‘Yong Pal-Yi’s Joo Won, Magic Acting Which Makes 60 Minutes Feel Like 1 Minute ‘Thumbs Up’


Actor Joo Won made drama unfolding time of 60 minutes feel like 1 minute with his magical acting and brought viewers intense immersion.


Last broadcasted on 6th, SBS Wed-Thurs, drama ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ 2nd episode followed Joo Won’s 1st episode’s showcased highly praised acting, and told the heartfelt story of the reason for living as Yong Pal-Yi, to the feeling of tension for his identity that is about to be detected.

When Joo Won and Gangster leader Doo-Cheul (Song Kyung Cheul), whom coordinated Yong Pal’s concierge trips, became trapped by the police, they jumped from the Han River Bridge without any hesitation after administering epinephrine. Having unrest and anxiety, after realizing he left his scalpel back at the place of his illegal visit, when Chief Lee (Jung Woong-In) notices his identity as Yong Pal-Yi, Joo Won kneels before Chief Lee in apology.

With Joo Won’s heartbreaking past of his mother passing away, not even getting a chance for a surgery due to VVIP patient, along with Joo Won’s heart striking emotional and tearful acting, even formed viewers’ consensus of how Kim Tae Hyun became a snob who only works for money.

Furthermore, Joo Won showcased his deep down humanism and doctor’s responsibility by helping the patient who could not have emergency surgery for not having the guardian and insurance, behind the scene, which was opposite from his cold outer appearance, which brought deep impression to the viewers.

The edge of your seat tension, heartbreaking past about his mother, helping patients all are avoiding in secret, in his own way and bringing warm emotions…Joo Won’s acting showcased amazing absorption and by making viewers feel like the drama’s procession passed in seconds, brought viewers praise with “Of course, Actor Joo Won (that can be watched with trust in his acting ability)”

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere, anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. Broadcasting every Wed-Thurs 10 PM.

English Translation by : sdeeHC@joowoncutie

Taken from http://www.futurekorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=29576
MiRae HanKook webmaster@futurekorea.co.kr

Do not reblog and use in translating without permission and proper credits and link to this article.


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