Dispatch : “It’s Me, It’s really Me”… Joo Won ‘Hug Day’ Humiliation Case

Before reading this article, you have to know the following about JooWon DC Inside Gallery.

The characteristic of DC is very different than Fan Café or Fan Club.  Most DC Gallers/insiders left Café to come to DC because they did not like the characteristics of Café.  Everyone coming to leave post or comments are all anonymous and revealing of oneself is a big no no.

Thus, 1) everyone is considered either with no gender or in case of Joo Won DC, everyone is fish.  Thus, word “Oppa” is not allowed.  You can call each other by “Hyung” only (hyung is primarily used by men to call another older men/brother but many women also call other older women/sister Hyung).

2) No age is revealed thus, use only Ban-Mal (informal way of writing/talking).

3) No using ♡, or ~ etc which are primarily used by Fan Café’s

4) The language of DC is very direct and expression including profanity is allowed.  Some other DC’s are very rough but JooWon DC is considered very benign as each DC is also different from each other.  But if you don’t follow the DC rules set forth, expect to get scolding, including profanity if you still don’t get it.

(my opinion: Joo Won DC Insiders are all very good hearted.  Many have crystal heart just like the Owner, Joo Won.  Although they speak directly, they are very considerate and kind and all try to be more like JooWon and good to others. But when outsiders attack, arrrrgh, they have fighting spirit!  Haha! ^^)

5) Another way of dealing with people breaking the DC rules is called Byung-Mok-Geum (Cork the bottle), meaning silent treatment.

6) DC Insiders are no fools.  If you are telling a story you’ve seen, or been to or you are saying who you are, you must have a proof attached such as photo, picture of time and date, etc…  otherwise don’t’ expect them to believe you.

Few other rules:

Only write about things relating to Owner of the DC Gallery, in JW DC’s case, Joo Won

Do not write things you would write on your diary…write it on your diary or mail a fan letter to Joo Won

If there is a necessary reason to write personal things, there is a distinct way to mark it on the subject of your post…

DC is not a place to build friendships so no writing with certain nickname of other DC Insider called… if you must call other DC insider for official reason, must mark it on the subject of your post…


And hope you remember the story of the Heart Day chaos at DC when JooWon’s signature to DC Inisder included ♡~♡ so only person allowed to use ♡ or ^^ or ~ is Joo Won.

Additonal Note:  At first, DC fans were confused as JW wrote in formal way and characteristically the way he usually writes with cute happy and ~ Ppyong at the end.  But when requested proof was not provided (meaning photo or something showing he’s on computer writing to fans at the time) and his comments following were written informal (as per DC rule) way, DC insiders increasingly was confirmed it’s someone who knows DC rules pulling pranks.

~start of Article~


[Dispatch=Kim Mi Kyung Reporter]  “If you are Joo Won, I am Kim Ah Joong!” (IP : 223.62.**.**)

Beginning of the case (?) was simple curiosity.  Star’s requisite, ‘DC Inside’ Gallery.

I asked if he’s been to ‘DC’ Gallery where fans communicate with each other, then Joo Won at once, ask for my notebook.  And then places his hands on keyboard.

“Actually I’ve been looking only.  Since the conversation came out, leave an official message?  Go go?  This is the first time leaving a post/message, wonder what the response would be?

This man, very innocent and happy.  Starts typing without any hesitation.


With smile, he makes the contact.  And ~ writes his message.  Without any expectation of what to come.  In fact, who knew Joo Won would receive this kind of humiliation (?).

Joo Won’s official message humiliation case happened on 14th during the movie ‘Catch Me’s Hug Event.


“Here I come, Fans!”


안녕 뿅~”


(translation of above message from Joo Won to Joo Won Gallery )

Joo Won Gallery

Subject            Annyonhaseyo (Hello) This is Joo Won ^^♡  (in formal writing)

Name              This is Joo Won (formal)

Hello~ This is Joo Won~ HaHaHa (formal)

This is my first time writing I don’t think you will believe it??? Hahahaha

Now we just finished Lotte Cinema in NoWon Theater and I writing from reporter’s notebook~~~

We are going to CGV JoongKyeRu~~~

Ah!!!  Because today’s response was so good

I will write once more if we go over 3mil!!

If I write, you will say something like if you were JooWon, I am Kim Ah Joong??? H h

Anyway, Annyong (bye) Ppyong!!!

