Joo Won Musical ‘Ghost,’ Bustling with Japanese Fans? “Arrest Arrest~”


eNews24| 2013-12-15  14:29

[enews24 Lee In Kyung Reporter] Joo Won is exercising Hanryu Power’ on Musical stage following his drama.

Currently Japanese fans that are coming to see performance of Joo Won who’s playing the title role of Musical ‘Ghost’ are increasing daily.

      Actually on 13th, at the ‘Ghost’ Theater in Guro-gu, Seoul, Dcube Art Center, over hundred Japanese Fans were gathered.  They are enthusiastic fans who came from Japan just to see Joo Won’s ‘Ghost’ performance which is performed in Korean. Some of them are members of Joo Won Japan Fan Club who sent rice wreath support.  At the entrance of the Theater, a rice wreath 500kg is placed with a message ‘당신의 깊은 사랑 영원히! 고스트 화이팅☆ 주원 일본 팬클럽 곰돌이 배꼽’

       Also at the curtain call they supported him in awkward Korean, “Love you, Joo Won~.”  Japan Fan Yumi(37) whom we met at the place said “I became fan of Joo Won through drama ‘Good Doctor’ and it was wonderful to see him up close like this.”


       Besides the Japan Fans, the rice wreaths from Multi-National Fans capture your eyes at the Musical Theater.  From Joo Won International Fans, with message ‘주원-사람냄새 배우 Joo Won Cutie International Fans,’ you can see their support of 400kg rice wreaths.  Also from DC Inside Gallery with message, ‘유령계도 접수하는 너란남자 주원아 잘하고있어 주원샘 가는 길 맡겨만 주십쇼-줜어상조’ gave 1 Ton of rice wreaths.

       Joo Won’s Management Company representative said “Joo Won fans are spread around the world.  Last year, fans from Puerto Rico also sent birthday rice wreaths to congratulate his birthday.  And our management is getting questions relating to Musical.  Joo Won is enjoying the near communication and sharing skin-ship with fans while performing on musical stage which he returned in 4 years.”

        In ‘Ghost’ Joo Won is receiving favorable review in his not just acting but his singing and dancing diffusing his diverse attractions/charms.  The Musical originated from original movie ‘Ghost,’ he takes on a role of Sam expressing the sad love of desire to safeguard his lover even after his death through song and dance.  Especially the kiss scene with exposed upper body in the earlier scene of performance is enough to stir up women’s hearts.   The beautiful mellow scene at the pottery wheel in latter half is also the highlight of ‘Ghost.’

        What added aura to Joo Won’s acting is the stage with a cutting-edge technological effect.  From total production budget of 150 Uk Won (15 Million USD), they spent 45 Uk Won (4.5 Million USD) on LED images and automation device of stage, this is used to express the parts more real and beautiful than in the movie where Sam lifts the coin, sharing sympathy, and last scene of being lifted up to the heaven.

       Musical ‘Ghost’ is based on the 1990 movie ‘Ghost’ starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore which received the world wide success.  In 2011 it premiered in England with a success then went to perform in other countries such as America Broadway, Australia, and Netherlands. Performance in Korea is the first in Asia and performance will continue at Dcube Art Center until next year June 29th.  Besides the Musical, JooWon is taking on a role as a Criminal Profiler in movie ‘Catch Me’ which will open on 19th and expected to capture women’s hearts through romantic comedy this winter.

 Lee In Kyung

e.news24 article origin news Naver

English translation by Sdee HC @

Do not reblog and use in translating without permission and proper credits.


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