GHOST Musical by farbarri – part 4 : Hope

Ghost – performance fanaccount


Please note that song Romanization (pronunciation and words) and translation may differ than what is written in this fanaccount. Hopefully the songs will be released soon and the subbing team will get to it once it does.



Warning: This fanaccount serves as a SPOILER to those who will watch Ghost. Strong recommendation to NOT read if you are planning on watching Ghost any time during its run. This is also a detailed fan-account from a Joowon-biased fan, thus there may be a lot of biasness during comparison. Read at your own risk/pleasure.



However, if you are about to watch Ghost soon but does not understand Korean apart from ‘Omma’, ‘Appa’, ‘Saranghae’, ‘Anyyeonghaseyo’ and ‘Kangsahamnida’, then maybe you would want to read this as it will make you understand the whole conversation.





We’ve covered the sad parts. We are now venturing into a play of the seeing and unseen. As audiences, we are shown into everyone’s perspective, but as the actors and actresses, they need to make sure that they do not know the things that audiences know. For instance, when Sam was interacting with Oda Mae (with Molly overlooking the situation), we need to put ourselves into her shoes and think ‘how weird is this conversation? Molly can’t hear Sam, so she doesn’t know what he said. She’s only looking at a lady who is talking to herself…’ so we can’t blame Molly for reacting the way she did, because she can’t see or hear Sam. I will point out more of this kind of scenes as we go along.



Since this point forth, we are introduced to a new character, Oda Mae. She is simply amazing! She’s so funny with her words and action. Her words may sound simple, but with the correct intonation and actions, she colours those words to make them funny. She is the sunlight in a cave…



The …. part is where I’m not sure what the person is talking about, so I left it blank.








cr: great fanart~


The song stops, and a lovebird-couple continues dancing slowly at the back. Sam gets up and looks at the couple, reminiscing himself and Molly. Then suddenly an old lady with a cane came in and walks directly to the middle of the stage, straight into… ODA MAE’S house……



Sam seems confused, like he doesn’t know why, but his instincts must have told him to follow the lady, and follow he did. Maybe because of the ‘Psychic’ signboard blinking outside the house/shop-lot or working space, or maybe because the old lady seems suspicious…. Anyway, the old lady slide aside the curtain and Sam quickly follows her inside. The curtain entrance awesomely moves itself 45 degrees to the right side of the stage, and Sam and the old lady came in from there. Wow~ great movement of stage settings. Impressive!






Odae Mae’s sidekicks called out “Rosa Santiago?” and the old lady answered back “Yes, I’m here” and they brought her to sit on a chair located in the middle of the stage. Sam came in too, and looked around at the pictures. As soon as he enters, he started turning blue. LOL! Awesome lighting!!!! Once the old lady has taken her seat, the two sidekicks started singing their song. It was so funny! Both of them are hilarious!! They are both equally powerful too~ After they had sing and dance for a while, both of them opens the cupboard door at the back to reveal Oda Mae.



Oda Mae has an overall funny outer appearance. Her skin was darkened by make-up, and both actresses playing this role has a slightly husky voice but very powerful.  Oda Mae made her grand entrance and started singing with her sidekicks. This scene is funny, but it does not bear too much significance to the storyline, so I will not go into too much detail about this scene. The trio hilariously dance to the song, while Sam stands here and there, watching the scene with amusement. He is obviously balancing the stage, but he looks very natural in the sense that he doesn’t seem to want to be close to them for he seems to dislike them. Halfway through the song (the song is about whether the old lady is ready with what she is about to see, about spirits, etc), Oda Mae stops singing and gets down to business.



*from the video above at 1:14*


Curious, Sam went closer to the two ladies to hear their conversation. However, throughout this conversation you can see how Sam’s expression changes in that he knew she is a fake psychic. Hehe!


Oda Mae: Is the person you’re contacting a woman?


Old lady: No.


Oda Mae: A man?


Old lady: Yes!


Oda Mae: I knew it. *duh~*


Old lady: My husband, Julio.


Oda Mae: Does your husband know anyone who has also passed away? *she starts naming sooooo many names like Angelina, etc* … Maria? If no, then..