“Annyong  Ppyong~”

JooWon, finally finished his message to ‘DC Gallery.’  Above is the actual message from JooWon.  He even made a promise to leave another message if ‘Catch Me’ makes 3mil audience.



(Translation of above captured portion of 50+ comments)

ㅇㅎ                 no way Joo Won… | 110.70*.*

ㄴㄴ                if you are Joo Won, I am Kim Ah Joong!!! (sound of turning away)~~ |223.62*.*

ㅇㅇ                is he for real…or not hmm? Mm? | 119.206*.*

ㅇㅇ                 Stupid | 39.119*.*

ㅇㅇ                 if you believe this you are stupid | 39.7*.*

주원입니다(This is JooWon (formal))          they really don’t believe me…(informal) | 211.36*.*

ㅇㅇ                 this is your first time here? Kkkk it shows | 116.120*.*

주원입니다       I am going to remember you who said stupid (informal) | 211.36*.*

사냄줜              provide proof

ㅇㅇ                 show your proof kkkk | 119.206*.*

주원입니다       this is fun (informal) | 211.36*.*

ㅇㅇ                 can’t you tell the Ug-G-Ro IP ㅂㅁㄱ (silent treatment) if there is no proof it’s all pranks  | 211.251*.*

주원입니다       It’s difficult to climb up the hill towards our company because of the snow so be careful~~Please call Kwon Mi Ok Chief~ (formal) | 211.36*.*

심엔터입니다(This is Sim Ent (formal))  Yes, Sim Ent came to keep an eye on (formal) | 211.36*.*

주원입니다       please make this best message (post) (informal) | 211.36*.*

사줜                 stop feeding the needy asking needy…to show proof don’t you know ㅂㅁㄱ (silent treatment) giving comments in groups | 175.223*.*

주원입니다       please-ing (make it a best post-ing aegyo) (informal) | 211.36*.*

주원입니다       Arrived at Joong Gae!!!  See you soon-ing (informal with ing aegyo) | 211.36*.*

주원입니다       if you report and this gets deleted you guys are really going to regret it (informal) | 211.36*.*


The response from Gallery is cold.  “If you are Joo Won I am Kim Ah Joong” even came out.

They even call Joo Won ‘needy for attention.’  They don’t believe him although he kept insisting.  In the end it got reported as ‘Joo Won Pretending Post.’

Just like that, Joo Won’s first official message got deleted.

“This is the most shocking case that happened recently how can it get deleted?  EHahaha” (Joo Won)


 “I got deleted~”


Scar must be healed with love.  The humiliation he received online, decided to undo offline.


⊳Actually, this was the day Movie ‘Catch Me’ (Lee Hyun Jong Director)’s opening event was happening.  Named, ‘Hug Day.’  Joo Won who has the title role is to show his heart of thanks to the fans who came to see his early show/preview.  And through hugs.


First, heading towards Lotte Cinema in NoWon.  What greeted Joo Won first was the Teddy Bear.  He heads towards and hugs the bear and starts playing around.  But is it just playing around?  Per Joo Won, he’s practicing hugs with his fans ahead of time.


coolreborn: Cutie if that is how you hug your fans… I do not think they will ever go home in one piece. kekekeke…

Even though he practiced hugs with Teddy Bear, he still seems anxious to meet his fans.  He picked out a magazine to read while in waiting room.  He was showing interest to Lee Hyo Ri who is best friend of Um Jung Wha.  He picks up the magazine with the picture of ‘Hyo Ri noona’ on front page.


정화 누나 절친이니까

“Since she’s Jung Wha noona’s best friend’


The concept for today was  ‘A man holding flowers’.  He held up the flowers he’s going to give to the selected fans at the event.  Is it because of the excitement of meeting his fans?  His laugh is not subsiding.  There is no way he’s going to get humiliation offline?


Finally arrives at the theater room.  Girl fans are singing in unison.

“So handsome”

“Joo Won JJang(Best)”

“Lee Ho Tae Jackpot”

“Love you”

We can see fans Hyun Bin still doesn’t have, no only Idols have ‘Dae-Po-Soon-Yi’  (female fans with Cannon Camera (which are used by professionals)).


“Rejoice JooWon is here~”


“Let me take it (photo) too! JooWon”


Offline’s hot cordial reception.  JooWon’s cheeks are going up.  ‘Catch Me’ Director Lee Hyun Jong is also excited.  For this day’s event, these two select the seat number and the fan seating in that seat gets a hug.  They receive flowers and also take cell phone pictures.  It’s like receiving a lotto.


