[Event Report] Joo Won & Shim Eunkyung, Highly Praised Each Other at the Drama Event

30 May 2015

‘Nodame Cantabile ~ Tomorrow Cantabile’, a drama based on Japan’s best-seller manga which sold over 37 million copies, is a classical music rom-com that shows the growth and love between Yoojin, an elite music university student aiming to become a conductor and Naeil, a music university student who falls behind in the piano department. Playing the lead role Yoojin is Joo Won who has acted in many popular dramas such as ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’. And the heroine Naeil is played by Shim Eunkyung whose acting in ‘Miss Granny’ is still fresh in our minds. This is a work piece that became a large topic in Korea as a cast of Korea’s young and talented representatives is formed and also because the Japanese version drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’ has a lot of fans. The Blu-ray & DVD-BOX will be released on 1st July and to commemorate this, a drama event was held on 29th May (Fri) at Tokyo-Zepp Divercity.

In connection with the drama, the event started with a live orchestra performance. After being fascinated by the live performance, the leads Joo Won and Shim Eunkyung entered, welcomed by the warm applauses of fans who have gathered. “I’m in a happy mood whenever I come to Japan” said Joo Won who talked about his thoughts of welcoming the event day. Shim Eunkyung said, “This is my first fan meeting ever since my debut. I’m happy to have my first fan meeting in Japan which I like a lot”, revealing that this was her first ever fan meeting.

Joo Won who acted as a music student aiming to become a conductor said that because there are scenes where he plays the piano, he started practicing the piano and conducting from 6 months earlier, sparing no efforts in order to show perfection. Shim Eunkyung had also discussed with her piano teacher on how to show her playing, such as by watching videos of pianists playing songs from the drama and analysing where and how the body should move. The MC then said “It really looked as if you were playing”, to which the two of them showed a satisfied smile while receiving all the fans’ applauses, “I’m glad if it looked that way.” While reviewing clips of scenes from the drama, fans listened carefully to the stories that the two had shared.

The two who co-acted for the first time shared about their impressions of each other. Shim Eunkyung said, “I have always thought of co-acting with Joo Won someday. I’m happy to be able to co-act in a piece like ‘Naeil Cantabile’ that has deep meanings. He’s also good at singing, he’s gentle, and there’s also a playful side to him, I thought that I’m also going to become his fan. No, I am already a fan (laugh).” With that, as if to hide his embarrassment, Joo Won puffed his cheeks, showing his cute aegyo expressions.


Joo Won shared regarding Shim Eunkyung, “When I was first casted, I thought about whom would be good for the role of Naeil and Eunkyung was the first that I thought of. I did not think of anyone else after that. I think that it is a very difficult role but she has endured it well till the end. I think there are no other actresses at her age with such acting capabilities in Korea.” Mutually complimenting each other, the audiences responded with applauses and cheers to make fun of them.


After the talk corner, fans chosen by lottery were invited up to stage and split into JooWon-team and Eunkyung-team to play against each other in a drama quiz. It was a team competition but both teams got all the questions correct. To the fans who knew about the details of the drama to this extent, Shim Eunkyung said “I’m happy that everyone has shown so much interest in our drama” and Joo Won added “I also feel good because everyone knows everything.” Although the game ended in a draw, the two of them showed blissful smiles.


Shim Eunkyung who revealed that this was her first ever fan meeting showed her smile from the start till the end and also performed a song which unveiled a new appeal to the Japan fans. After the song ended, Joo Won brought a cake up to the stage to Shim Eunkyung, giving her a surprise birthday celebration two days in advance. Shim Eunkyung said, “I was really surprised. If only I could sing a little better since this is my first time… (laugh) Joo Won is hundred times better than me.” Following her introduction of the song, Joo Won showed his sweet singing voice to the fans.

During the final talk corner, they conveyed their warm messages and thoughts of the fan meeting.
Shim Eunkyung: I’m very happy to be able to spend my first fan meeting with everyone. I will work even harder to show good acting. I want to come to Japan and meet everyone again.
Joo Won: I’m happy to be able to see everyone after such a long time. And I thought I shouldn’t skip talking about this… I have read the article on Kagoshima’s volcano eruption before this event, it hurts my heart, and I hope that there will be no major damage.

Lastly, Joo Won sang the drama insert song ‘Innocente’ with orchestra backing, mesmerizing fans with his splendid singing voice. He informed that this was the first time he sang with an orchestra backing as fans burned the precious scene into their memory. With the drama BTS stories, games and sudden photo time, this was a 2 hours well-spent for the drama fans.



Article by WoW!Korea (http://news.goo.ne.jp/article/wowkorea/entertainment/wowkorea-20150530wow002.html)
Photos: Group8 & SPO
English translation by rionae (https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2015/06/03/event-report-tcjapan-20150529/)

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Additional extracts from other articles (1)

Regarding the episode where Naeil and Yoojin performed for the Music Festival with different orchestras, there was a scene where Naeil had danced in front of the orchestra playing ‘Mambo’ while playing the pianica and wearing a mascot costume.
Eunkyung: It was a freestyle dance without any choreography. The shoot was fun and I danced comfortably.
Joo Won: At that time, I was the only one having many different shoots from everyone, it was lonely.

Furthermore, Shim Eunkyung who showed her beautiful voice in ‘Miss Granny’ sang X JAPAN’s ‘Tears’ gracefully with intensity. And after Joo Won sang ‘Butterfly Effect’, he sang his own song ‘Innocente’ with an orchestra backing for the first time.

After the event ended, 50 lucky fans chosen by lottery went for the high touch event with Joo Won and Shim Eunkyung.

Extract from KStyle (http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2021447)

Additional extracts from other articles (2)
(T/N: Article does not permit redistribution, so this will be translated very briefly)

The game that fans played as a team competition is a drama quiz and their answers are then verified by watching clips of those scenes.

Round 1: In the scene where Yoojin was drying Naeil’s hair after shampooing it, what did Yoojin say after Naeil’s lines?
(Everyone answered correctly)
When asked if he has ever shampooed someone else’s hair in real life, the answer was ‘Yes’, making fans all jealous. However it turned out that the other party was his 90+ years old grandmother.
(T/N: The article did not state if it was Joo Won or Shim Eunkyung who replied. I am assuming it is Joo Won.)

Round 2: What did Yoojin do to Naeil who had fever after getting chased out by Yoojin?
(Everyone answered correctly)
Regarding the ice pack on Naeil’s head,
SEK: Was inspired to do a manga chick a few days prior (T/N: not so sure about this line…). My Mom made it for me.

Round 3: Naeil was trying to wake the drunk Yoojin sleeping in front of her door but he did not wake up. What did Naeil do in the end?
(Everyone answered correctly)
(At that time Joo Won was really sleeping.) There were 3 choices they could choose: 1) Tap the head 2) Pat the head 3) Kiss him. Joo Won and Naeil then did an impromptu reenactment.

After the games, it was the live corner where SEK sang X JAPAN’s ‘Tears’.

After her song, Joo Won carried a birthday cake up to the stage for a surprise birthday celebration for SEK. Everyone sang the birthday song for her too. SEK said that this was the first time she celebrated her birthday like this, and “I’m really happy!” in Japanese. After that while Joo Won was singing his song (Butterfly Effect), he was concerned about SEK who was having difficulties carrying the cake down herself.

Extract from Navicon (http://navicon.jp/news/30106/)


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