Romantic-Comedy . Older Actress . Musical … JooWon’s Everything


He is now a certified trend setter.  Movie and Drama, Musical and Variety Show, young actor Joo Won (Age 27, birth name Moon Joon-won/Moon Jun-won) enthusiastically jumping into all genres is building his Filmography one by one and maintaining his publicly friendly image.  But this image is not made systematically or from being calculative. It comes from his innate innocence and purity.  In recently opened ‘Catch Me’ Joo Won closely resembles the character he portrays who contemplates and struggles moment of release between the movie role’s first love and being a police man.

-Joo Won, “I am getting the confidence in Romantic Comedy now.”

Joo Won who met with the reporter at recent Sam Chun-Dong Café began regarding ‘Catch Me’,“I have lot of burdens.  At first, I was not interested in Romantic Comedy (Rom-Com) and didn’t have the confidence.”  “Since it requires greater proportion from the main character, I did not have the confidence but after the title role of ‘Bridal Mask’ I became more confident.  And then I met with ‘7 Level Civil Servant’, it turned out to be fun.  I felt the attractiveness of the Rom-Com.  Since it requires natural acting, it reflects much of my real self.”

JooWon who said he felt the attractiveness of Lee Ho-Tae, acted naturally by searching for similarities said “I don’t know the way (how to) to fully concentrate into character.  Instead, I made the atmosphere to be comfortable and natural and created this by being spontaneous.  There are times when you are filming according to the script and something else comes out, I’ve made that come alive.”

He said Kim Ah-joong was a big help.  “There is the sensitivity women have that men do not have.  There were many male staff members so woman’s point of view was important.  (Kim) Ah-joong nuna and I talked a lot. “

Thanks to this, Joo Won was able to save Lee Ho-tae’s loveable side.  The man who struggles to save and protect the woman he loves is enough to expressed loveable side of a character.  But Joo Won said there were many parts he is not satisfied with.  The filming schedule overlapping with ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘Catch Me’ affecting level of concentration was the key factor.  Joo Won said “(Good Doctor) A certain tone and speech was required in the character so I needed more time to concentrate on the character.  A formalized speech is not really needed but it kept coming out at certain official places.”  He laughed awkwardly.

He followed “having many regrets/dissatisfaction is natural.  Being satisfied with my acting at my current age is absurd.  But still, I do and give my best at the time.  I follow PD’s words and direction fully.  I follow with a trust.  On next project, I try to film by making what I lacked in the past.   I want to improve little by little.  I am not at the stage where I should be satisfied” and showed his humility.


– Joo Won is known for being professional at working with Older Actress?

To Joo Won who showed perfect chemistry with Kim Ah-joong to a point their age difference was forgotten, this was not the first time acting with a female actress above his age.  Regarding female actresses above his age, Joo Won said “Perhaps because they have the experience and many more years of acting, I feel comfortable and rely towards them.  I have faith that they will fill in my missing parts.  Ah-joong nuna has that sensitivity, Chae-won nuna is serious and sincere.  Kang-hee nuna is very different from everyone and cute.   Maybe I have fallen for Rom-Com genre more because of Kang-hee nuna.”  “Kang-hee nuna and I have many things in common.  There are parts we relied on each other since filming was difficult.

Then, what is Joo Won’s attraction that boasts perfect chemistry with older actresses.  Joo Won was hesitant and then replied.  “I am enough old looking.  I don’t have distinct characteristic so I heard I am style to match well with anyone. “ and laughed as if embarrassed.  (wondering)Then how would Joo Won be as a man facing a female instead of an actress.

Joo Won towards the story of the movie, “in real life, I am not sure about me in the past but now wouldn’t it be difficult?  As time passed and I became more realistic, I felt this would be not be possible.  In the past, I thought a person should not be calculative and have to be innocent (regarding love).  So through projects, I am getting vicarious pleasure.”  As movie dealt with first love, I asked story of his first love.  “I try not to say much as it is not a proper etiquette towards the first love.  Of course, I kept remembering during the filming of the movie.  It is a precious memory just like everyone else.”


 – Musical Actor  – Joo Won Returns to Beginning

This year, Joo Won showed another different side of him on stage that is different than from big screen and on TV screen.  Joo Won is appearing with Ivy on the Big Production Musical ‘Ghost.’  To this Joo Won said “I am performing on the stage in a very long time.  I am having so much fun and am very happy.”  When asked if he had any difficulties digesting projects from various genres, Joo Won answered  “It is tiring” and then showed a smile.

Joo Won said “Overnight filming is exhausting but I always find an interest/fun in each project I do.  After ‘Good Doctor’ the next day I joined ‘Ghost’ and was worried how far my body can withstand.  But when I actually started the practice, it was so much fun.  Since then, I practiced 12 hours a day and did not feel much tiredness.”  The innocence like this is the same when he’s choosing a scenario.  “I don’t read scripts if they are not fun (to me).  That is the foremost.  And then I think simply.  It’s easier to make a decision when you are thinking simple.  That’s why sometimes I do the projects no one wants to do.”

Joo Won said he is able to communicate with his fans more closely through Musical.  Joo Won said “Fans always sit in front rows.  I saw many old fans also.  It’s really nice to see them close from the stage.  After the performance, sometimes we have a short mini fan meeting while riding the same elevator.  But since this is not always possible I try to communicate with them much through twitter“ and showed his appreciation and thanks for his fans.

Joo Won overflowedwith passion andgreed as a young blooded actor in 20’s who’s starting to widen his acting spectrum.  And he produced even more positive energy through synergy effect in everything he did with his innocence and positive personality.  Joo Won who is spending busy year-end schedule with stage promotion for ‘Catch Me’ followed with musical performance, showed a variety of transformation and change and in fruitful year of 2013, is enough  to make us further expect and look forward to his year 2014.


Reporter : Lee Seung-hyun

Translation: sdee hc

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