Loving Him For The Man He Is And The Man He Wants To Be -Part 6

by mrdimples November 2012


I have segmented this into parts:

  1. Joo Won, the Good Son, the Good Dongsaeng
  2. Joo Won, the Actor
  3. Joo Won, the Hoobae, the “Dongsaeng”, the Oppa
  4. Joo Won, the Man in Variety
  5. Joo Won, his Real and Reel Loves
  6. Joo Won, the Anatomy of a Man
  7. Joo Won, the Boy, the Man and His Dreams

Part 6 – Joo Won, the Anatomy of a Man

When I was planning to write this series on Joo Won, I knew I could not leave out writing on his physical appearance. I am sure many fans were attracted to his handsome looks amongst other things. Of course there are those who say they are attracted more to his personality and acting skills but I can assure you the more you look at this man, the more mesmerized you will be.

2I hesitated writing this particular piece because it is easier to write factual information, accounts, voice opinions and feelings rather than describe a person’s physical appearance. Should I take the approach of a medical student or a fan girl?  For the former, I will be inundating the articles with sentences like “the Euclidean distance between pronasal and right exocanthion”…..and if I were fangirling, then it will be just these few words “Gorgeous. Hot. Droolsome. Beautiful. Perfect.” Since I am no medical student but a serious fan girl who is determined to save this writing from her 5 words limited vocabulary, I decided to let the pictures do the job instead. As a famous quote goes “A picture speaks a thousand words”, my writing which consist mostly of self-indulgent fangirling, will be kept to minimal. In their place, I have selected choice photos and screen caps to do justice to the Anatomy of a Man – Joo Won.

3I have dug in my entire bag of adjectives but Beautiful and Perfect are two words you are going to see pretty often for the rest of this article. Are you ready? Prepare your drool buckets, smelling salts, inhalers, defibrillators and enjoy.

Let us start from the top otherwise some readers may never finish reading the rest of this article.

4Joo Won has got a very good face shape. The proportions and symmetry are just right. And he has what Koreans seem to be obsessed with and favor, that is a small face. Thankfully, overall it still sits very well with his broad shoulders and large frame.  The shape is oval and yet has all the right angularity to make him look manly instead of feminine. Perhaps this is the reason why people will not quickly label him as a “Flower Boy”.   He looks very good whether it is face on, at an angle or side. I have a fondness for his side profile. Here, you can see the perfect lines, the slight slope of a forehead, the nice masculine brow bridge, the straight nose and the perfect mouth and chin.

5If someone ask me to choose which one of Joo Won’s facial features I like best, to say I will have a hard time is an understatement. It would actually be impossible for me. He has so many great physical attributes that I really cannot choose. But if I had to choose one that I feel helped him and brought him to where he is today, I will have to say it’s his eyes.

6He has one of the most beautiful eyes I have seen. In Dramabeans Review of Ojagkyo Brothers, girlfriday described Joo Won thus “as he has maybe the prettiest eyes of any human being ever.”  To top it all, they are the liveliest when he is acting. For a Korean man, his eyes are bigger than the norm and he has double eyelids too. My personal preference is actually men with smaller eyes and single eyelids, don’t ask me why. But I cannot escape the pull of Joo Won’s stare. His eyes can emote so much that people describe him as “acting with his eyes” With that pair of beautiful, thick lash framed eyes, he is able to convey both happiness and bitterness, love and loath, realization and bewilderment, stoicism and vulnerability and the whole gamut of emotions.

7Besides his eyes, his eyebrows have been receiving attention since Bridal Mask. There is even a hilarious post on tumblr titled “Joo Won’s Luscious Eyebrows”; they are called the eyebrows of dreams.

8It is fitting that his eyebrows are thick and dark to match his stunning pair of eyes. They help to make him more masculine and sexy. In Bridal Mask, Joo Won also made full use of his eyebrows to convey the many expressions of Lee Kangto.

9As beautiful as Joo Won looks with his big and expressive eyes, he is also drop dead gorgeous with his eyes closed. It is hard to explain but just look at these snapshots and you will probably agree.

