Special Interviews with “Ojakgyo Brothers” Cast and PD (Part 1)

by manyearsago

I received the magazine for a few months but I didn’t have a chance doing the translation.  The magazine was published last year for promoting Ojakgyo Brothers DVD released in Japan around the same time last year.   Some topics would have been mentioned in this thread or probably other sites. Since there were 9 interviews all together, it is impossible for me to translate them all so I just translated Joo Won’s interview and picked the interviews in which Joo Won was mentioned.

After reading a few recent articles about “Catch Me” and finished watching “Good Doctor”, I found it quite interesting to re-read these old interviews and relate them to my thinking.  Why he is always selected by production team to play a “detective” type of role and how excellent he played the role “Shi On”.




JOO WON ~ Being “cool” and “cute” is his attractions and weapons grasping viewers heart

A charismatic detective at work but an aegyo son a home,  Joo Won played the 3rd son, Tae Hee,  in drama “Ojakgyo Brothers”.  His character showed viewers his extreme aspects of charm.  Because of his piercing eye expressions, he is offered to play many cool characters but his co-stars commenting him a “cute boy” with personality like a typical “maknae”.   Possessing charms like strong weapons has widened his activities in drama, movie and variety program.   Although he has already become a young star considering he only debuted for two years, he never loses his direction towards where he is heading.    His humbleness can always be found when he says “I still have plenty to learn because I am still new in the industry.”

Co-star Uee was really surprised seeing my aegyoness

~ After debut drama Baker King in 2010, you received many offers.  What was the reason of choosing “Ojakgyo Brothers”?

It was not because I didn’t request for leading a romance comedy but I am not the type of actor who can attract attention by leading a drama and I think I do feel the pressure to play the lead role.  For romance comedy, the storyline is almost based on both male and female leads.  I am thinking when there will be a chance for me to challenge this genre but I reckon it is still too early for me.  As a newbie, I still have many things to learn and I have to accumulate more experiences.  I was cast to lead ‘Ojakgyo Brothers”  but many sunbaes were cast too.  It is already very lucky for me to be able to work together with them.  I also like the manly and tough character of Tae Hee.

~ I think Tae Hee has many differences from yourself, what do you think?

Tae Hee is very professional at work but a sentimental son and also grandson at home.  Being compassionate and cute is our similarities.   Indeed, I do aegyo a lot (laugh).  When my family members watched the scene in which I was talking to my grandma on the phone, they told me that is exactly the way how I normally express and speak.  But my co-star Uee was very surprised to see me behaving like this.  Uee is my hoobae.  At school, I always lead hoobaes but I also rebuke them all the time, so I am quite a scary sunbae.  When she saw me showing aegyoness in front of sunbaes in film set, she was very surprised and said “I didn’t know oppa is like this.”  Hahaha.

~ I can see your first impression was piercing.

I am always told my eye expression looks sharp and piercing, but I guess people misunderstood me.  However,  because of this, I think I received offers to play a detective role in both “Special Investigation Unit” and “Ojakgyo Brothers”.  Really, I laugh about why I always play a character who doesn’t smile.  I myself hate arguing the most and because I don’t like push and pull game, I always lost to my girlfriend when we had arguments.  I reckon the problem is girls tend to like bad guys (laugh).

~ What preparation did you do for playing a detective role?

Because Tae Woong hyung played a detective in “Special Investigation Unit”, I just took him as a reference.  Because I was still pretty new in the industry, when filming the movie, instead of checking my acting in the monitor, I tended to check more on how my face was focused.  But I didn’t do it this time. I didn’t bother with my image.  If the sun was glary, I just frowned my face.  I ran if I had to catch the culprit.  I just expressed my exhausted and distorted look.  I worked hard on showing my natural acting.

