U-Weekly Interview- Joo Won.Serious.Prince of Ratings

Joo Won. Serious. Mic Bug. 

High praises for Kim Tae Hee

Gang Doctor (also known as Yongpalyi) ‘s Yongpal Kim Tae Hyun, remains smiley despite numerous obstacles. Real life Joo Won is a big boy who often displays shy smiles. While Kim Tae Hyun likes to glib talk, Joo Won answers questions seriously, definitely adding points.

Another group of reporters commented that Joo won replies are direct to the point and his manager does not intercept the questions. This is their easiest experience interviewing Korean stars so far.

Joo won previously claimed that he was very excited to work with Kim Tae Hee, more so than other actors. Is it because he also see her as a female goddess, thus looking forward to working with her?

Joo won smiled shyly and said “when actors receive script, they will secretly imagine a list of actors suitable for the roles. And I did think Kim Tae Hee is most ideal for the female lead. She fits whatever the script describes so I look forward to working with her. After acting, the results are good and we are very happy.”

Similar to past reports, his comments of Kim Tae Hee are near perfect. He keeps emphasising she is beautiful and her heart is even more beautiful.

Joo won thinks both are happy working with each other.  “Because both of us would provide suggestions and discuss how to act to deliver best performance. She listens attentively and accepts my suggestions. We work very well together.”

After working together, Joo won definitely finds this beauty’s personality even more charming.

Personality is more important than looks (and brains)

So Joo won emphasizes on personality more than looks?

He doesn’t hesitate and says “Of course it’s personality”. Then he pauses and smiles saying that reporters will think his replies are standard so he tries to further explain his point of view.

“You can tell a person from her personality.  When I don’t know her well, I will definitely be charmed by her pretty looks first. But once I communicate with her and realised her personality is different from my expectations, I might not proceed to make friends with her. Conversely if the other person doesn’t attract me physically but after talking to her, she may become pretty to me. Because I believe good personality makes a person pretty. Whereas intelligent or not, I think to be able to communicate well is good enough. I admit I am not a very intelligent person, so I don’t expect her to be a genius.”

“Standard official answers” are actually not standard

Being labelled as “ratings-guarantee” Joo Won, keeps attributing it to luck throughout the interview. This appears as standard answers at first but Joo won has his own explanations.

“Having good ratings is definitely something to be grateful for. If my drama is successful I will definitely be very happy. But for a drama rating to be good, luck definitely plays a part. Because rating depends on many factors and not every drama is successful so I always believe lady luck is by my side.”

But this label has also brought stress because Joo Won is worried that viewers will think they just need to select his shows to watch. But a show success does not depends solely on the actor’s ability so he is worried that viewers may be disappointed at some point. However he said that when choosing scripts he tries not to think of these so as not let these affect his judgement.

“I play my part well plus a bit of luck, what will happen naturally happens”

Being responsible for his roles

Despite being labelled as rating prince, Joo Won tries not to think of rating when choosing a drama, but he will first look at whether the scripts appeals to people.

“If the first page doesn’t make me read further, I don’t think I will be able to do well. If I find a good script I will start to analyse the characters. To bring a story character alive within a short time, I have to understand the character’s back story, so that I can display his distinctive character. I will do lots of homework. I will accept the drama if I think I can do well.

All these years, Joo Won likes the most and has deep impression of his character in the drama <Good Doctor>

“I acted as an autistic person. That was a very big challenge I gave myself. I felt that acting this character represented the image of this group of people with autism. So I may affect the viewer’s impression and how they perceived this group of people and their actual image. I think I hold an important responsibility not to mess things up. Hence, I have lots of thoughts about this character.”

Karaoke room’s mic hog

Having debuted as a musical actor, it was previously revealed that he loves singing karaoke. In fact he is a mic hog. Now that his popularity is rising hot, will he release a solo album?

I think that singing on stage as musical actor is “actor’s pitch” not “singer’s pitch”. When i attempt to sing like a singer, my throat hurts. Although I like to listen to music and like to sing, I don’t think I have the talent to sing like a real singer. When I sing OST for my drama, it is because I feel I can sing in the voice of my character and bring forth my feelings in the drama, getting the viewers more invested. So from the standpoint of an actor, I feel that I can add points to the drama as a way of contribution. But to cut an album like a singer does, I don’t think I can do it well”

So is he really a mic hog?

Joo won readily admits “Yes!” but he added “In fact all those who went with me are mic hogs too! So I have to snatch the mic in order to sing a song. As everyone is trying to snatch, the mic doesn’t stay with me for long. Hahahaha . … ”

<Gang Doctor>’s “siblings” Joo Won and Park Hye Soo’s first promotional visit and immediately feels the Lion City korean fans’ huge enthusiasm.

Childlike smile

Joo Won and the other Hallyu King Lee Min Ho have some similarities. Both are taller than 184 cm “Oppa”, tall and lean with baby fats on their face, and both have childlike smiles.

Answer questions sincerely

Although Joo Won and Park Hye Soo came to Singapore after Indonesia fan meeting, both answered reporters and interviewers’ every single question sincerely. In particular, Joo Won has deeply impressed the media.

Warm interactions

To prepare for her role in the drama, Park Hye Soo had to lose 10 kg weight. As for her interaction with her Oppa Joo Won, she commented “Fierce while acting, caring and playful off camera. He likes to joke and tease me, but gives me lots of advice”

No time for relationships?

Joo Won revealed during interview that his schedules are packed so it’s hard to be in relationship. “I am neither direct nor impulsive, even if I like a girl, I will take one step back to think if she really suits me? Once I straighten my thoughts, I have to be involved in another new production, so any feelings will disappear.”


Security Escort – As local fans went wild chasing him, Channel One has to arrange for police escort to ensure a smooth journey on the road.

Singing with affection

Park Hye Soo who took part in <Kpop Star 4> presented fans with an OST “Please Remember Me”. She won loud applause for her touching rendition.

Heart racing with joy

During the fan meet, 3 lucky fans have close interactions with Joo Won, one received a “love hug”, another got to stare at Joo Won for 10 seconds affectionately and the last got to take a selfie with Joo Won.

Selfie Joy

This is the lucky girl who got to take a selfie with Joo Won. Henceforth, this would be the most treasured photo!

Happy Together

As it’s a rare visit to the Lion City, Joo Won and Park Hye Soo took a wide selfie with fans!

3000 People Power

At Suntec Fan meeting, 3000 people packed the venue, embracing Joo Won and Park Hye Su with the Lion City’s energy aka won^qi (note: energy in Chinese is yuan qi and won is yuan in Chinese)

Source: 优1周刊 UW, U-Weekly

Main Story Text: 赖婉丽 Photo :《新明日报》摄影

Snippets Text: 泡菜通 Photo: One 频道

Translator: jseedw

Editor: mrdimples

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