10Another of Joo Won’s outstanding features is his prominent high cheekbones. They make him stand out and coupled with a pair of killer dimples, his smile is just simply gorgeous. Whenever I see Joo Won smiling on screen or even in a still photo, my heart just burst with joy, the sun shines brighter, the birds sing sweeter and the air just tingles. He truly has one of the best smiles I have seen. . In Baker King, Ma Jun didn’t smile much and when he did, it was those cynical or ‘evil’ smiles. Still, I could not help noticing the dimples. . This guy has insanely huge dimples, not the tiny type. They lend such sweetness and make him totally adorable. They are what make his smile so unique and devastatingly awesome.

11In Ojakgyo Brothers, it was Tae Hee’s eyes and smile that conveyed his love for Ja Eun. He looked like the happiest man on earth whenever he smiles at Ja Eun. Just a glance and shy smile from Tae Hee looking across the table at Ja Eun sent fans spazzing over their chemistry. As Lee Kangto, Joo Won frowned the most but there were moments of rare smiles which brighten the screen so much that it lifted the somber tone of the drama. I remember fondly his gentle smile of happiest and joy when he was with his Boon Yi but the one that took the cake was in episode 9. Kangto was in Angels Club with Tamao, he had just adorned a sleek, charming, fun-loving playboy cover. That wink, his cute “BINGO” and that smile got launched into thousands of screen caps, gifs and signatures.

12In 1N2D where we get to see Joo Won’s most natural side, his smiles are priceless. We all know how much he enjoys being on the show and having fun with his hyungs. So whenever he laughs or smiles, I do the same and I am sure viewers around the world react likewise. Even if you have not watched the show and just look at the stills, you cannot help but wear a silly grin on your face when you see this totally wholesome and winsome smile.

13I read somewhere of comments that Joo Won has thin lips, I beg to differ. He has one of the nicest lips I have seen on a man’s mouth. Actually, excuse my bias. I think it is the best.

14Perfectly shaped, beautiful yet masculine enough to make them look alluring and sexy. Full but not thick or certainly not thin, they pout adorably when he loses a Bok Bul Bok, they go “goldfish-like” when he is dorky but they look totally luscious and delicious mostly.

15In Bridal Mask where Joo Won’s best and most expressive features like his eyes were hidden by the bridal mask, we were compensated by these gorgeous reddish pink, soft and beautiful lips. If you still cannot appreciate the awesomeness of his lips, just compare it with all the other gaksitals who appeared. In real life, Lee Kangto’s masked identity will be kaput much earlier as those lips are one and only in Joseon, and probably in Korea too!

16On a side note, I noticed that he likes to lick his lips before or after his kiss scenes. Is it to moisten them so as to kiss the girl better? How about after the kiss? Is there such a thing as tasting your co-star’s lips? Better rein in my imagination here.

17Joo Won got a beautiful nose as well. Straight, not aquiline, no hook or curve. Slim, not fleshy or small. No flair in the nostrils, only when he is angry but that makes him look even hotter and more exciting. It tips very slightly downwards when he is scowling or eating but as one fan said, it just makes him cuter that way. But mostly, it is nothing short of perfect.

18I did not pay very much attention to it although I had always thought they were good. But I didn’t know how great his nose is until I started to collect more and more photos for this writing. For men, I think having a nice nose is very important. Although it may not be the first feature I will zoom in on, anything short of a nice nose will kind of ruin otherwise nice features. . Most leading Korean actors have nice noses with some having one that’s somewhat prominent. For Joo Won, his nose just sits so perfectly well in the middle of his face without any flaws or stand out feature to command your attention. If you are like me who did not notice much about his nose until now, try and look at it head on, sideways and every other way and you will soon admire how beautiful it is.

19I cannot miss out the fact that he has got a terrific jawline as well. I never knew how important an actor’s jawline is until I start noticing screenshots and stills of drama kiss scenes. Actors will tell you that in filming a kiss scene, it’s not just the kiss which has to look good, the angle of the shot is also very important. And to make it perfect, it’s a must that the man’s jawline look well-defined, strong and masculine. Joo Won’s jawline does the job all too beautifully.