Old lady: Yes, Maria! His mother.


Oda Mae: I knew it. *double duh~* I can see that he’s with his mother.


Sam: Oh, my God…. *music stops*


Oda Mae: Huh? *seems to hear something out of the ordinary*


Sidekicks: Huh?


Oda Mae: What?


Sidekicks: What?


All of them decided to let it pass. Possibly Oda Mae is hallucinating… *music resumes*



Sidekicks: Hallelujah~


Oda Mae: I’m getting something….


Sidekicks: Hallelujah~


Oda Mae: I’m feeling something….


These ‘hallelujah’ and fake feeling goes on a couple more times, each as hilarious. LMAO! I just can’t stop laughing at this scene!



*at 1:42*


Oda Mae: Oh, no, it’s getting difficult. I’m seeing them, but I can’t connect to them, since there are two souls. Julio and Maria. Oh, what do I do about this? The pain, the effort.


Sidekicks: The pain, the effort~ *sings*


Old Lady: I will pay more!


Sidekicks: How much can you give? *old lady starts taking out her purse*


Sam: Take all her money, why don’t you… *music stops*


Oda Mae: Who is that?


Sidekicks: Who is what? What? Who?


Old lady: 3 dollars.


Oda Mae: God!


Sidekicks: God…!!!


*end of part in video above*






*from the video above, at 2:48-3:10*


The song continues about believing that Oda Mae is getting to connect with the spirits again. They keep singing “mido” which means ‘believe’ and the old lady finally gets up the table to sing in her soprano voice “oh, yeah~ I believe!!!!!!” and she runs back to sit on her chair, and Oda Mae in hers. The music stops completely.



The conversation continues with Oda Mae fake-spazzing, and saying she’s seeing them very close by and going to talk to the spirits.


Sam: *sarcastically* Yeah, right. Where are they…? *LOL! He’s a spirit too, isn’t he? He should see them if they are nearby. Sam is so funny.*


Oda Mae: What is that…? *looks around nervously*


Old lady: Is that my husband?


Oda Mae: Erm….yes! Yes, that’s your husband. I can feel him, I can almost see him…. Oh, there he is! *points randomly*


Old lady: Julio? That person, how is he? Can you see him?


Oda Mae: Oh, he’s good looking!


Old lady: He’s… good looking??



LOL! I can’t not laugh at this conversation! LMAO! Oda Mae tries to cover up then come up with more lies. Hilariously! Sam, who was standing behind Oda Mae on the left side of the stage, is outwardly pissed off at this time. (sorry, I’m not sure what Sam said at this time, but I think this is what he said: “There is no one else dead here but me.” *nervous music starts* Oda Mae must have thought there is no doubt about that voice; it is not from her mind. She is definitely hearing someone speak to her. She gets up from her chair and starts to look around, talking to the voice now.



Oda Mae: Who are you? Where are you?


Sam: Who..?


Sidekick: Oh… Oh… *supporting Oda Mae, acting as if she can hear/see things, not knowing she can really hear someone talking to her this time*


Old lady: Julio?


Sam: How can this happen…


Oda Mae: I can hear someone speak to me!


Sam: You can hear me?


Oda Mae: Some…Someone is definitely speaking to me. *stutters*


Sam: You can hear my voice?!


Oda Mae: What do I do? What do I do?? Please help me! Right now, just…. just….. *panics, runs over to her sidekicks*


Sidekicks: Sorry, but today is up to here. Please leave now. *pushes old lady outside, then goes to the right side of the stage with Oda Mae*


Old lady: My Julio!


Sam: This is unbelievable. Listen, here. My name is Sam Wheat. Can you hear me?


Oda Mae: No!


Sam: Listen. My name is Sam Wheat. Say it!


Sidekick: What’s wrong with you? Tell us!




Oda Mae: SAM WHEAT!!


