sang and danced on Happy Together……… Honey!

Hmm, where is he going to appear from this year? From the back? Hidden platform from below the stage?

Then, Joo Won’s voice sounded! OMG!!!!!!

Joo Won made a quick sudden entrance from the right side (audience view) of the stage. KYAAAAA!!!! My mind went wild. OMG IS THIS REALLY HIM I’M SEEING?


Wearing navy blue suits, stylish shades and combed back hairstyle, Joo Won dishes out sexy moves while singing JYP’s 「Honey」.


KYAAAA Oppa!!! You shouldn’t just point anywhere!!! People will really get heart attack if you point at them!!! KYAAAA!!!

Whenever he points, it feels like he was shooting lasers straight into our hearts ≧▽≦❕ The atmosphere was really high during this song. THE BEST!

It was just, sexy moves one after another. What I remembered the most was the shuffles he did. It looked so cool!

Ahhh I am running out of words to describe. Haha!

Watch it for yourself!

cr: Fantasy gad @ Youtube


But due to the distance and not-very-good eyesight, I couldn’t see his face.
At such times, I wished the big screen was showing him instead of those animated lips which I kinda hated.
Maybe I need to bring binoculars next time ㅎㅎ
After the song, fans were all screaming crazily and it got even higher pitched when he took off the shades and his footage gets shown on the big screen!


He did a little introduction of himself in Thai before the MC and interpreter enters.
Ah, Thai words @_@
Don’t understand T_T
Ah wait, what did he say?
Did he just say….. “I think of all my fans as Honey” ?????!?!??!?!


Then he sang the 2nd song, 「Innocente」.

Joo Won slowly made his way to the left side of the stage…..
He came closer… and closer… and closer…


Staffs were also opening the barricades!!!
I could feel the fans behind jumping up xD
Joo Won stood by the barricade for awhile, probably feeling overwhelmed by the excited fans getting ready to pounce on him ㅋㅋㅋ
He was like, motioning at everyone to remain seated xD His face looks so cute as he does that.

OHMYYYYY!!!! Σ(゚Д゚) Here he comes!

Fans in my area remained seated though. I was torn apart trying to decide if I should jump on him.
But in the end, I just remained seated… Awww. What.a.waste.

So he went to the back. My love is gradually going further… 점점 내 사랑이 가네요…

Wah, I was so tired after he went past us.

So while fans behind us were all screaming away, we just relax and catch our breath as we look at the live footage from the side screens.

Then, ehh?! Joo Won is turning back here!
What luck! I think all the fans in my area thought the same too.
So this time, everyone stood up kekeke.
I ran to the aisle….
Joo Won’s body went pass but he kept his hand stretch out behind. And so….

I managed to grab his fingers! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Joo Won’s fingers. It felt cool. And smooth. Just like how I remembered it from the handshake session last year!


Looking at videos of Innocente now, I thought… isn’t the song too short for him to walk a full round? It felt like the song finishes soon after he got back to the stage even though he had only walked one straight route. Or were they planning to start the 3rd song while he was in the middle of the audience seats? Kekeke.


So anyway, here comes the 3rd song 「My Love」.

I’ve always love the live version of this song more than the recording~


While he sings My Love, clips from Baker King were played on the big screen.
I was focusing on the real Joo Won but caught glimpses of Majun behind. And thought of how Joo Won looks so different now.
It looks like he has matured into a fine prince~


And while singing, he even does this!


문주넌!!! 그만해!! Stop itㅋㅋㅋ

No. Don’t stop it xD

And what did you say? “I think of everyone as My Love ㅎㅎㅎ Really!”
Nyaaaa. Don’t lie~~~

Then at some point, Eonni said that his parents are here! Waaah!
I’m always amazed at how people can spot such things in the middle of the FM with such dark lightings, haha.
So I turned…. Um, where?
I think I looked at the correct row but wrong side. It seems that they were further inside, near the corner? Aigoo.
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to see them this year ^^;
But once again I am sitting at the same side as his parents. It must be some kind of fate kekeke.

ThaiFM2016-040After that it was the Q&A section. Fans were picked via lottery.
Ah, didn’t understand most of what they were saying.
One had asked him something about Thailand places. -> He asked fans to suggest places for him to visit?
Another asked if he saw her gift (a cap) which she just gave him earlier… (at the hotel probably?) -> Not only does he know how it looked like, he even remembered the letter that came with it! He is such an attentive person ♡



Then comes the game segment.



4 fans were selected by lottery and then Joo Won would paste post-it notes on them. The person who manages to shake off the most post-it wins.


And the winner of this game won a Joo Won standee. Haha, as it was quite long, he said “although it’s troublesome…. (laugh) please keep it well. If you’re angry …. (I don’t understand the next line but he did a gesture that looked like breaking the standee with legs xD)


Participants also received a hug from him~


Next, he performs a Thai song แสงสุดท้าย (Sang Soot Tai)「The Last Light」!