20Chugging along this road of perfection, there are no 2 lesser mentioned features of Joo Won which are just as beautiful and perfect, what else did you expect? First, Joo Won has a perfect chin. When you see his side profile, you can see that his chin is just about a few millimeters behind an imaginary line that comes down from the nose. It neither juts out nor recedes. It is neither too strong nor too weak. It is again, perfect. If you notice, he has just a little cleft there to add some character. Combined with his sexy and beautiful mouth, we have another winner here.

21Now, his ears, you can best appreciate it in the type of haircut that has been featured in a couple of photos above. I really do not know how to describe the anatomy of an ear but do I even need to? Just one word, yes, you guess it. Perfect.

Taking a break from perfection, shall we look at the so called blemishes on Joo Won’s face? It is rather scary at times how sharp devoted fans’ eyes can be. They scrutinized every inch and millimeter of their idol’s body, celebrating in new discoveries no matter how tiny or *gasp*, even in imperfections. For the record, Joo Won has 3 moles on each side of his face and 3 more on his neck and collarbone. I am sure he has more but sorry to disappoint you, that’s strictly out of boundary. For now, the mole fetish fans have been staring so hard at his moles that they are seeing stars. They call the ones on his face the Dipper. I am sure they will one day map out his entire body. Unlike them, I have no fetish for moles but strangely, they have started to look appealing to me. I somehow have this urge to kiss these wee tiny cute little things one by one. Truly, is this a “molelicious” strain that is infecting me?

22As the norm for any actor or celebrity in Korea, variety in hairstyles is a given. Thankfully, Joo Won looks good in almost every hairstyle. The most outrageous one has got to be that pouf he sported in Special Investigation Unit. My favorites are many. I love his hairstyle in the middle of the Ojagkyo Brothers series, best captured in the infamous neck tie scene. I also love his hairstyles in Bridal Mask, from the ‘emo’ fringe to the Matsujun sexy wave.

23Even the swiped back fringe looked good on him. Recently for a change, he has permed his hair. I am not a fan of the golliwog styling but when the waves are softy tousled, he looks so fine. I must add, he looks wonderfully and deliciously hot beyond words when his hair is wet, soaking wet, like this.

24Joo Won’s got a thick set of hair which looks mostly straight. Thankfully, it lends itself to many styles with many hits and a couple of misses. Pick your personal favourite. 

25I am a fan of male drama characters who have a sad past, abandoned by loved ones or emotionally scarred. They make me want to hug them and nurse their broken hearts. Nothing guts my insides more than a man trying hard to control his tears or sobbing wretchedly. Joo Won is an expert here. Just looking at his handsome face, all sad, hurt and torn is enough to make me bawl my eyes out. 

26I also like physically hurt or injured hero drama scenes because I would imagine myself taking care of the poor hero and tending to his wounds which are often both emotional as well as physical. I can assure you I am not a sado-masochist but I have been gawking at Lee Kangto’s torture scene purely because he just looks unimaginably hot and sexy in it despite having his hair drenched in sweat, his face bloodied and his pure white linen garments in shreds and washed in big blotches of red. Joo Won just looked so intense and handsome, despite it all. If you too question your state of mind or wish to send therapist bills, please do not forward them to me but to KBS, I have enough of my own to take care of.

27If seeing Joo Won “hurt” is too much for you, the following photos and motifs will definitely bring a smile to your face. One can say Joo Won has got a baby face. Coupled with his aegyotastic nature as shown on BTS and 1N2D, viewers and fans can test to his cuteness. He is cute when he eats, cute when he is happy, cute when he doesn’t get his way, cute when he is angry and simply A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. when he sleeps.

28Joo Won has amazing pouts. He does it a lot in real life and in Ojakgyo Brothers. This deserves a motif on its own.

