Ceci Magazine Interview – Smiling Conqueror Joo Won


When performing in dramas, movies and musicals, Joo Won always seeks continuous improvement. In real life, he is even kinder, more diligent and dedicated, winning every single person over with his unique charm. Probing into Korean actor Joo Won’s rational and emotional sides.

Ceci: Do you know which word has the highest occurrence rate in your interviews?

Joo Won: I do not know.

Ceci: ‘Kind’, ‘Decent’, ‘Hardworking’, Humane’, do you agree?

Joo Won: I don’t think I’m kind like an angel, so I feel embarrassed when these adjectives are used to describe me. There are times when I am angry and lose my temper. At some particular point when I sense that certain things could have been done better then I’m always determined to voice it out whether people like it or not. But when it really comes to the crunch, I will feel very pressured when I speak up.

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Actor Joo Won Interview -Thousands of Joo Won

Joo Won is a man who cannot be described in one word.


Q: I have watched the movie <Fatal Intuition>. It seems a long time since you have acted in a suspense film, I am curious as to why you have decided to act in this movie?

A: The role of Jang Woo in <Fatal Intuition> was one which I have eagerly desired. Similarly, the movie required a person with an image like mine. The PD said this: “Would the audience be more interested if we used an exemplary role model who looks like very weak and delicate to create Jang Woo?” Wanted to show everyone a different side of me.

Q: Recently, there appeared numerous praises of “Undefeatable Joo Won”. When you hear such praises all round, would you develop a sort of uneasy feeling of having to hold on to this position? Or would you receive more motivation from it?

A: I received the motivation(laughs). I belong to the type who will perform better when I get praised. So, I often go to fan websites because my fans always praise me and give me courage and strength(laughs). I never read criticisms. Everyone is different. In any case, I am the sort who will be energized from head to toe and even walk on air when I hear praises.

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[ENG] 151012 Joo Won – SBS Healing Camp


Healing Camp is up there on the list of must watch Joo Won interviews. It reminded me of Joo Won’s interview on Win Win in 2012. It shows us what makes Joo Won the actor, the star, the son and the man whom fans, co-stars, team mates, PDs and all who crossed his path admire and adore. As you watch this, you will also understand why reporters and interviewers get charmed off their feet by Joo Won. The word they always use is sincere. It can’t be a trait unique to Joo Won or conversely, does it mean others are less sincere? I think it is the way Joo Won opens up his heart, is candid with his views. shares his innermost thoughts and does them all in the most sincere and heartwarming manner that made such a deep impression on these seasoned reporters and interviewers.


When I watched Healing Camp with Chinese subs, I was so excited and emotional that I declared on soompi that Joo Won Cutie will get this subbed in English for fans to enjoy. It was irresponsible of me because I didn’t ask the team if they would do it. I was prepared to translate the entire 74 minutes long video myself in that haze of excitement. So much that I forgot I don’t do typsetting, timing nor encoding. So, I am thankful that my team agreed to do this mammoth project. I am sure they had thought of doing it anyway but would have approached it in a more democratic manner. It took 2 months to get this project completed although it felt like forever to the sub team.

Soon after I opened my mouth, I realized I needed someone who understands Korean to translate. There are several ‘sensitive’ parts which are best translated by someone whose native tongue is Korean or has a good command of the language and knows the cultural or linguistic nuances. For this, I am very thankful to sdee who couldn’t translate for us but took precious time off her schedule to proof read and edit. I owe a big thank you to sagaseed whom I threw into the deep end, this being her first video translation project. She is amazing, I really don’t know how she can translate while watching the video on her mobile. This video would not be possible without the efforts of ecs707a and farbarri a.k.a hana_joowon. Not only were they our timers, typesetters and encoders, they were also our editors, with a keen ear and eye for things which didn’t seem quite right. We hope you will enjoy this video as much as we did.

