Joo Won attended Press Conference in Japan for Premiere Broadcast of “Good Doctor”

“I want to convey the heart-warming messages of the healing drama to Japanese fans”


Joo Won, the number one actor of next generation, showcased his acting ability in playing Yoon Si Yoon’s love rival in “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” and co-staring with Choi Kang Hee and Chan Sung in romance comedy “Level 7 Civil Servant”. He held his fan meeting “Joo Won Sweet Smile Concert ~ Heal Your Heart” in Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza on 11 January. 

Before the event, he attended the press conference organized by KNTV promoting the premiere broadcast on 16 February of his latest drama “Good Doctor”, he talked about the highlights of the drama and thoughts of his fan meeting.

Joo Won challenged to play a difficult role, a pediatrician with autism and savant syndrome in drama “Good Doctor” which was recorded with the highest viewer rating of 21.5% in Korea.  He won Netizen Award, Best Couple Award, PD Award of 3 TV Networks and Top Excellence Acting Award  in “2013 KBS Acting Awards” and currently he is one of most popular actors.

Joo Won wore a chic black suit attending the press conference.  In the photo session, even he was shy facing that many cameras but he was politely meeting requests from the media with his charming smiles and asked each camera man where to face when it is their turn to take photos.   You think he only showed his shy smiles but when asking him to do another pose, he put one hand in his pants pocket and instantly he showed a cool expression on his face.  He showcased his versatility as an actor.  There were also fans attending the press conference on the day.  People were able to see his true self when he was waving to a child fan.

Q: Your latest drama “Good Doctor” is scheduled for airing in Japan in February.  When hearing its airing in Japan, what do you think?

I am glad.  Even personally, I like Japan.  Because I can come to Japan if the drama is to be broadcast here and if I can come, I can also meet my fans here, so I am really glad.   When I came to Japan for promoting “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, I felt very good and excited.   In Korea, because “Good Doctor” is regarded as a healing drama, I think it would be good if this drama could convey the heart-warming messages to Japanese viewers.

Q: You gloriously won four awards in 2013 KBS Acting Awards, how do you feel?

I feel very fortunate.   I never thought awards would have meant that much to me so I am really pleased receiving them.  Although filming was hard, I feel like it repaid my hard work by receiving the awards.   I feel good receiving four awards but at the same time I also feel the pressure.    From now on, I think I have to work hard on doing more activities in corresponding to these  awards.  While wondering how I am going to prepare for my next project, I think I have both feelings of happiness and pressure sitting in my heart.

Q:  Please tell us the highlights of “Good Doctor”

The drama depicts story of pediatric surgeons but there are no big operation scenes.  Instead, it depicts many heart-warming bonds and love between pediatricians and children.  I played the role Si On, the drama also depicts how Si On grows as a doctor.  At the same time when Si On is growing, people around him are also growing, so it is a healing drama.  As for medical drama, I think viewers prefer to see changes of feelings rather than things touching their hearts.  Because it is a heart-warming drama depicting mainly on the feelings of characters, I hope viewers will find it comfortably to watch.

Q: Last, please tell us the highlights of your fan meeting “Joo Won Sweet Smile Concert ~ Heal Your Heart”

I don’t have many talents but I think I want to show fans what I can do.  Because here is the not place for me to act, I think I can only show them singing and dancing which are what I am only good at.  Also, there are many things I want to tell my fans, this is how I want to spend time with them.  In Korea, I don’t have such a chance doing it.  Because I am currently doing musical and I like singing and dancing very much, I feel like enjoying both singing and dancing here today.  Concepts are similar to fan meeting in last June but I want to have good time and even leave a better memory.

Although time was short but in the press conference we could see Joo Won’s sincerity and attitude towards to his projects and his feelings towards Japanese fans.  It looks like his popularity will be soaring up progressively in Japan with KNTV airing “Good Doctor” on 16 February.


“Good Doctor”

Premiere broadcast in Japan on 16 February on KNTV at 8.45pm (Sat-Sun)


KNTV Special

“Joo Won Sweet Smile Concert ~ Heal Your Heart ~ in Tokyo” will be aired on KNTV on 6 February (Thu) from 11.15pm – 00.55am

Replay is scheduled on 4 March (Tue) at 4.40pm – 5.55pm



English translation by manyearsago


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