Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast and PD (Part 2)

by manyearsago




KI MIN SOO ~ If the team is united like a family, both fun and viewer ratings would follow

The first episode started with viewer rating of 17.2%, the second episode had recorded with 20.5%, last episode of “Ojakgyo Brothers” achieved a viewer rating of 36.3%.  What was the secret of gathering so much popularity of this drama?   As for the weekend dramas, the normal tactics used by the PD is to make the production team to become like a family.  Before they did script reading of the first episode, PD called out the cast members and filming crew for drinks.  So while they were communicating throughout the night, the walls between them could be broken down one by one.  With his warm smile, the PD said “if they really have become like a family, there would be a story.”


~ I see the national couple Joo Won and Uee received so much love in this drama.

They played Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Ja Eun, the storyline was heavily based on these two characters, because they were the main couple, I had hard time in choosing the cast.   For Tae Hee, I was aiming at a newbie who was well recognized and had a fresh image.   Joo Won just flashed through my mind.  He left me an impression when I watched Baker King.  He acted well above my expectation.  A tough detective but suppressing his own emotions  due to his parent’s accident, his feelings towards love, all these were well expressed through his acting like he was actually Tae Hee himself.   People recommended Uee to me but I realized she was a singer and didn’t have much acting experience.  Before approaching her, I watched the highlight footage of her drama “Burdie Buddy”, she was very good in expressing her feelings.  However for long serial drama, expressing feelings meticulously is a must.   In order to confirm this, I watched her variety show, the way she talks and expresses is very good, so she was cast.

~ Did you particularly give them any advice?

My advice was I gathered the cast members and filming crew a few times for drinks before filming started and even during filming.  My thinking was I wanted them to think they felt like they were in one family, that was the most important point for this drama.  Then they could build up deeper friendship before filming.  I could see its effect from the first episode.  But I guess it was Uee’s first time coming across with this sort of atmosphere as drama is very different from musical world especially she is an idol.  At first, she was a bit shocked but then she got used to it.

~ How did you rate her acting?

Above my expectation.  I think it was from the third eposide when she learnt her father had gone missing.  After seeing her acting, I confirmed my casting was successful.  I heard Uee was originally a swimming athlete, I guess she has the purity and spirit as an athlete.  She was really like that because until the end, you never see her pretending she was tired.  Even she had filmed overnight, you could never tell.   I teased her by saying I never realise you have such “devoted energy”.   I thought she was taking this project as a test.  She put in so much effort when comparing to her last drama project.  She did her best and was not afraid of messing up her image in playing scenes like she got drunk and behaved badly.

~ Uee and Joo Won had many kiss scenes, can you tell us some anecdotes?

Hahaha.  They played very well.  I didn’t see any awkwardness between them at all, that’s why I teased them saying “Are you two dating? If not, you two are so immersed playing your characters.”

~ The story was getting so funny when Joo Won’s love hostile Jeong Seok Won appeared in the scenes.

Hahaha, after Jeong Seok Won made his appearance, I could see Joo Won was very jealous and cautious.  I reckon he was too immersed in the drama.  He always asked me “How does Ja Eun feel?” “Is it going to be a love triangle?”  Originally, he was very jealous and ended up confessing to Ja Eun.   Hahaha, thanks for that, the scenes taken looked so real.

~ I heard atmosphere of the film set was very harmonious.

Including Joo Won and Jeong Seok Won, all other cast interacted well with the crew.  We were just like a family, it was not like a workplace, it was something more than that. It was like the children were playing in the park without realizing the time.  I always had a wish that actors do feel thankful having great time in film set. I guess my wish was fulfilled in this project.

~ Do you have any message to Japanese viewers?

When we were filming, we never thought the drama would be broadcasting in Japan, so I don’t really know what to say (laugh).  But please don’t feel burdened and anticipate too much, then you will find this drama more enjoyable and relaxing to watch.


Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast  (excerpt)

UEE ~ Idol-turned-actress

From a spoiled daughter to a homeless young woman, Baek Ja Eun never got discouraged with the adversity she was facing, she tried her best everyday and finally won the hearts of the Hwang family.  Uee caught all the attentions since her debut as a singer, she grabbed the chance starting her activities in acting, however the path she chose to walk was not easy.  She never gave up and put in her best in Ojakgyo Brothers.   Her acting was above expectation and she was loved by viewers, the drama also achieved a huge success.  Because of her personal nature, she was cast as the female lead, she is no longer an “idol” but an “actress”.

After School members were jealous of my kiss scenes with Joo Won

How did do go with playing the painful love story with Joo Won?

In the beginning of the story, our relationship was awkward as we had so many clashes but then we became amiable and close, our feelings towards each other were growing.  As Joo Won understood I didn’t have much acting experience, he helped me out with practising the lines before rehearsal.  Unexpectedly, I found him with good leadership skill.  If we had gathering, he was always the last one to leave in order to look after hoobaes.

What was your most memorable scene with Joo Won?

There were a couple of scenes in which I had to tie Tae Hee’s necktie.  Those scenes depicted our feelings towards each other and they were so beautifully taken although they were very sad scenes,  I still can’t forget them even now.

You had so many kiss scenes.

