Joo Won Japan Fan Meeting 2014


Joo Won heals the heart of fans! “I can repay with my love this year”

After his fan meeting last June, Joo Won came to Japan again meeting fans through events held in Tokyo and Osaka.  Before fan meeting in Osaka scheduled on 13 Jan, he had already held  fan meeting in Nakano Sun Plaza on 11 January.  He mingled with fans through amusing conversations and spectacular live stage performance.  His latest drama “Good Doctor” broadcast by KBS will be airing in Japan in one month. 

Before fan meeting, he met with media and said “I am delighted to hear the airing of this drama in Japan and also delighted coming to Japan once again.”  About receiving 4 awards  in KBS Acting Award last year, he said “I never thought award means that much to me but I am very pleased to receive them.  Although filming was tough, I feel like my efforts were repaid by receiving the awards.  Because of receiving these awards, I think I have to work much harder from now on.” 

When asked about the healing drama “Good Doctor” which depicted  how a savant pediatrician grows and overcomes prejudice from people around him, Joo Won said “In this drama, rather than the big operation scenes, it depicts the warm bonds and love with children.   I played the role of Si On, with his growth, all people around him are also growing.  In a sense, it is a growing drama and also a healing drama.  Because it is focusing on the feelings of the characters, I think this is the highlight of the drama.”

The fan meeting started at 5pm was focusing on the theme “Good Doctor”, frank and honest actor Joo Won spent wonderful time with fans on conversations following by hot and special live concert performance. 

After footage of “Good Doctor” was played on screen, he sang intro song “If I were”.  With plenty anticipations from fans, Joo Won made his appearance from the left side of audience seats, his sweet vocal suddenly captured heart of fans.  He slowly walked and approached to the stage, then he greeted fans with his mischievous expression “Everyone, New Year Year, nice to meet you.” “I hope you will be healed in this event today” and he continued with singing the Japanese soundtrack “Nadeshiko”.

In the first half of the event, Joo Won was given a few tests.  In “Good Doctor”, Joo Won played Si On, a young man with savant syndrome and also possessing with  excellent memorization, spatial ability and extraordinary drawing skill.  Joo Won was asked to show in front of fans his similarity with Si On.  First test was about memory skill, he was asked to find out three fans who actually attended his Japan fan meeting last June.  He picked a wrong fan but actually this particular fan attended his other event previously, so everyone was amazed with his memory.

In the next test, one fan was selected going up to the stage and with his artistic taste  “Master Painter Joo Won” finished drawing a masterpiece for the fan.  His masterpiece somehow had raised a storm of laughters in the whole venue.

In the talking session, he mentioned when he was young, he had different dreams, one of his dreams was to become a president.  He also talked about the   musical “Ghost” scene in which he has to sing while playing guitar.

Special guest was Lim Yoon Ho who played together with Joo Won in drama “Level 7 Civil Servant”.  Lim sang “Chocolate Legs” with his sexy voice.  Then, Joo Won performed OST songs  “Love Medicine”, “I Believe”, “My Way to You”.  He further unfolded his artistic skills in life performance on dancing while singing “Honey” and “Choo Choo Train”.

In his final message before ending the event, he said “Enjoyable time is just like a moment.  I received lots of love from many people last year.  I want to become a Joo Won who can repay with lots of love this year.”  Then he sang “My Love” and with all the love he gave to fans, he withdrew himself to back stage.  Fans kept applausing for encore and focusing his reappearance on the stage, then Joo Won came back onto the stage and sang the last song “Nothing Better”.  He was deeply touched to tears while singing, all fans were deeply impressed.  After the fan meeting, there was a high touch (high five or give me five) event.

This fan meeting will be aired on KNTV on 6 Feb at 23.15 hr and replay is scheduled on 4 March.  His latest drama “Good Doctor” will also be broadcast on the same channel from 16 Feb on every Saturday and Sunday at 20.45 hr, this drama is expected to heal the hearts of Japanese viewers.


Original source KEJ news 14 Jan 14 17.42 hr

Released by!/news/28731

English translation by manyearsago

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