My Dream is to Become People’s Actor with Warm-Heart Instead of a Star


Joo Won Ever-Active with Musical ‘Ghost’ and Movie ‘Catch Me’

Happiest when immersed in character, also wish to film traditional mellow Movie

With a thought ‘I can also change’ being careful with a trivial words, action

       “My mother told me when I started acting, ‘always think about the part that you can change.’  I think there is a big difference when you have this in mind versus not.  With so many people’s attention on you, it’s easy to lose the balance but by reminding myself, ‘I can also change,’ I become more cautious in my trivial words and actions.”  He says instead of becoming a Star, his wish is to be People’s Actor who is filled inside and outside of the screen with warm-heart.   A rookie full of maturity is suitable description of him.  Actor Joo Won (26. Real Name: Moon Jun Won), transcending multiple genres Movie, Musical, Dramas, broadcasting, etc. and showing his varying color spectrum of acting on many fronts, we met with him on morning of December 10th at one café located in Seoul JongRoGu, SamChunDong.

       Recently in 4 years, he stands again on the musical stage which can be called his acting root.  He is standing on the stage as a Sam from Musical ‘Ghost’ (first Asian Performance) whose original piece is the movie ‘Ghost’ from 1990 starring Patrick Swazye and Demi Moore.

       “I went into practice the day after we finished filming drama ‘Good Doctor.’  It was a situation I would be physically over drained, but I was able to endure mysteriously.  The craving for the stage must have been great.  The moments I am able to immerse into the character without any worry how I might be viewed whether I am sweating or tears running down my cheeks are my happy moments.

        The long performance of Musical until June of next year is enough to keep him and his schedule busy, but with his movie ‘Catch Me’s release on 19th of December, he’s spending his 24 hours to the utmost with additional schedule to promote his movie.

        ‘Catch Me’ is Joo Won’s third movie following ‘Special Investigative Unit’ and ‘Do Not Click.’

        This movie is a Romantic Comedy following the story and events upon Ho Tae (Joo Won), who became a policeman (profiler) just for the reason his first love Jin Sook (Kim Ah-Joong) fancied a policeman, meeting his first love again after 10 years who is now a grand thief.

       “I received the scenario while doing the drama ‘Level 7 Civil Servant.’  It was the time I was immersed in Romantic Comedy genre.  For this movie, I tried to capture the improvised moments well on the spot.  I expressed what I felt naturally to a point you can say Ho Tae=Joo Won.”

        Joo Won said after this he would like to perform traditional mellow acting.   He considers movie ‘Notebook’ (2004) as the top mellow movie and usually enjoys watching mellow movie with a strong live emotions while wiping tears away many times.

        Although he’s still a hot youth in his 20’s, instead of enjoying the loud activities as enjoyed by his age group, he feels more comfortable having a quiet conversation at a nearby café with a friend from the neighborhood.  He says he is now used to nickname “old youth.”

       Joo Won emerged as a star with his role as Gu Ma Jun in 2010 drama ‘King Baker Kim Tak Gu.’  Afterwards, by performing stable acting through major dramas such as ‘Ojakyo Brothers’, ‘Bridal Mask’, ‘Good Doctor etc. he is receiving public’s hot attention.  His hidden potential not yet exploded and his future steps are now becoming more curious.

        “I don’t think rise and fall of a work is a big importance to me as I am now only in my 20’s.  Also, I am still far short to discuss about the word ‘Actor.’  I don’t have the greed wanting to receive the hot spot light.  The future I am drawing is building my filmography one by one and becoming a professor who teaches acting.  I want to keep a promise of becoming a ‘people’s actor’ I made in front of An Sung Gi Sunbae-nim I happened to meet while I was a freshman in High School.”

Kim Jung Min Reporter

Original Article at News Naver

English translation by Sdee HC @

Do not reblog and use in translating without permission and proper credits.


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