As predicted, Practice makes master.  In real situation, skillful hug.  Furthermore, a must ‘pat pat’ on the back.  He also shows wonderful skill of slightly lifting the fan and swinging side to side.  At the unexpected hug, female fans sigh “Oppa~!”


How about a hug with male fans?  After drama ‘Bridal Mask’ Joo Won has exploding popularity amongst male fans.  One male fan runs down from his seat.  And embraces Joo Won’s breast like a tough guy.  However, looks little burdensome?  He doesn’t embrace as tight~.


“Hyung!  I am your fan”


Taking Photos Click


“Felt Really Happy~”


Even when exiting, he did not forget his fan service.  It must been sad to have such a short time to greet them. He communicates with fans as he walks slowly.  When one fan said today’s their birthday, he said tenderly, “Congratulations~.”  He accepted each hand fans held out.

On this day, Joo Won made rounds to total 9 theaters and completed hug day.  Final location was CGV in KangNam.  Joo Won said we are finished already and couldn’t hide regret in his countenance.  Then spontaneously suggested additional event.  From the actually planned 2 people, to add 2 more to hug.


“Please give me a tight hug”


“To a point to be crushed to pieces”


“Oppa, Catch Me!”


“Catch You”


After NoWon, turned on to Joong Gye, go through HaGye, turn on WangShimRi, Pass through GunDae, Stop at KangByun, and then to KangNam it’s a forceful march. Furthermore since it’s Saturday, the traffic is… breathless.  At this point, I observed Joo Won’s bus.


“which theater is next?”

Perhaps, do you know “Joo Won Ar-yi (JooWon sickness)”?  The Directors who worked with Joo Won always place Joo Won as #1 casting list.  ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ and ‘Good Doctr’ Ki Min Soo Director did that too.  It’s probably because of Joo Won’s diligent hard work.  But, can’t forget his famous way of winning people’s hearts.

(personal note: Joo Won sickness is what fans go through when they are starting to become a fan.  For ex/ Seeing Joo Won and get to like him.  Then you find out more about him, and eventually getting to a point you are spending hours getting to know him through his works, interviews, etc.  Of course it could apply to anyone else, just put their name in place of Joo Won.  >coolreborn: I think many who read this have this kind of sickness, including me!)

With Lee Hyn Joog Director it’s no exception.  To a Director who is like ‘sky’ he gives him a nickname ‘SamChunPo.’ (because of the way Director’s hair looks like)


“Let me see Director’s hair is like~”


“It’s SamChunPo Style?”


“Answer me!  Kko Kal Kon”

There’s no time to be bored even when we are in traffic.  This day, Joo Won had the legendary Blue Marble.  With the people on the bus, started the game.  Finally Joo Won caught the Golden Key.  With a slight tremble turn over the card, but what came out is Half Special Bargain Sale.  Time for mental breakdown.


“Hand over Paris Hotel for ½ price”


“I worked so hard to accumulate them…”


“I am a fool for my fans”

‘Dispatch’ followed JooWon’s Hug Day.  To deliver the hot spot, and behind story.  Joo Won was full of cheerful/happy energy throughout the day.  Perhaps this kind of positive disposition leads to his exploding acting ability?

We also conversed about the current movie.  As per Joo Won, it’s a package gift.  He has so much to show.

“The character Lee HoTae in Catch Me has so much to show.  He has the side of perfectionist.  But on the other hand, he has many lacks.  Once he meets Yoon JinSoon (Kim Ah-Joong), he starts to show the other side.  But it also shows the manly side of him when he steps up to protect his woman.  Please look forward to the movie.” (Joo Won)

“Joo Won as you all know, has so much aegyo (cuteness).  We filmed about 3 months and he was the mood maker at the site.  He was most popular among female staff members.  Of course he had good chemistry with me also.  His acting?  I say it’s over 90 (out of 100).”  (Lee Hyun Jong Director)

We  cannot finish here.  Especially Gallery Fans, please don’t delete and keep it as a personal keepsake.


“I’ve made V~”


“I am really JooWon~”


“Do  you know the angle for handsome face?”


 “Man applying lip balm”


“Cheek balloon, rate photo cut.”


 “Let’s Hug often”


<Writer=Kim Mi Kyung Reporter, Photo=Song Hyo Jin Reporter>

Dispute article origin Here

English translation by Sdee HC @ joowoncutie.wordpress.com

Do not reblog and use in translating without permission and proper credits and link to this article.


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