[ARTICLE] Ariel Lin visits set of ‘Yongpal’; Joo Won was shy to take photo


10 September 2015



Ariel Lin had flown to Korea on the 10th to attend the Seoul Drama Awards. Making use of her free time, she went to the filming set of Korea’s current hottest drama ‘Yongpal’ and visited the male lead Joo Won. As her drama ‘It Started With A Kiss’ had been broadcast in Korea and her other drama ‘In Time With You’ has also been remade into Korean version (*The Time We Were Not In Love), Joo Won was nervous and anticipative to meet this original ‘You Qing’ (*Character name in ‘In Time With You’). After seeing her in person, he exclaimed that she had maintained her skin so well that it’s like a young girl’s!

Ariel and her group had arrived at the set of ‘Yongpal’, only to find out that a funeral scene was being filmed then, causing everyone to feel awkward. After which, staffs brought her into a secret room. Ariel laughed the moment she went in, saying “This is like match-making!” It turns out that the room was furnished like traditional matchmaking scenes. This was also the first time that the two met and they were introducing themselves while sitting face-to-face, causing the two to turn shy suddenly.

The considerate Ariel had also prepared gifts. In addition to preparing a wine stopper engraved with Chinese dolls, her other gift made Joo Won asked with suspicion after opening it, “Why did you give me this?” The other gift that Ariel prepared was an expensive ceramic toothbrush. Ariel laughed, “When I worked with Super Junior previously, I realized that Korean celebrities loves to brush their teeth. They would brush their teeth after eating one small biscuit or drinking some beverage. It felt special.”

Joo Won who held a fanmeeting in Taiwan last year (*Taiwan FM was held in 2013) mentioned that he wishes to go Taiwan to play, not just for work. Ariel also took the chance to teach him how to praise Taiwan girls that they are pretty in Chinese, but unexpectedly she taught Joo Won to say “Ariel Lin is pretty!” When Joo Won learnt about it later, he said Ariel was really thick-skinned.  Also, Joo Won learnt from staffs that Ariel had majored in Korean in university, and hopes that they would be able to collaborate in the future, whether in movies or dramas.

Note: Words with *asterisk are translator’s notes.

Article source: Sina
English translation: rionae@joowoncutie (http://wp.me/p3RiIO-11Z)
Please give proper credits if re-translating.
Do not repost full translation without permission.

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