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Hills of Wind

fanfic by mrdimples


cr: SBS

Tae Hyun strode past the bodyguards who tried to stop him but Sang Chul took care of them.

Tae Hyun literally leapt up the stairs and ran towards Yeo Jin’s room. Chief Housekeeper was there at the door, she stepped forth to stop Tae Hyun. But one look at the desperation and anxiety on his face, she didn’t have the heart not to let him in.

He collected himself before he pushed the door, almost afraid of what he might see.

She was lying in bed, a pitiful form. She looked so small, so vulnerable. Tae Hyun heart ached. He regretted leaving her that day. How could he miss it? The signs were all there. Foolishness and pride had pulled a veil over his eyes. He should have known how much she needed him.  Most of all, he should never have doubted Yeo Jin’s love for him.

He could hardly see her face for she had pulled the covers almost all the way up. He sat down gently on the bed and put his hand on her.

“Yeo Jin ah, it’s me. I am back.”

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Chief Lee (Jung Woong In Interview) Part on JooWon


Jung Woong-In with a smile said “JooWon is a good actor.”  “He shows smile under difficult situation/condition.  You cannot go up to that level/position just being good in acting. (I) Realized the person’s heart /inner character is important”

Furthermore he highly praised (JooWon), “When I see JooWon, I think of (actor) Hwang Jung-Min whom I worked with in movie ‘Veteran.’  I felt the same feelings/emotions with JooWon as  I had when acting with Hwang Jung Min.”  

Jung Woong-In added “JooWon does not complain even when he cannot selfishly take a day off to rest.  It was to a point where I asked to let JooWon rest for a day.”

From Korean Article : http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2015092513044634825&outlink=2&SVEC

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Yong Pal Food Support Update!!!


Joo Won Cuties! Joo Won International Fans! You are AMAZING! You had proven time and again how much you love and support this amazing actor named, Moon Jun Won. No matter where you are. No matter how far we are. We show that we band as ONE for our Cutie, Joo Won.

Currently, we are still waiting for the actual date, from Sim Entertainment, where we can present Joo Won and the awesome Yong Pal cast, staff and crew, our Coffee Truck full of love. And if we will be able to gather MORE SUPPORT, we will be able to send not only Joo Won’s favorite coffee, but also a decent and delicious meal to the drama set!

YES! We are EXTENDing our CALL FOR SUPPORT for Joo Won Cutie International Fans: Yong Pal Food Support. The cast, staff and crew are working hard to give as a very exciting, heart-stopping and so much enjoyable drama that we are always left, asking for more when an episode ended. I held my breath, cried, laugh and giggled whenever I watch Yong Pal. And I rewatch it over and over again as I cannot get enough of the drama. Joo Won has showed as time and again, how great he is. He showed as who Yong Pal is and we are left mesmerized by how amazing his acting is. Let us, in our own way, show Yong Pal and all people who made it happen, how we love the drama and how we support them. It is up to us fans to make it happen!

So Palli! Palli! Let us all help to hit our target!

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[Interview] ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun “Joo Won is Genius in Acting”

The ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun, a scene stealer in ‘Yong Pal-Yi,’ showed her affection towards the male lead actor Joo Won.

In her recent interview with Sports JoSun, Bae Hae Sun said of Joo Won, “seeing him digesting practically almost 100% of the beginning scenes of Yong Pal-Yi, instead of ‘you must be tired?,’ inquired ‘you are still alive, right?” and reveled in his performance.

‘Nurse Hwang’ had many confrontational scenes with Joo Won in drama. Bae Hae Sun praised Joo Won “Joo Won is very good looking, nice and an actor who’s acting is complete /perfect” and said, “the way he calculates exactly how to deliver long lines and acts, it seems like he’s an acting genius”.

Furthermore, “although he himself must be most tired, he comes to me and says ‘You must be tired. Fighting.’ He is an actor who encompasses even humility and courtesy/kind manner.” And emphasized “He was a junior as a musical actor but i looked up to him as a big senior in drama.”