Sam: Oh my world… *ruffles his hair in panic + happiness + disbelief*


Sidekicks: Sam Wheat? *looks at each other in confusion* Don’t tell me she’s…. she’s…



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Oda Mae gets down on her knees and starts praying very fast. LOL! Her sidekicks seem really concerned about her, that she’s hearing proper voices instead of faking. Oda Mae went crazy when she’s scared. She talks so fast! She grabs her sidekicks’ clothes as if praying to them, and talks and talks and talks. She paces here and there, but she didn’t move far away from the ladies. She goes from one sidekick to another and practically shakes then and talks right to their faces with them not understanding what goes on at all, and only Sam replied to her. This has got to be weird from the sidekicks’ point of view.



Oda Mae: Can’t you find someone else?


Sam: Someone else? Who? Impossible!


Oda Mae: Yes, you’re right, this is impossible! Wait a minute… *she stops moving, and everyone falls silent. Sam steps closer to stand behind her. She looks around sceptically*


Oda Mae: Right now, where are you?


Sam: I’m right behind you.


Oda Mae: Mommy~ *whimpers, runs behind her sidekick. LMAO! So cute~*



Oda Mae rushes to get her sidekicks outside the room. They obviously think she’s losing her mind, but they left anyway. That leaves her and Sam alone in the room. She is still looking around everywhere trying to find the source of voice, but she’s totally looking elsewhere but at where Sam is. LOL! She’s a great actress! It’s not easy to act these type of scenes. Anyway, she starts spazzing again, talking 10 words in 2 seconds for about 20 seconds, with Sam replying to her once (I missed their conversation, it was so fast!). Until finally…



Oda Mae: Who are you?! Why me?


Sam: Please, you have to listen to what I have to say.


Oda Mae: Can I not listen? *very hopeful*


Sam: NOO!! *LMAO! good try, though, Oda Mae* You have to help me. Molly Chance is my girlfriend. She is in grave danger now. Molly doesn’t know that a man is trying to kill her. You have to warn her.


Oda Mae: But why me…?


Sam: Apart from you, there is no one else!! Until you agree to help me, I will not leave you alone. I will follow you everywhere. *Oda Mae whimpers in worry* I don’t care how long it will take. I will FOREVER be here, singing to you.


Oda Mae: For…forever singing to me? Sing what? *Sam sits down next to her*


Sam: 1 little 2, little 3 little Indians, 4 little 5 little 6 little Indians…. *bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Joowon is so freaking hilarious!!! This is the version I grew up with, so I’m not sure if the lyrics were correct or wrong. The ‘Indian’ in this song means ‘Red indian’. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone*



Oda Mae starts to pray again. She shuts her ears trying to block out Sam’s annoying singing, but Sam sings louder. She gets up, still praying, highly annoyed, and Sam follows her, his Red Indian count increasing…. *audience laughed and clapped a lot. It was a great interaction! Sam and Oda Mae have a lot of chemistry together* Both of them left the stage, and the backdrop and settings changed. Everything on the stage were moved out whereas Sam’s apartment settings were transported to the stage. Molly was transported along on the treadmill, sitting on the floor, leaning back against the sofa. She seems to be writing a letter to Sam…..




(starts at 4:10)





Molly is singing directly to Sam, which is so heartbreaking. Both Ivy and Jiyeon sound beautiful in their own ways, though Ivy shines more. Molly starts off very soft in the beginning, saying how much she still misses him wherever she goes, whatever she does. Then as the song progresses, she gets angry. Angry at him for leaving her, angry at him for taking her hopes and dreams, angry at people who said she still can’t let him go and that it’s all in her head. *cries* The song climaxes at lyrics “Any place I go, I really want to see you there” then she just stops singing for a while as realisation hits her that no matter how much she wants it, it just won’t happen. Then she continues singing softly, leaning on the pillow with tears falling onto it, losing all hope….



The music fades, taking Molly and all backdrop and settings away via the treadmill, and new settings moved on the stage. There were apartment settings on both sides of the stage, where the left side is the backside of an apartment block, whereas the right side is another block’s entrance.




As the settings were moving, we hear an echo of someone singing…..the Red Indians song! LMAO! It’s Sam, still singing along as annoyingly as before, following Oda Mae to the apartment. He must be making sure to sing until she gets right to the front door. I’m not good with Korean numbers so I don’t know how much Red Indians he has counted actually. Bwahahahahaha! Oda Mae reached the front door and scolded him, talking very fast again.