Ahaha, I was asked if I was really dating with Joo Won.  After School’s members said there were too many kiss scenes and they got jealous.  Actually, both of us were pretty awkward when filming those scenes.  By the way, even we were like that, we managed to relate those scenes with our painful feelings.  The relationship between Ja Eun and Tae Hee progressed from awkwardness before they gradually fell in love with each other but their awkwardness was progressing pretty naturally and their scenes were so cute.

You also had many crying scenes, did you find them difficult to play?

It was very hard in the beginning but once I kept doing it, I was so absorbed and immersed in Ja Eun’s feeling.  I could do crying scenes on my own.  Even I heard PD yelling OK, I couldn’t stop my tears and it was pretty annoying.  However, I think I could deeply feel the attraction of acting after this experience.

What was the memory of the last filming day?

I cried a lot on the last filming day,  people called me Ja Eun more than Uee during filming and I thought I had to say farewell to Ja Eun so I couldn’t stop my tears, but because the cast and the filming crew made promises of meeting again more often in future, I felt the comfort.   I understood we are all busy and meeting so often is really not possible, but even now we still keep in touch.



Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast

Interview with Jung Woong In  (excerpt)

~ Were you the first one cast in this drama?

Yes, I heard I was the first one, then it was Ryu Su Young, Joo own and Yong Woong Jin.   Because I didn’t know them well, so I couldn’t imagine how we were like as brothers.   About Joo Won, when I watched Baker King, the impression he left me was not like that but after playing with him, I thought his acting was good in playing a character older than himself.  He is already 24 but sometimes he still speaks like a kid.  However, when he was acting, the way he looked at Uee was exactly like a 30-year-old man.   Once I asked him “Where did you learn this acting?”  Actually, I myself seldom praise people.

~ I heard you guys always went for drinks.

Joo Won can’t drink but everyone liked the gathering so we  just went.  Once a week, we went for drink (only light beer) after filming.  Sometimes, we had to cancel the gathering as sunbaenim wanted to go home after filming.   Every time, Baek Il Sub sunbae said he would come with us but he didn’t, Kim Ja Ok and Kim Yong Rim sunbaes can’’t drink so they seldom came.  One time I said to Kim Ja Ok sunbae “If Mom is coming, Baek Il Sub and Kim Yong Rim sunbaes will come” (laugh).  We have so much fun when we went to a Chinese restaurant.   Everyone got drunk.  Second time, we spent good time in karaoke, we opened up our heart when we did things like that.

~ Did you teach Uee drinking?

No, it wasn’t me but she has no problem with drinking (laugh).  I asked her why she was never absent for drinks every time, she said “she likes the gathering.”  I thought the atmosphere was good.  When I performed theatre play, she sent me flowers.  She is really a nice girl.   I think she contributed a lot to the success of the drama.

~ Can you think of the reasons why this drama achieved viewer ratings more than 30%?

I had a good feeling when PD gathered all staff and cast for our first gathering.  I was pretty confident that “our harmony had reached the viewers”. I could see we communicated so well with our lines during filming, that was actually harmony.  If there is harmony, there will be a good drama.   Certainly, the story itself was interesting.   Many things happened to the brothers under the same roof.  I guess we ourselves may come across with these situations.   But at the end, people are living in a family.   Sometimes, we have happiness and sometimes we have troubles.  This drama was all about love of brothers and this is the theme of the drama.  All four sons are growing up so well.




Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast

Interview with Ryu Su Young (excerpt)

~ I heard there were many anecdotes of four brothers filming together?

We normally did “ghost leg game”, whoever lost would be buying us dobokki and pizza for lunch.  I felt sorry for Baek Il Sub sunbaenim because he always lost to us on purpose (laugh).  Joo Won was very lucky because he never lost.   What I found amazing was why the person suggested for the game always lost.

~ How was their acting?

The co-stars were all wonderful and we got along so well even  personality of the characters in the drama was different.  For us, whoever’s acting was awkward, whoever had made mistakes, none of us got angry.  Therefore, the filming atmosphere was good and we could act well and there were many interesting scenes.   Since the script was interesting, we ended up cracking up during filming.  We sort of spread our happiness to viewers.

~ Jung Woong Jin praised you a lot

I even said to Woong Jin sunbae, if he has a sister, he must introduce her to me (laugh).  Woong Jin sunbae looks so different from his appearance, he is a very funny person.  He always looks after me.  He made a promise to himself that he has to play on stage once a year.  I found him very cool.

~ How about the other two brothers?

Both of them are cute.  Joo Won sent me trailer of “Bridal Mask”.  When I watched the drama, I told him “he did well” then he replied saying “still not good” with a crying face.  He is full of aegyoness.   Comparing to him, Woo Jin is manly, he is quiet and not mischievous,  he does his best preparing for filming, he works hard.  The other day, we were supposed to go together watching Woong Jin sunbae’s performance but I suddenly had something to do and couldn’t go.   Later on, he contacted him saying “I went on my own.”

~ Why was Ojakgyo Brothers so successful?

The story was interesting.  There were scenes with complicated  relationship and the situations had to end up like that but we received lots of empathy from viewers.  I think the message of this drama has pretty much given hope to people like it will turn out to be good if we follow the principle of life,  things will turn out right if people are not too particular with trivial matters.









Baek Il Sub praised his four sons in the interview.


source  韓国TVドラマ vol 51


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