She was able to dissolve her regret of not seeing Joo Won’s musical debut due to overlap in her own musical performance, during the filming of this drama.

Bae Hae Sun said “his always bright disposition and humble manner while he is about to collapse was so pretty in my eyes.  He is an actor whom I would like to meet again either in drama or on stage.”

Earlier ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ production team published the warm and friendly view of the12th floor after lights were turned off. Most of the time, Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) and her protector Tae Hyun (Joo Won), and opposing them, Chief Lee (Jung Woong In) and nurse Hwang (Bae Hae Sun), their match takes place here. However the actors at the site in reality are closely caring for one another while filming ‘Yong Pal-Yi.’  The picture with Joo Won holding ‘Nurse Hwang’ fondly especially drew attention.

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is story about a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. This popular melodrama is currently airing with a record high 2015 mini-series ratings.

English Translation: SdeeHC@joowoncutie

Original Article in Korean: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0002794064

Writer: lyn@sportschosun.com

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[Personality] Joo Won’s Work Life


KBS [King of Baker Kim Tak Goo] 36.7% [Bridal Mask] 16.9% MBC [7th Level Civil Servant] 11.4% KBS [Good Doctor] 18% [Tomorrow’s Cantabile] 4.9% (AGB Nielsen Korea NationWide). Joo Won’s mini-series average ratings is 17.58%, among the currently active actors, it’s 2nd highest followed by Kim Soo Hyun. [enews24]. In this, if you add weekend drama KBS [Ojakgyo Brothers] which passed 30% and with KBS [Happy Sunday] 1Night 2Days, he has earned the nick-name “brother lover” and received public awareness. However, in one interview, although his overseas popularity is enough to call him “Next Generation Hanryu Star,” he doesn’t have the feeling of ‘Big Star.’ To this question, Joo Won’s answer was “I am contemplating about it. It’s not that I do not want to be a (Big Star), it would be good but…” ([Singles]) Strangely with his consistent good marks, he did not experience exploding stardom.


Being called the KBS employee with continued KBS projects such as [King of Baker], [Ojakgyo Brothers], [Bridal Mask], ‘2Day 1Night’etc., is also Joo Won’s way of building his experience. Since Joo Won’s debut in 2010 until now, he’s done 5 movies, 7 dramas, and 1 musical without a rest. In [Good Doctor], he acted with bent back and neck to a point it brought pains to portray Shi On, a doctor with autism. Immediately after this, he went into a practice from 10 am through 10 pm for the Musical, [Ghost]. And while doing the [Ghost] he filmed the movie [Fashion King] (2014 January, filming began) as Woo Ki Myung, “Caddy for Snack,” and immediately after went into filming a movie [HaYooKyoMok A- Mang Chun Dang] (2014 May filming began). Unlike the stars in his age group, who would give terms in between selecting the next project when they receive attention with a success of the project in order to leave the strong impression and try transformation in acting, Joo Won acted without a rest. Role of Police, Detective, Profiler were six times, and Doctor 2 times. It’s good to receive reliance steadily but it’s not easy to manage his image as a ‘Star.’ As if an athlete who considers career record more importantly than being the MVP of one season, he seems to believe his cumulative experience with his hard and unceasing effort will propel himself forward in development.



And, in SBS [Yong Pal-Yi], it gives expectation that those cumulated experiences can be turned into a colorful impact. Acting for a few years without ceasing, he experienced from Mini-Series to the long running weekend drama, and digested from the period piece [Bridal Mask] to medical drama [Good Doctor], even a criminal piece [Special Investigative Unit]. As a result, in [Yong Pal-Yi], he is able to film surgery scenes proficiently as he practiced in [Good Doctor], film car chase scene and other various action scenes as a doctor in debt who is treating gangsters in order to pay back loan shark. Being able to go from comedy to traditional acting in one scene without the feeling of exaggeration in a drama with dramatic setting and his acting that is able to pull the drama through, is result earned through the unceasing appearances in dramas. And [Yong Pal-Yi] received 11.6% ratings (AGB Nielsen) in it’s airing of first episode. This is a high rating amongst the recent dramas, and Joo Won showed his happiness in his SNS. His accumulated efforts passed the threshold and started receiving attention.