Oda Mae: I know! I know! I’m here aren’t I? (Sam stopped singing) I’m here! I’m here! Aigoo, I’m getting crazy~ I’m helping you now, aren’t I? …. If you don’t stop singing, how am I supposed to know what to do next? *things get quiet. Oda Mae stares around*


Oda Mae: Are you still here….? *very hopeful*


Sam: Yes.


Oda Mae: Haish…. Which number should I press?


Sam: The upper one, number …. (I didn’t know numbers in Korean)


Oda Mae: *presses intercom, waits for 2 seconds* See? She’s not there. *turns around to leave*


Sam: She’s here, I’m telling you she’s here. Just wait, please…



Sam speaks softly, but with desperation in his voice. This is one of my favourite Joowon moments. His body language and voice intonation is amazing at this point. When Oda Mae turns, Sam stands right in front of her as if blocking her path, but he knows that he can’t do anything to stop her is she really wants to leave. His body posture and intonation is of someone who is already very tired, but is willing to do anything to forget that tiredness just for someone he loves. I don’t know about other Sam actors, but Joowon is able to convey this to me just by saying that last sentence above in just 3 seconds.



Upon hearing Sam’s desperation, Oda Mae turns around again to press the intercom for a 2nd time. Awww, she has a soft heart…. I love her~ 2 seconds later.


Molly: Who is it? *speaks through intercom*


Sam: Molly!!


Oda Mae: She can’t hear your voice…. *LOL! so right~ her intonation at this point is really funny* Molly, my name is Oda Mae Brown, a Psychic Counsellor. *does a hand gesture as if wanting a high five. LOL!* A man called Sam is here with me and said he has some things to say to you.


Molly: What did you say?


Oda Mae: Sam Wheat! That person said he has some really important things to say to you. *Molly hangs up* Chet… *scoffs, turns to leave*


Sam: Wait, wait… Just yell from here, she can hear you!



Sam stands right in front of the stage, in the middle, pointing towards the audience sitting on 2nd floor. Oda Mae stops in her tracks, bows her head in exasperation, turn around towards where Sam was standing (I guess she randomly stands in the middle, and it happens to be the right place), and lets out a very loud sigh.



Oda Mae: Look here, Molly! Molly Chance! Can you hear me? I’m with Sam right now and he said he really wants to say some things to you! ……


Sam: ….


Oda Mae: …. *repeats what Sam said* Aigoo, if I am not with Sam, how else would I know these things?


Sam: …. *mentions something about Molly’s personal things or clothes, I think*


Oda Mae: Haish, this person is really dirty… ….. *repeats Sam*


Sam: Erm…. And also the pictures I took of us together along on a bus in …. *name of a place*


Oda Mae: And also the pictures he took of both of you together on a bus in …. Look here, miss! Can you hear me?!


Construction ahjusshi: Oh, I listened well! *yelling from behind them, left side of the stage, on the stairs. LOL! He even has the yellow construction helmet! so cute~*


Oda Mae: Ahjusshi, I’m not talking to you, so please leave.


Construction ahjusshi: Oy, there! You think if I go in, I won’t be able to hear you?


Oda Mae: This… *shows rude hand gesture* Oy there, if I do this, you still won’t leave?


Oda Mae: *speaks to Molly* ….


Construction ahjusshi: Oh, I can still… *Oda Mae shows the rude hand gesture again, and that shuts him up. He left. LOL!*


Oda Mae: I will count until three before I leave. 1…2,3. *turns to leave*


Sam: Wait! Just try again, please?! Just once more, try…



Molly: Madam, who are you? *Molly came out from the apartment entrance door on the right side of the stage*


Sam: Molly!


Oda Mae: Molly. I am Oda Mae Brown, a Psychic Counsellor *hand gesture*


Molly: What are you? Are you kidding with me right now?


Oda Mae: Does it look like I’m kidding now, Miss? Aigoo, this lady… I didn’t want to be here if it was not for Sam. What is it with him and the Red Indian song? 1 little 2 little 3 little Indian… I don’t know how many Red Indian people he has counted… *LOL!*


Molly: It is because of that song….we started dating. *ok, now I’m curious of how Sam and Molly meets. kekeke!*


Oda Mae: Sam, he sings that song to force me to come here.