It took me some time to realize it was in Thai kekeke.

Joo Won looks so cool singing it while wearing shades.


Watch his performance of The Last Light:

cr: Fantasy gad @ Youtube

Photos and videos of this performance looks so cool. I wonder will the official clips ever get broadcast.

Here’s a video of all the things that happened so far:

cr: starupdatedotcom @ Youtube

A shorter version:

cr: EnTown @ Youtube


Then they played the 2nd game… which is something I don’t wish to think back about. Huuu.


It’s a competition game where each of the selected fans have to burst balloons with Joo Won without using their hands. The fans who bursts the most balloon in 30 seconds wins.


(LOL I managed to capture this face HAHA. It wasn’t a video.)

But I think the main focus wasn’t on the balloon. It’s how many times they get to hug him tightly in that 30 seconds.
Who thought of such a game. Terrible idea ㅠㅜ
It was so hard for us to watch.
If we have to, seeing it just once is enough.
But we had to see him playing that with several fans and for 30 seconds each. It got a little boring.

It must be so hot and tiring for Joo Won too. Though we got to see him lifting his jacket slightly. Kekeke.

But organizers, please don’t put in such games anymore…ㅠㅜ
This game should just remain as a fantasy…


Then he sang 「Love Medicine」.
Somehow I can’t find any videos of this performance o.o



Then fans whose birthday falls on this FM date (20 Feb) were invited up the stage. With the live band playing the music behind, Joo Won sang them a birthday song~ and they blew out the candles on a cake together~


He also said that he personally bought the party hats from Chatuchak that morning! Lol. Doing Saturday morning shopping with Eomma? Their hotel was nearby anyway~


Joo Won talked a little before performing 「If I」 from Good Doctor OST.


When the first piano tones sounded, streaks of different coloured light lit up the stage in tempo. That was nice~


Joo Won sang the song he was seated at the right side (audience view). It reminds me of musicians performing at lounge bars, except that he is way more handsome. Keke.


After the song ends, Joo Won sang the last line again in Shion version! 이런 나의 마음을~

(Can’t find a video of this song… but I think I have seen one before…)


Then MC starts to introduce about a gift that the Thai fans has prepared for him.

It took some time for the video to play, so when Joo Won turned to look at the screen, it was still showing the MC at that time and he asked “이거요?” (Is this it?) LOL!!!

And finally they started playing the video clip that the Thai fans had prepared.

cr: Joo Won Thailand Fanclub @ Youtube

For the background music this time, fans chose the song ‘Should I Say That I Love You Again’ (다시 사랑한다 말할까) which Joo Won had sang a little in his movie 「Catch Me」.
While the clip was being played, fans in the hall started singing along as well~


As the clip end, Joo Won turned back and saw all fans holding up the paper with the message saying that they will wait for his return.



cr: Joo Won Thailand Fanclub

Seeing it, Joo Won… cried again this year T^T
“Fans ask me not to cry, but they make me cry.”
Joo Won ssi, please know that fans always think of you and support you, even though we are faraway.

With that, he introduced his last song.
Noooooo… T^T

Ah, what is happening, he is starting a call and response interaction keke.
When he says ‘I love Thai’, fans have to reply ‘I love Korea’
Then when he says ‘I love you!’, fans are to reply with that too.
Only if fans respond properly, he will start singing.
Hahahahaha, how cheesy!! xD Nyaaaa
Well, I was just shouting ‘I love you’ all the way though! Hehe!

cr: Sangmanee Karieng @ Youtube

With that, he started singing the upbeat song 「The Road To You」 from Level 7 Civil Servant OST.
He should have been the original singer for this. He probably sang this more than 2PM xD
Was waiting for the part where he did the little dance last year but… he didn’t do it this year ^^;

A little recap… LOL

*** The above is from Thai FM 2015 ***

But oh man, his voice was sooo great. I felt like I was riding on waves listening to this performance. He hit all the notes perfectly. ❤
Really wish to watch him perform at a musical.

An encore was prepared.
He sings 「Honey」 again, at a faster tempo this time.


More sexy dance moves ☆_☆

And then! At this part! 1:24 !

cr: pcarepp @ Youtube



OMG!!! Was that a burst of his ‘musical voice’!
I wanted to scream out, but I was too blown away.


With that, the fanmeeting came to an end…


Not knowing what was going to happen, everyone just remain seated. We started checking our SNS and saw that there were already media videos of the earlier part of the FM! That.Was.Fast. Wow.

But it felt like the media was rushing to upload the videos fast. And we ended up not having much videos of the second half of the Fanmeet… all the media videos seem to only show up to The Last Light T^T Maybe they were restricted to only the first half. Aww.

After a long time, Joo Won came out wearing a simple white shirt.