29It would be a mistake to think Joo Won is just a fluffy ball of aegyo cuteness. Well, most of the time he is but he is much more. He can look very intense and consumed when he is concentrating hard or acting angry. There are times when he can give a mysterious and a bad boy vibes when he puts on that nonchalant devil-may-care look.  This is most apparent in Bridal Mask where fans who are more familiar with him in 1N2D and Ojakgyo Brothers were shocked to see no trace of sweet and adorable Joo Won. As Lee Kangto, Joo Won looks every bit a rascal, a streetwise young man who is bursting with angst, raw masculine energy and terribly sensual. And he is capable of this manliness not just onscreen but you can see glimpse of it when he is in his competitive mode on 1N2D and in the recent magazine fashion spreads like Cosmopolitan and Ceci, he just looks every inch a “Namja”.

30As if switching between different looks so effortlessly is not enough, Joo Won is also capable of sporting 2 totally opposite looks at the same time. There was an article where photos of Joo Won’s face were split into 2 halves. In the first photo, the left side exhibit a fierce, malicious look, the right side shows a face like a little puppy. 


The same thing goes for the other photos; it is hard to believe that both looks are from the same photo. His left side is the fierce and cruel one whereas his right side is always the pure and innocent look. Isn’t it amazing?

The thing about Joo Won is that each and every feature of his face is so beautiful. The more you look, the more you realize how perfect each is and you cannot help but marvel at how perfectly they all come together. In addition to this, the other amazing thing about Joo Won is not just how handsome he looks but how versatile he can look. One moment you see an innocent and cute young man, next, you see a man whose intense looks and masculinity just oozes sex appeal.

34When it comes to his body, the rest of his physique, however, there is no doubt that he is all man.

35Joo Won has got a very masculine neck. It’s got a good girth and when he shouts or when he is angry, you can see the veins popping out and somehow it just contrast so perfectly with his face. His strong neck, prominent Adam’s apple and nice hollow between his collarbones are accentuated whenever he wears V-necked shirts which he seems particularly fond of.

36Recently, in some of the fashion shots and interviews, I even noticed he has beautiful nape. Somehow the back view looks surprisingly sensual and inviting. You feel like you want to snuggle into it, smell it and kiss it. 

37Standing at 1.85 metres tall, Joo Won’s height is ideal for leading man roles. Coupled with that, he has a very good musculoskeletal frame of a body. He is sporty but definitely not the type who pumps iron in the gym. Hence, he is not overtly muscular nor does he have the 6 packs for abs. However he far compensates by having a very nice set of broad shoulders, long torso and long limbs. 

38I have not taken his measurements but to a seasoned fan’s eyes, I dare say he possesses a very good shoulder-waist-hip ratio. When you see his full body shots, you cannot help but marvel at this wonderful specimen.


For someone who does not work out, we can still see that he has got the Mesomorph type of body. He has long arms and his deltoid and biceps are huge though not the best defined out there due to lack of workout. In Bridal Mask however, he seemed to have improved in beefing up his arms. You can see them most prominently when he is only wearing the Gaksital inner vest.

41His forearms are more defined in muscularity and look more developed than his upper arms. Whenever he flexes them, I just love how sexy and masculine they look.  He also has these delicious looking veins with an obvious one running down the biceps and many more on his forearms. They do look like they are inviting you to trace every single one of them, don’t they?

42His hands are simply huge. In fact, they border on disproportionate. Whenever he uses them to protect his girl in the dramas or to cup her face as they kissed, I grow weak in my knees. They convey protection, security, care, tenderness, longing and love whenever he holds the girl’s hands in dramas.

43His thighs are also surprisingly muscular and nicely shaped. One fan commented that his is quite unusual because many Korean guys have ‘chicken legs’

44Save for a very brief side shot of Joo Won’s shirtless body in Bridal Mask, no one knows if he has got a muscular torso or six packs. I suspect not but it’s reasonably well defined and his chest is nicely filled though not bulked up.

Joo Won seems to be very shy or conservative about showing his body. I can count easily with one hand the number of times he went shirtless and it was not even a frontal view. Most of which lasted a mere second. I am not sure if it is a lack of confidence or just being conscious about such things. If that’s the case, I find it an irony that on 1N2D, he unknowingly revealed a physical attribute that left many with eyes wide open and mouths agape. Let’s just say he is a well-endowed man.