Molly: Sam forces you to come here?


Oda Mae: Yes.


Molly: That’s ridiculous. I don’t believe any of those things you said.


Sam: Tell her I knew she would say that.


Oda Mae: Sam said he knew you would say this.


Molly: Then where is that person? *challenging Oda Mae, angry*


Oda Mae: I can’t see him, I can only hear his voice, hear him.


Sam: *steps closer to stand next to Molly* Molly, I’m right here… *the desperation, so sad…*


Oda Mae: She can’t hear your voice…


Sam: Tell Molly I’m right next to her.


Oda Mae: Right now…Sam said he is standing right next to you. *silence. I can practically see Molly’s anger and sadness*


Molly: What did you say…? *walks directly to Oda Mae as if wanting to hit her, voice raised in anger* DO YOU WHAT YOU JUST SAID TO ME? SAM IS DEAD! I SAID SAM IS DEAD!!!


Sam: Tell her I love her!


Oda Mae: Sam said to tell you that he loves you! *cowers in fear, scared Molly will hit her*


Molly: *scoffs* Sam is not the type of person to say that. Please leave.


Sam: “Donggam”! Tell her I said “Donggam”!! *absolute desperation*


Oda Mae: “Donggam”? What are you talking about, what “Donggam”?



*cue Three Little Words music, but sad version*



Molly stops in her tracks, just before the apartment door entrance. She thought back to her song with Sam, and all the moments that Sam has said “Donggam” (which means ‘ditto’ or ‘me too’) instead of “I love you”… Could it be that the psychic lady is telling the truth after all? There is no other explanation as to how she knows all the details. She especially would not know “donggam”… Maybe she is telling the truth…? After some time, Molly finally said “Please come up.” to which Oda Mae excitedly replies “As expected, this is destiny!” LMAO! She can always make a sad scene turns funny in an instant. Audience clapped hard after this scene, due to Oda Mae’s great acting and the whole scene by itself.



This is surely one of my most favourite scenes out of the whole play. What is amazing is that when Sam speaks, I can feel his frustrations, love, desperation and longing. But then when Oda Mae speaks, I can laugh at her for she displays her intonation and body language so funnily. Then when Sam speaks again, I can feel again his great emotion again. The two actors are so amazing! Their chemistry together on stage is so strong, especially when Joowon is partnered up with the smaller Oda Mae. Two extremely outstanding actors partnered up in one of the most beautiful scene. The stage settings are simple, but the emotion display is really strong. Thus the audience impact is strong too.



Such great emotional display by all 3 characters:


– Sam had never once taken his eyes off the 2nd floor, where Molly’s apartment is located, nor can he take his eyes off Molly once she came downstairs. His love for her is overwhelming. I can feel his desperation so much that if I have two lives, I would give him one, just to give him a second chance.


– Molly, on the other hand, kept her arms crossed at all times, apart from when she looks like she’s going to hit Oda Mae. At that part, she kept her arms to her sides, but at other times, her arms were crossed. This is an indication of shutting people away from her, since she refuses to believe what Oda Mae is saying.


– Oda Mae is beyond awesome in this scene. I can tell she is annoyed by Sam, but she still does what he said anyway, and she really tries her best to convey what Sam said. This is the defining scene that made me judge Oda Mae’s play of intonation, body language and expressions. The smaller Oda Mae actress made people laugh with every sentence she said. I freaking love her acting. This scene alone is enough to differentiate between the two actresses playing Oda Mae. Beneath those fraud persona, Oda Mae is a funny, caring person.



So Molly leads the way upstairs to her apartment, with Oda Mae following behind her, talking non-stop. Sam silently follows behind both ladies. Both Sam and Molly are caught up in their own mind; only Oda Mae seems cheerful as she keeps talking to herself until they reach the apartment where she stands by the sofa, brushing it absent-mindedly, saying “You must be thankful to me~” in a sing-song voice.



Oda Mae: *to Molly* Is this the person? *to Sam* Is this you? *picks up a picture of Sam and Molly from the small table beside the sofa*


Sam & Molly: Yes.


