(Cinemart) [Event Report] JOO-WON 2015 SWEET SMILE FANMEETING (Eng trans.)

9 December 2015


22 November, Popular Korean Actor Joo Won held his Fanmeeting & Live Event at Toyosu PIT.

We will present to you the situation at the fanmeeting which lasted around 2 hours, packed with Joo Won’s coolness and cuteness!

Clad in a navy blue suit and white shirt, Joo Won entered the stage from the left side in long strides, causing the audiences to explode in loud cheers, shouting 「Kya~!」 「Cool~!」 「Cute~!」.


This year, Joo Won is 29 years old in Korean age.
Next year, as he will be welcoming his 30 years of age, this project will look back at Joo Won in his 20’s.

The most excited topic, Fashion BEST3!

[3rd place: Knit]
Joo Won surprisingly answers, “I like such oversized styles. I really dislike exposing my skin. For example when I’m sitting, the back can be seen and it feels tight.”

[2nd place: White Shirt]
Joo Won: “I like white shirts but it’s uncomfortable.”

Don’t tell me…

“Even when shirts are tucked into pants, they come out. And there are gaps between the buttons, so you can see the inside. When wearing shirts, I will tape the space between each button.”

It has appeared! Joo Won’s “dislike of exposure”!
He (answered) thoroughly. We got to know a new side of Joo Won.

And so,

[1st place; Tuxedo]
Joo Won: “For tuxedo and suits, it does not mean the more expensive it is, the better it is. I think it is better if it fits the body, so I had one made for myself.”
He has a made-to-order suit! What a lovely pickiness.

Following up next is the Crying Scene BEST3!

[3rd place: Baker King Kim Takgu – Visiting his real father at the prison scene]
Joo Won: “My heart really hurt for this scene. Not just at the parts where I was shown but also the parts showing Jung Sung Mo who acted as my real father. My tears flowed down.”

[2nd place: Good Doctor – Crying scene while blaming himself]
Joo Won: “Actually when acting out this scene, I wasn’t quite able to create the feeling. But the moment my partner Moon Chaewon held my face, the tears overflowed all at once.”

[1st place: Ojakgyo Brothers –Getting Grandmother’s approval to marry his lover scene]
Joo Won: “For this scene, I received a lot of help from Kim Yong Rim who acted as my Grandmother. Before we started filming, she helped me to be able to express the emotions well.”

After Joo Won finished making his comments, the venue echoed with loud applauses.
Once again, we get to feel the hard works behind the touching scenes.

■ Joo Won before your eyes!

This is a corner where Joo Won will personally head towards the audiences and answer questions from fans!

As Joo Won goes down the stage, audiences burst into screams just with him getting nearer.

We will bring to you selected questions from the fans.

Q. What is your favourite job?
A. It is musical.
Even though I can’t do one right now, please do come when I’m doing a musical.

Musicals that fully demonstrate Joo Won’s singing abilities, I definitely want to see it!

Q. What is the age range for your love interest?
A. Be of adult age, and the upper limit should be below my Mother’s age.

And here he was asked “How old is your Mother?”
In response, Joo Won answered “It’s a secret (laugh)”
He makes hearts tighten even when he gives the slip like that!

As expected from his tall height! His long legs!
Joo Won in person has even more aura than seeing him on TV.

And here, the second half starts.
Joo Won has changed into black suit and black shirt.

■ Joo Won will grant your wish!
This is a dreamlike plan where the 4 persons chosen by lottery will be granted a wish that is decided by throwing the dice.

Here’s the list of the wishes you’re curious about!
1) Stroll along the audience seat hand in hand
2) Take a 2-shot with your own mobile phone
3) Princess hug of love
4) One phrase of love song to you
5) Shout his love in a loud voice
6) Too bad! You missed!

The first person wished for Number 2.
The MC advised “It’s alright because he won’t miss”.
I wonder what she meant by that…

He start to throw the dice energetically…!
I see. The mystery is all solved.
A backstage staff suddenly appeared from the side of the stage and fixed the dice.

As it happened too suddenly, everyone burst out laughing.

And after that, Joo Won granted the wishes of the 4 selected persons one after another.
We could see his cute side when he played a fool while taking the selca and his manly side when he did the princess hug effortlessly. It was a highly exciting corner.

With the conclusion of the fanmeeting, we proceeded to the song corner.
This time, Joo Won chose the insert song ‘If I’ from the drama ‘Good Doctor’.
And, he sang it while acting as Sion. We were shocked and touched by this surprise!
Nevertheless, he really has a beautiful singing voice.

After this it was the evening live… which means, the fanmeeting has come to an end.


Source: http://www.cinemart.co.jp/article/blog/20151209000333.html
English translation: Rionae

Please take out with full credits.


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