Hills of Wind

fanfic by mrdimples


cr: SBS

Tae Hyun strode past the bodyguards who tried to stop him but Sang Chul took care of them.

Tae Hyun literally leapt up the stairs and ran towards Yeo Jin’s room. Chief Housekeeper was there at the door, she stepped forth to stop Tae Hyun. But one look at the desperation and anxiety on his face, she didn’t have the heart not to let him in.

He collected himself before he pushed the door, almost afraid of what he might see.

She was lying in bed, a pitiful form. She looked so small, so vulnerable. Tae Hyun heart ached. He regretted leaving her that day. How could he miss it? The signs were all there. Foolishness and pride had pulled a veil over his eyes. He should have known how much she needed him.  Most of all, he should never have doubted Yeo Jin’s love for him.

He could hardly see her face for she had pulled the covers almost all the way up. He sat down gently on the bed and put his hand on her.

“Yeo Jin ah, it’s me. I am back.”

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Lee Chae Young (Chae Jung An Interview) Part on Joo Won

Regarding JooWon, she explained “JooWon is like a younger cousin (dong-seng) who you want to keep bugging/bothering.  And since we were able to act with a cool relationship, the delicate relationship of a single man and a married woman was able to be pictured in a healthy way.

*note: When a dong-seng (younger sibling) is really cute, you can’t help yourself but want to keep bothering and bugging him/her as a show of affection.

When I see JooWon, he feels like my real younger cousin that in reality I wanted to bug/bother him.”  “But when seeing him going through the painful scenes, I felt sorry for him and wanted  to bug/bother him less.”

About JooWon, she said with laughter “he has so much aegyo.  I felt like he was my younger brother immediately.   Looking at my eyes towards JooWon in the monitor, it looked very comfortable.  With JooWon we are about 10 years apart.  I felt like if I open up, I would be able to cover melo-acting with that much of age difference.”

From Korean article; m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000523848

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[Interview] ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun “Joo Won is Genius in Acting”

The ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun, a scene stealer in ‘Yong Pal-Yi,’ showed her affection towards the male lead actor Joo Won.

In her recent interview with Sports JoSun, Bae Hae Sun said of Joo Won, “seeing him digesting practically almost 100% of the beginning scenes of Yong Pal-Yi, instead of ‘you must be tired?,’ inquired ‘you are still alive, right?” and reveled in his performance.

‘Nurse Hwang’ had many confrontational scenes with Joo Won in drama. Bae Hae Sun praised Joo Won “Joo Won is very good looking, nice and an actor who’s acting is complete /perfect” and said, “the way he calculates exactly how to deliver long lines and acts, it seems like he’s an acting genius”.

Furthermore, “although he himself must be most tired, he comes to me and says ‘You must be tired. Fighting.’ He is an actor who encompasses even humility and courtesy/kind manner.” And emphasized “He was a junior as a musical actor but i looked up to him as a big senior in drama.”



She was able to dissolve her regret of not seeing Joo Won’s musical debut due to overlap in her own musical performance, during the filming of this drama.

Bae Hae Sun said “his always bright disposition and humble manner while he is about to collapse was so pretty in my eyes.  He is an actor whom I would like to meet again either in drama or on stage.”

Earlier ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ production team published the warm and friendly view of the12th floor after lights were turned off. Most of the time, Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) and her protector Tae Hyun (Joo Won), and opposing them, Chief Lee (Jung Woong In) and nurse Hwang (Bae Hae Sun), their match takes place here. However the actors at the site in reality are closely caring for one another while filming ‘Yong Pal-Yi.’  The picture with Joo Won holding ‘Nurse Hwang’ fondly especially drew attention.

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is story about a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. This popular melodrama is currently airing with a record high 2015 mini-series ratings.