~ Do you have pressure playing character older than your actual age?
When I see sunbaes and long-time friends, I think people don’t change that easily.  Only the surrounding environments keep changing, people don’t.   So, even I  play a role in his 30’s, I don’t think it is necessary for me to change completely with facial expression and speak in deeper voice.  In “Special Investigation Unit”, my role was an analyst in criminology, I really had problem at that time on how to portray a 30-year-old character.  In the script, it was written the role I played was older than Tae Woong hyung’s role.   So I tried to set my hair like this and that.  However, when I went to consult the professor of criminal psychology, I was told “my age did worry him but my eye expression was very similar to those people working in that profession.”  At that time, his words injected me with more confidence.   Thanks for that, I didn’t worry about age difference when playing “Ojakgyo Brothers”.

~ You had many action scenes playing a detective, right?

Because it was a weekend drama, I never thought I would have to run that much (laugh).  I think that was the first time that I had to run that much since my debut.  But I like action scenes.  When filming “Special Investigation unit”, Tae Woong hyung and I went to action school together learning the basics like how to bash and to escape from being bashed, I found it very interesting in matching our movements.  This time, I did rehearsal on my own before filming,  I did all action scenes without a stunt.  As long as I didn’t get injured, I found myself pretty cool (laugh).  When filming “Baker King”, I hit my head on the ground when filming a scene, I was then sent to hospital (bitter smile).

~ You didn’t injure at all this time playing action scenes?

When filming a fighting scene, I injured my finger but it wasn’t something serious.

Female respecting seniors is my ideal type

~ Comparing to Ma Jun in Baker King, Tae Hee tended to wear more casual wear, didn’t he?

I found it very comfortable.  Since I had to wear suit all the time when playing Ma Jun, I always had to sit and stand properly in order not to crease my suit, that made me nervous.  My whole body was pretty stiff after filming.  This time, I could wear casual wear to play, wherever I sat and even dozing off, I felt more comfortable.

~ How did you go acting with co-star Uee?

Although we originally knew each other, this was my very first time acting with her.  While we were helping out each other as we were still lacking in many aspects, we put in whatever we could. She gave her best shots and her acting was good.  Because of her, filming crew was so happy hence atmosphere in film set was good.  I felt good too and had great time in filming.  When the news was released about we were cast, I thought I had to take good care of her and other people told me to be nice to her but I didn’t need to do anything at all.  She is such a great hoobae.

~ It was a hot topic when you invited Uee to your movie premiere.

I started filming “Ojakgyo Brothers” while “Special Investigation Unit” was still wrapping up its filming.   When they heard Uee was cast playing the drama, people from PD to Tae Woong hyung made a big fuss nagging me to take Uee to film set because they were all Uee’s fans (laugh).   After filming drama, I went straight to movie film set, they bugged me badly with “Why don’t you bring her here?” “You can’t even bring her here?” (laugh).  I didn’t see Tae Woong hyung for some time after movie filming had finished, but the first question he asked me was “Where is Uee?”, that’s why I invited her to the movie premiere.

~ I heard many people said it would be good if you two were dating but what is your ideal type?

As I am the type who is always deep in thoughts, I also thought of my ideal type.  My answer is “I go for someone who has good common sense and values the basics and especially she respects seniors.”  These basics are most important.  Recently, I see people pretty much losing their virtue of respecting seniors, I get angry when seeing it.  Her appearance and personality will be the next things I consider.  But I really don’t know what will happen if love suddenly comes to visit me one day.  Hahaha.

~ What did you learn from sunbaes in this drama?

I had many worries after receiving the script.  I had great time and was happy while filming but there were moments that I still felt I didn’t do well.  I just can’t help myself having this pitiful feeling.   From what I see, acting is part of sunbaes’ life, they act while having fun.  Baek Il Sub and Kim Ja Ok sunbaenims understood well where the cameras were focusing so they could act well while smoothly moving around in the scene, that gave me goose bumps and I really envied them.  I also learnt a lot from Su Young sunbae.  From receiving the script until filming, he exuded his meticulous feelings even he was only practising.  His acting was almost perfect when doing his take.  When I thought I was still lacking something in my acting,  PD would sort of incite me by saying “If it was Su Young, I reckon he would have acted like this.”

