‘Successful’ Joo Won, The Reason Why His Greed Does Not Bring Criticism [MD Focus]


Joo Won, being called the current busiest 20’s male actor would not be an exaggeration, continues his popularity.  The dramas his appeared earned the popularity to a point to be called ‘Ratings Man’ and showed his growth through screen (movie).  His activities in variety shows was also surprising.  Beginning from 2010 KBS 2TV ‘King of Baking Kim Tak Gu’ he made his own domain step by step in 4 years.

That Joo Won returned to the stage in 4 years.  After his drama’s success, filming the movie and opening etc.  he is ever busy but he courageously chose to return to his root, which is the musical stage.


This is the time many musical actors activity in movie screen and dramas are prevalent but to return to the stage is not an easy choice to make because of the time and circumstances.  Practice schedule, performance schedule needs to be committed so this cannot be seen as just a simple return to the stage.

However, Joo Won wished to return to the musical stage with all these considered.  With his debut in 2007 with ‘Altar Boyz’, and through performance in ‘Singles’, ‘Grease’, ‘Spring Awakening’ received recognition for his skill has returned to the stage in 4 years.

His return to the stage in 4 years is even more special since he has been active in dramas and movies since 2010 KBS 2TV ‘King of Baking Kim Tak Gu’ with his strong impression as Gu Ma Jun.  With recent KBS 2TV ‘Good Doctor’s finale he is now actively out promoting for his movie ‘Catch Me’, so with his deadly schedule, his decision to return to musical stage is praise worthy.

Joo Won’s diligence is well known.  Since his high school year, he has been practicing long hours on the stage as a habit to accomplish his dream.  From that he’s built the foundation of his physical ability and integrity has been added.  As a result Joo Won is able to absorb his busy schedule and showing off the young actor’s ambition.


Before the opening performance of ‘Ghost’ he had a flu but he came to the scheduled interview along with his aching body. Watching him digest his planned schedule, we were able to see his passion.  At that time in his interview with MyDaily he said “I’ve never been sick since my debut but I am sick for the first time” and showed that he himself was surprised.

Joo Won participated in the interview although he was sick.  When we commended his diligence he said “I am not sure if I am that diligent (hard working) but I am going to continue doing what I’ve been doing all along.  I am sure there will be parts that I change without myself knowing but since I’ve returned to the stage, I want to perform with the heart I had when I started performing on the stage.”

As hardworking and reliable Joo Won, he is drawing praises for his movie and musical both.  Especially, his returned stage performance in 4 years showed his growth.  Since his root of acting is Musical, his singing on the stage is not awkward.  He moved from one corner to other corner of stage as an actor known to use his body well, and through showing of high-tech magic on stage drew the audience into his performance.

His acting became deeper.  It’s the appearance of improving and fine tuning the detailed emotional acting from the close up of many movies and dramas compared to the stage acting which you act from afar.  As it’s a sad love acting which requires full emotional sensitivity, Joo Won showed the cleverness of keeping the things he needs from the dramas and screen activities from last 4 years and showed himself which was much upgraded on the stage.


Musical ‘Ghost’ is based on the original movie ‘Ghost’ with Patrick Swazye and Demi Moore which became the world wide success.  Joo Won, Kim Joon Hyun, Kim Woo Hyung, Ivy, Park Ji Yeon, Choi Jung Won, Jung Young Joo etc. is the cast.

Musical ‘Ghost’ will perform through June 29, 2014 at Dcube Art Center in KuRo-Gu Seoul.

[Musical’Ghost’ JooWon. Picture=Han Hyuk Seung Reporter  hanfoto@mydaily.co.kr, Seensee Company Provide]

(허설희 기자 husullll@mydaily.co.kr)

(Huh Sul Hee Reporter husullll@mydaily.co.kr) press@mydaily.co.kr

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