Thanks to his height and beautiful frame, Joo Won cuts a very dashing figure in suits.

46In Bridal Mask, I wonder if the costumer and tailor got so enamoured with Joo Won’s figure and physique that Lee Kangto on his paltry police office’s salary had a wardrobe of suits that was the envy of Joseon. To cover the deficit in drama budget due to excessive number of suits, they cut corners in the amount of fabric used especially when it came to Kangto’s pants. Intentional or not, they emphasized the shape of Joo Won’s tush in numerous episodes. You can hear gasps all over the fandom as week after week, viewers get excited by cliffhangers of sorts. Softy at Cadence nicknamed it “Bubble Butt”. Contrary to popular belief, I am no expert when it comes to this part of the human anatomy. Curious as to the meaning, I googled these words and found them on online dictionary “Urban Dictionary” where the most popular definition describes it as not so much of big as it is rounded, tight and firm, usually complementing a slender body. It wasn’t long before viewers and fans notice that it was not just confined to Bridal Mask but our boy fills his pants very nice in the rear as well.

47Indeed, looking at all those pictures, I also find Joo Won’s back alluring and sexy. There are fan’s photos of Joo Won’s back, the favorite are those where you can see his sweat-drenched back of his shirt. I can literally hear these fans singing “Sexy Back”. Well, perhaps we should not chastise or blame ourselves too much but accept the fact that from every angle and pose, Joo Won just looks absolutely handsome, sensual and he fits wonderfully in all his suits.

48True to his simple nature, Joo Won does not pay much attention to his looks and what he wears. On 1N2D, we see him often sans makeup, hair unstyled and wearing his most comfortable clothes. He revealed in an interview that he loves wearing sportswear so much that his stylist bans him from wearing them. But as we can see, he still sneaks in one or two whenever he can. When one is as handsome as he is, Joo Won looks great even in casual wear, be it a simple tee, a pair of jeans, pants or trackpants. You couldn’t help but stare at these pictures, could you?

49After months of following Joo Won, watching his dramas and shows, reading his interviews, I already know he is a beautiful person on the inside. So it is wonderful to see that as he is within, so is he on the outside. 

When I started writing this piece, I was afraid that my words will not do justice to his beauty. In the end, I threw out the first draft and re-wrote because after looking at all these photos and captures, I let them lead my writing instead. I guess you did not even realise that there are approximately 4,000 words here, who needs them anyway when you have all these beautiful photos to stare at? 

Searching and selecting photos for my works usually take a long time but I will have to say, this part 6 tops all that I have done so far. I literally trawled the net, enlist the help of fellow Joo Won soompiers, looked through hundreds and hundreds of photos and screen caps. In the process, I made new discoveries, scrutinize every inch and millimetre of this wonderful specimen of a man. I had to stop so very often to marvel at the perfection of Joo Won and many a times, I just kept on muttering Beautiful…Beautiful…..Beautiful..” at my screen. I do not know about you but after studying the Anatomy of this Namja, I have one word –


Special mention: I spend more time hunting down the right photo, the perfect one, the best HD screen cap than I did on the writing. I could not have completed this without the help of my soompi friends. Thank you, septmoon, coolreborn and aisling for helping me. You spend hours searching for the best photos, screen capping your HD videos and braving heart attacks, hyperventilation, hyperactive salivary glands, fainting spells and hot showers, all in the name of love for Cutie. Special thanks to septmoon who spent copious amount of time, patiently piecing each and every photo of Cutie into these priceless motifs.

Photo credits: coolreborn, dramabeans, Joo Won’s tumblr community, moonjoowon twitter, and Joo Won International fanclub blog, Baidu Joo Won Bar, DC, dangermousie, Facebook, Naver, King, Softy and other web sources.




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  1. Thanks a lot for the hard work, I really enjoyed the notes. I’m sure lots of JW will be inspired by this valuable collection of information and photos.

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