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Joo Won is a man who cannot be described in one word.


Q: I have watched the movie <Fatal Intuition>. It seems a long time since you have acted in a suspense film, I am curious as to why you have decided to act in this movie?

A: The role of Jang Woo in <Fatal Intuition> was one which I have eagerly desired. Similarly, the movie required a person with an image like mine. The PD said this: “Would the audience be more interested if we used an exemplary role model who looks like very weak and delicate to create Jang Woo?” Wanted to show everyone a different side of me.

Q: Recently, there appeared numerous praises of “Undefeatable Joo Won”. When you hear such praises all round, would you develop a sort of uneasy feeling of having to hold on to this position? Or would you receive more motivation from it?

A: I received the motivation(laughs). I belong to the type who will perform better when I get praised. So, I often go to fan websites because my fans always praise me and give me courage and strength(laughs). I never read criticisms. Everyone is different. In any case, I am the sort who will be energized from head to toe and even walk on air when I hear praises.

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[Personality] Joo Won’s Work Life


KBS [King of Baker Kim Tak Goo] 36.7% [Bridal Mask] 16.9% MBC [7th Level Civil Servant] 11.4% KBS [Good Doctor] 18% [Tomorrow’s Cantabile] 4.9% (AGB Nielsen Korea NationWide). Joo Won’s mini-series average ratings is 17.58%, among the currently active actors, it’s 2nd highest followed by Kim Soo Hyun. [enews24]. In this, if you add weekend drama KBS [Ojakgyo Brothers] which passed 30% and with KBS [Happy Sunday] 1Night 2Days, he has earned the nick-name “brother lover” and received public awareness. However, in one interview, although his overseas popularity is enough to call him “Next Generation Hanryu Star,” he doesn’t have the feeling of ‘Big Star.’ To this question, Joo Won’s answer was “I am contemplating about it. It’s not that I do not want to be a (Big Star), it would be good but…” ([Singles]) Strangely with his consistent good marks, he did not experience exploding stardom.


Being called the KBS employee with continued KBS projects such as [King of Baker], [Ojakgyo Brothers], [Bridal Mask], ‘2Day 1Night’etc., is also Joo Won’s way of building his experience. Since Joo Won’s debut in 2010 until now, he’s done 5 movies, 7 dramas, and 1 musical without a rest. In [Good Doctor], he acted with bent back and neck to a point it brought pains to portray Shi On, a doctor with autism. Immediately after this, he went into a practice from 10 am through 10 pm for the Musical, [Ghost]. And while doing the [Ghost] he filmed the movie [Fashion King] (2014 January, filming began) as Woo Ki Myung, “Caddy for Snack,” and immediately after went into filming a movie [HaYooKyoMok A- Mang Chun Dang] (2014 May filming began). Unlike the stars in his age group, who would give terms in between selecting the next project when they receive attention with a success of the project in order to leave the strong impression and try transformation in acting, Joo Won acted without a rest. Role of Police, Detective, Profiler were six times, and Doctor 2 times. It’s good to receive reliance steadily but it’s not easy to manage his image as a ‘Star.’ As if an athlete who considers career record more importantly than being the MVP of one season, he seems to believe his cumulative experience with his hard and unceasing effort will propel himself forward in development.



And, in SBS [Yong Pal-Yi], it gives expectation that those cumulated experiences can be turned into a colorful impact. Acting for a few years without ceasing, he experienced from Mini-Series to the long running weekend drama, and digested from the period piece [Bridal Mask] to medical drama [Good Doctor], even a criminal piece [Special Investigative Unit]. As a result, in [Yong Pal-Yi], he is able to film surgery scenes proficiently as he practiced in [Good Doctor], film car chase scene and other various action scenes as a doctor in debt who is treating gangsters in order to pay back loan shark. Being able to go from comedy to traditional acting in one scene without the feeling of exaggeration in a drama with dramatic setting and his acting that is able to pull the drama through, is result earned through the unceasing appearances in dramas. And [Yong Pal-Yi] received 11.6% ratings (AGB Nielsen) in it’s airing of first episode. This is a high rating amongst the recent dramas, and Joo Won showed his happiness in his SNS. His accumulated efforts passed the threshold and started receiving attention.


Tae Hyun in [Yong Pal-Yi] without time to sleep, he works and struggles for survival without a rest. Believing one day he will be able to find the happiness and stability in life. And Joo Won worked and lived hard until [Yong Pal-Yi], to a point he can say, “People say ‘anyone can work hard, so you have to do it well,’ but not everyone works hard. I really have worked hard going many nights without sleep and rest.” ([TV Daily]) No one knows if [Yong Pal-Yi] will remain as the hot topic drama until the end of the show as it is now. However, Joo Won, as he has always done, he will appear in another project. There is no assurance whether he can be the Top Star with the strong impact. But as if he’s climbing the ladder where it’s end cannot be seen, he survived until now by continuing to act as if he’s going to work at the filming sites. And now, it seems he has come up very far. But his goal seems far ahead. “I imagine my later life in my 50’s. That is my driving force which helps to pull myself back up and keep going without a breather.” ([Lady Trend])


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Joo Won’s speeches at KBS Awards 2013

Top Actor’s Award: picked by the drama PD’s (around 150) from KBS, MBC and SBS

PD award

 Hello, I am JooWon
(Screams by the fans)

I feel embarrassed and sorry that I received the award Lee Mi Sook sunbae-nim was eyeing.

I am really thankful

Through ‘Good Doctor’ I felt the my heart becoming warm, and seeing the audience’s heart becoming warm

I felt the strength a drama has

I am very happy these days.  I received much love from meeting a great piece (drama)

and with the current performance I am going back to my beginning heart

I am now beginning a baby walk of  my 60 years of acting life

For the 60 years I will humbly try and work hard to give you more heart- warming and more big love

Thank you.  Love you.

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