English Translation: SdeeHC@joowoncutie

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Joo Won Cutie Food Support for Yong Pal!!!

jw cutie food support

Joo Won Cutie International Fans is planning to hold a Food Support Project for Joo Won’s Yong Pal drama. We have been giving support to Joo Won in our various previous projects and have always let Joo Won knows that he have fans from different countries. As a way of showing our appreciation on all the work that he is doing with Yong Pal and along with all the cast and staff, we are thinking of sending our heartfelt food support to our awesome Joo Won and Yong Pal team.

Dr. Kim Tae-Hyun is waiting for you!

If you are interested, please contact us at cuties2mjw@gmail.com, drop a message in our FB, https://www.facebook.com/joowon.soompi or our twitter account, https://twitter.com/JooWonSoompi.


Tomorrow Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레 Review Ep 3 & 4 – A Fresh Perspective

Just when I thought things could not get any better, it did. I got a major realization mode as I watch this week’s episodes 3 and 4. Stakes are higher, pride is challenged, friendship develops and love unknowingly grows.

We are still in the midst of character development, most of which involves Cha Yoojin. I see some growth in Ilrak too. We are introduced to more side characters and I’m really interested in them as much as I’m interested in Yoojin and Naeil.


I really love Ma Soo Min, Ilrak and mini Minhee. Together, they’re all like the High 5 members. So loud and hilarious! Naeil and Ilrak are close enough to work together in finding her bully culprit, but then they all just get close to each other, though Naeil and Soo Min still bickers. I love the relationship between Naeil and Ilrak. They’re in their own delusional world which is why they get along well from the get-go. This week we see Ilrak finds himself another challenge in Shi Won and because of this, he acknowledges that he needs more help to play better.



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Tomorrow Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레 – A Critical Review

The most controversial drama of the year goes to…. *drumrolls*

Actually, I don’t find anything controversial with this project. It’s just the hype around this drama that amazes me. There are SO MANY worse dramas known to mankind, but i’ve never seen such negativity surrounding a project before. And this project is not even BAD. In fact, I am enjoying this drama a lot. Watching Tomorrow Cantabile in a fresh perspective, I find myself enjoying this as much as I would have enjoyed had this been a new project with an unknown storyline, or the first project after the manga.

Haters are gonna hate. I will not focus on what made haters hate Tomorrow Cantabile because it’s a waste of time. Even if the drama is awesome, they’re still gonna hate it. But I do realize certain aspects that made those watching with an open mind slightly upset. If the production encounters these aspects, I’m sure the criticism will not be as bad. Some of them reads too much hate and bashing that their scepticism turns to dislike too. I tried putting myself in their shoes, but I just don’t understand the bashers. However, I do have an understanding with those open-mind watchers.

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[INTERVIEW] InStyle MEN ~ 2014 September issue Beautiful Morning Joo Won

A handsome young man in romantic story, a hero in action drama, a talented doctor in medical drama. Actor Joo Won’s acting spectrum is as supple as running water and as solid as marble. I peek the scene of a relaxing morning when he is preparing to transform his acting once again through drama “Nodame Cantabile”. (Translator’s annotation: the drama is now renamed as “Cantabile Tomorrow”.)


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“Good Doctor” Serial Interview Vol 1: Joo Won “The film set was filled with laughter and we all worked as a team”


Worries on portraying such an attractive character

~ “Good Doctor” was written focusing warmly on the growth of an autistic young man who, as a doctor and also as a person, aimed to become a paediatrician with supports from others.   As much as we could see, the drama wouldn’t be that successful if it was without Joo Won who played the lead Park Si On and showcased viewers his excellent acting skills.

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[INTERVIEW] “Heart-warming talk” with kind-hearted actor Joo Won

1Joo Won looks kind-hearted.

Actor Joo Won is recognised for his acting in playing kind-hearted character in dramas. He was like that when he played “Bridal Mask” and he was also like that in his latest drama “Good Doctor”. Even this time in movie “Catch Up”, he played the lead role, Lee Ho Tae, a nice guy who makes sacrifices for his first love.

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