Pfft. Joo Won ssi, did you tape up the space between the buttons this time too? LOL!


*** Picture from Japan FM 2015 ***

This year, instead of giving handshakes at the exit, Joo Won is up on stage giving high five to fans. I saw that some fans had to run to close up the gap in front of them, get their high five quickly and then run away quickly. Aigoo. Should slowly make use of every millisecond we have. But I guess there were just too many people this year.


Us at Zone 1 didn’t get to go up for the high five though. I later understood that it was because our high five was to be combined with our Couple Shot photo time.

So after this, they were preparing the stage for the group photos. Since it’s such a long stage, they set up two sides so that while fans are preparing at one side, Joo Won would be taking the group photo at the other side.

That’s efficient indeed. Haha. And for the rest of us, we get to gaze at Joo Won while he waits for fans to finish preparing.


However while taking the group photo…
Very much unfortunately, the interpreter would be guarding Joo Won’s sides from his back. So fans beside him couldn’t touch him. Ahh…
Many many group photos were taken. To the extent that even we got tired of gazing at him, lol! I respect Joo Won for being able to smile so brightly for each photo.

After that it was finally time for our Couple Photo.
The one and only time for VIP holders to meet him up on stage ^^;

Ehh, I did not follow the FM Facebook page closely so I wasn’t aware beforehand, but I was told that they announced for the Couple Shot, ‘we can sit anywhere we like with Joo Won on the sofa‘. Ummm… Sofa???

So yeah, while we were queueing for the Couple Shot, the sofa did came out. And it’s long enough for someone to lie down ㅋㅋㅋ. But after awhile, they removed the sofa and it became just a standing shot. I think that’s because there weren’t enough time left as he had to catch his flight right after FM, and sofa shots would have taken a longer time.
(Heard that his flight departs at 1am!)

When it was nearing my turn, I started walking too quickly and had a hard time stopping at the designated spot. Probably almost photo bombed the previous fan. Lol. It’s a little hard to apply your brakes when you’re accelerating towards Joo Won eh? ㅋㅋㅋ

By the time it got to my turn, the pose was almost standardized.
So since our hi-five has been combined with the couple shot, the standard pose would be:
Joo Won stands on the left side of fans. His right hand is behind the fan’s shoulder. His left hand holds the fan’s right hand, if he can. (Well, some fans just hugged him immediately. Lol)

Left right left right. So where does the fan’s left hand go to? HAHA~

I… held his waist…!!! 〰( ̄▽ ̄)〰

All the regrets of not holding his waist last year!

It just happened naturally this time. With that standard pose, where else can the hand go, naturally? ㅋㅋㅋ

I think I only had 3 seconds to quickly say “I’m from Singapore~” (though he probably didn’t hear it), grab his hand and hold his waist…. And still have to pose for the camera. Wa. We need to be very good multitaskers!

And to share the feelings:
This is the 3rd time I touched his hands. Only this time, his hands are warmer than mine. Haha, he had really worked hard giving so many hi-fives and taking photos with fans.
I tried to grab his hands firmly. Haha. Because when else will you have the chance! And his hands are really bigggggg
His waist! It’s much slimmer than I thought! I was so surprised by how slim he felt! And it feels firm.
His right hand behind my shoulders. Ah, I didn’t have much senses left to feel that but I remembered that I definitely felt his hands there. Thank you @farbarri for suggesting that I remove my jacket for the photo. LOL.


I heard the camera shutter before I completely looked at the camera. -.-
And the cameraman was squatting a little low. Isn’t that an unglamorous angle? Hmph.
Joo Won and I were still posing for a second after the shutter sounded. The cameraman could have waited just a little more!

So that was the end of my meeting with Joo Won.
Slowly made my way out of the hall while walking backwards, just to see him for a little more, haha!

I think after the photo time, he gave out autographed posters to those who got selected by lottery.
@sagaseed managed to win it!
I think thanks to her, Joo Won would at least know that there were Singaporean fans present~


Joo Won Thailand Fanmeet 2016 Set List
1. Honey
2. Innocente
3. My Love
4. The Last Light (Thai)
5. Love Medicine
6. If I
7. The Road To You
8. Honey (Encore)


I never thought I’d be able to hear Joo Won sing with a live band.
And it feels like he has become more open with fans – in the sense that he would incite fans’ screams and cheers now. It’s like he wasn’t as shy as before.
So it felt like seeing another side of him.
And you could definitely see him brimming with confidence.
Now that he has entered 30 years old in Korean age, I guess we’ll start to see an even more matured and confident Joo Won.

I’ll be looking forward to the day I’ll see him again.


Fanacc by rionae (https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/fanacc-joo-won-thai-fanmeet-2016-by-rionae)
Official photos: Joo Won Thailand Fan Meeting 2016
Media and fantaken photos/videos credited intext / as tagged

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