Tae Hyun in [Yong Pal-Yi] without time to sleep, he works and struggles for survival without a rest. Believing one day he will be able to find the happiness and stability in life. And Joo Won worked and lived hard until [Yong Pal-Yi], to a point he can say, “People say ‘anyone can work hard, so you have to do it well,’ but not everyone works hard. I really have worked hard going many nights without sleep and rest.” ([TV Daily]) No one knows if [Yong Pal-Yi] will remain as the hot topic drama until the end of the show as it is now. However, Joo Won, as he has always done, he will appear in another project. There is no assurance whether he can be the Top Star with the strong impact. But as if he’s climbing the ladder where it’s end cannot be seen, he survived until now by continuing to act as if he’s going to work at the filming sites. And now, it seems he has come up very far. But his goal seems far ahead. “I imagine my later life in my 50’s. That is my driving force which helps to pull myself back up and keep going without a breather.” ([Lady Trend])


English Translation : SdeeHC@joowoncutie

Original Article in Korean : http://m.ize.co.kr/view.html?no=2015081621107258721

Writer. Lee Ji Hae

Picture SBS

Editor. Kim Young Jin

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‘Yong Pal-Yi’s Joo Won, Magic Acting Which Makes 60 Minutes Feel Like 1 Minute ‘Thumbs Up’


Actor Joo Won made drama unfolding time of 60 minutes feel like 1 minute with his magical acting and brought viewers intense immersion.


Last broadcasted on 6th, SBS Wed-Thurs, drama ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ 2nd episode followed Joo Won’s 1st episode’s showcased highly praised acting, and told the heartfelt story of the reason for living as Yong Pal-Yi, to the feeling of tension for his identity that is about to be detected.

When Joo Won and Gangster leader Doo-Cheul (Song Kyung Cheul), whom coordinated Yong Pal’s concierge trips, became trapped by the police, they jumped from the Han River Bridge without any hesitation after administering epinephrine. Having unrest and anxiety, after realizing he left his scalpel back at the place of his illegal visit, when Chief Lee (Jung Woong-In) notices his identity as Yong Pal-Yi, Joo Won kneels before Chief Lee in apology.

With Joo Won’s heartbreaking past of his mother passing away, not even getting a chance for a surgery due to VVIP patient, along with Joo Won’s heart striking emotional and tearful acting, even formed viewers’ consensus of how Kim Tae Hyun became a snob who only works for money.

Furthermore, Joo Won showcased his deep down humanism and doctor’s responsibility by helping the patient who could not have emergency surgery for not having the guardian and insurance, behind the scene, which was opposite from his cold outer appearance, which brought deep impression to the viewers.

The edge of your seat tension, heartbreaking past about his mother, helping patients all are avoiding in secret, in his own way and bringing warm emotions…Joo Won’s acting showcased amazing absorption and by making viewers feel like the drama’s procession passed in seconds, brought viewers praise with “Of course, Actor Joo Won (that can be watched with trust in his acting ability)”

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere, anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. Broadcasting every Wed-Thurs 10 PM.

English Translation by : sdeeHC@joowoncutie

Taken from http://www.futurekorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=29576
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Interview of Joo Won on Hong Kong ‘文汇报’

Part 1:
This interview is about the movie ‘Fashion King’. When asked about his character Ki Myung is always isolated from others, Joo Won said, ‘ Due to my cool exterior, my first impression from others is rude and not good. I still remember when I debuted in musical back then, there was 12 male actors. All of their first impression of me was same. Until we became closer eventually, they found I was someone who can play with. They wouldn’t imagine I am someone who will go to handle the things in theater early in the morning.’

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