Oda Mae: Good looking…. but he’s not my style. *LOL!*


Molly: I don’t understand. Why did he come back? Why is he still here, even now?



Oda Mae starts talking and talking and talking non-stop. She can really talk. LOL! She talks fast and I didn’t understand a lot of what she’s saying. The thing is, Oda Mae is talking with Sam, but she’s totally looking at other places BUT at the place where Sam really is. Heh! She’s facing the audience all the time, whereas Molly stood transfixed nearby the door, staring at Oda Mae conversing with the unknown. This must be extreeeeemely weird for her, to see someone talking with an invisible person. We can see and hear Sam, so it seems normal. But when I imagine how it is for Molly, she must be freaked out, but her love for Sam is telling her to listen and give Oda Mae a chance.



At one point Sam told her to cut it out and get to the point of what he wants to say, but she still talk and talk a lot. Sam got angry that he swore at her, and she (hilariously) scolds him back.




Sam: Piro mogheul! *swearing*


Oda Mae: ‘Piro mogheul’? Omona, did he just call me ‘piro moghul’? Haish, now… Why am I ‘piro moghul’??!!


Sam: Are you upset now?


Oda Mae: …. You had better apologize to me. Why? Because I’m …. *flips hair. LMAO!*


Sam: Chaege! *swearing*


Oda Mae: Omo… ‘Chaege’? Hah! *goes to the door* Miss, I’m sorry but our meeting is up to here only. …. Why? Because I’m …. *flips hair. Double LOL!* Apologize now, quickly! *hands on doorknob*


Sam: Alright, alright! *softens his voice in persuasion* I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Okay? I apologize. So now, just take a seat. Please!


Oda Mae: *to Molly* He apologized to me. *kekekeke!*


Sam: Haish! *his pride lost*




Oda Mae sat down on the couch, and Molly went over to sit next to her. Sam stood behind them on the sofa.


Sam: Now. You listen to what I said and tell Molly my exact words. Don’t leave out any words at all. One by one. understand? One by one.


Oda Mae: I know, I know. Sam to me to tell you everything he said. One~ by one~ *mocking Sam* It’s not even something important.


Sam: What are you talking about? Now is a dangerous time.


Oda Mae: How can you say something like that? *Sam sighs in frustration* I followed you here and there, so I will tell her exactly as how I want to tell her!


Sam: Alright.



So Oda Mae tried talking to Molly in a sexy voice, as if it’s how Sam will say it.  Kekekeke! But Sam quickly gets to the point without wasting any more time, and Oda Mae turns serious too.


Sam: I know the man who killed me.


Oda Mae: You were killed?


Sam: Tell her.


Oda Mae: Sam knows the man who killed him.


Sam: His name is Willy Lopez, and I even know where he lives.


Oda Mae: His name is Willy Lopez, and Sam even knows where he lives.


Sam: Write this down.


Oda Mae: Write this down. *to Molly*


Sam: You do it.


Oda Mae: Am I your secretary? *LOL!*


Sam: JUST! DO! IT! *through gritted teeth*


Oda Mae: How can a voice be so scary… *takes out a paper and pen and starts writing*



Sam recalls the address and Oda Mae wrote it down (she said the address is in her neighbourhood. Keke!* and passed it to Molly.


Sam: That man has even broke into the house recently.


Oda Mae: Sam said that man has even come here recently.


Molly: To the house?


Sam told Oda Mae that he was searching for something in the house and hid somewhere when Molly was in the bedroom… Oda Mae cut him off and translated what Sam said, but added something about Molly’s body. LOL! Sam then said “It was a plan. I was murdered, Molly…” and Oda Mae said “It was a plan. Sam…was murdered”.  Shocked, Molly asked “Murdered?” Sam told Molly to go to the police. Oda Mae panics at the thought of police coming over, so she quickly relayed what Sam said, and made to leave. Sam asked her where she is going, and Oda Mae answers back “What are you talking about ‘where am I going’?” She bids farewell to both of them, and quickly rushes out the door. Pssshhh~ Scaredy cat! I don’t blame her, I would have done the same too, I think. Depends.

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