[ARTICLE] Lee Ah Hyun “Last Winter My Son Joo Won… A Good Actor who remains in memory”

news_1429072600_753019_main1Upload photos of filming sites of ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ Good Sunbae & Hoobae (Senior and Junior)
InternetNewsTeam Reporter (clicknews@ebn.co.kr) 2015-04-15 13:47

Actress Lee Ah Hyun praised Actor Joo Won who acted with her in KBS drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’.

Lee Ah Hyun uploaded a photo recently on her official Instagram with a description “Last Winter My Son was Joo Won”.

In the photo, Lee Ah Hyun was acting with Joo Won at the filming site of ‘Tomorrow Cantabile‘.

Especially, even though being cast as mother of good looking Joo Won in drama, her young beauty which showed off in the photo brought acclaims from netizens.

Lee Ah Hyun’s description followed with “I have played as many actors’ mother (in drama) but Joo Won is a good actor who remains in my memory” “Connection created with Tomorrow Cantabile”, showing that she and Joo Won has a good Sunbae and Hoobae relationship.

Netizens upon hearing this news showed various reactions “Lee Ah Hyun, Joo Won, Tomorrow Cantabile was fun”, “Lee Ah Hyun, Joo Won, you are both great”, “Lee Ah Hyun, Joo Won, they have good relationship”. (InternetNewsTeam)


Source: http://www.ebn.co.kr/news/view/753019
Translation: sdee hc @joowoncutie
Edit: rionae @ joowoncutie


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