~ Because you mentioned about Ryu So Young, so I will ask you this question.  If you confront with the same situation like Tae Beom, what will do you ?

I actually spoke to him once.  I said “Tae Beom is really a bad buy. It is not possible at all.”    But I guess since it was a drama, the story could be written like that but in real life I can’t understand at all why Tae Beom would have done that.

~ I heard the filming atmosphere was harmonious but who was the mood maker?

When Baek Il Sub sunbaenim was in filmset, we always had fun.  Maybe he didn’t realize it himself with his acting, but we found it so funny when we saw him (laugh).  Thanks for that, filming atmosphere was harmonious.

~ After Baker King, you received good notes in this drama again.

I think I was lucky that both dramas were well received.  I guess my luck came early but I would rather be prepared for myself.  On the contrary, when I have setback in future, at least I don’t get too confused, so I think it is necessary for me to get prepared for future.

Want to become an actor enjoying acting

~ What is the reason of working continuously project after project  without taking a break?

Because there are too many good actors, if I don’t appear in TV, I will be forgotten very soon.  When Baker King was being aired, eight out of ten people in the street recognized me but one year after the drama finished, no one recognized me, so I reckon it doesn’t work if I don’t appear in TV that often.  Moreover, I think actor having busy schedules is a pretty reasonable although it is no good to health.

~ I guess you have covet towards acting, right?

Recently other than sleeping, acting is the only thing in my mind.  Once I am involved in a project, I am so absorbed in reading the script, it isn’t because I can’t remember the lines but I just feel worried.  Actually the lines are hovering inside my mind all day.  I feel guilty if I think of something irrelevant to my projects.  It looks better in a way that my daily life is tied up with projects.

~ You are currently doing variety program “1 night 2 days”, aren’t you?

I envied Tae Woong hyung when I heard he would be doing 1N2D,  it was not because it was the most popular variety program.   More than anything, seeing their bromance was what I envied about.

~ I heard you have a good relationship with Uhm Tae Woong

I really like hyung, When we were filming together,  I saw his acting with my own eyes, then I realized why hyung was nicknamed as “Uhm Force”.

~ Tell us one thing why you like him?

Hahaha… hyung tells you straightaway what his weakness is.  During filming, if there was a scene in which he found it difficult to express, he would just say “I don’t understand well about it.”   “Difficult, don’t understand” are words you don’t easily say in front of hoobaes.  But after revealing his thoughts, he received help from others, then they completed the work together.  That was very impressive, then I realized I had to reflect my own opinion too. Therefore, when filming “Ojakgyo Brothers”, I was consciously with PD’s ideas but I also told him my opinions.   I had so much fun.

~ What is your impression of appearing in “1N2D”?

It is good that I became one of the members.  I have fun traveling to different locations, it gives me a chance doing something out of routine other than only filming drama.  It is for work but I feel like doing it for fun,  I am lucky that I can spend and enjoy the wonderful time.

~ So you don’t normally do things out of routine?

Not at all.  I didn’t even run away from home.  If I have to name one, I guess telling my parents that I wanted to attend high school of art would be regarded as something I did out of routine.  At that time, my parents were pretty shocked hearing about it.  But I guess parents of every household are the same, aren’t they?  They want their children walking on a normal path and having a stable job. However, I wanted to attend art school instead.  After getting into the art school, I thought I had to do something as its tuition fee was far more expensive than normal high school,  I also took up the responsibility as person-in-charge of the school theatre in order to receive scholarship.  Sometimes, I guess I don’t have that sort of character dreaming of doing something out of routine (laugh).  I can’t even drink alcohol.

What is your goal?

First, I want to get involved in different projects for accumulating experiences as I can learn a lot from doing projects.  I think my acting will improve if I keep doing it.  Even I don’t get popularity, I guess I can still become an actor enjoying acting.  Also, while taking up acting as my life career, I hope I can teach acting in university one day.

source  韓国TVドラマ vol 51


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