Joo Won, whose honesty started “Joo Won’s Era of Success”

Perfectly assimilating into the savant syndrome role in <Good Doctor>, Joo Won seals leading man status


Part 1

“Joo Won’s acting is like a rigid piece of solid, an unnatural extreme. Not only does he lack acting skills, but also displays his character’s expressions and actions with exaggeration.” This was part of a reporter’s critique of Joo Won who transitioned from musicals to his debut drama <Baker King Kim Tak Gu>. Thereafter, 3 years passed. “A savant syndrome sufferer role that moved audiences with sincere acting and opened doors to Joo Won’s era. His acting now is progressing to be at a level that cannot be determined anymore. “ This is what reporters had to say about lead Joo Won’s acting in a special report for the recently concluded <Good Doctor>.

Joo Won used 3 years to turn criticisms towards his acting into compliments, revolutionizing his era and starting a trend. How did he use 3 years to transform magnificently from a debut actor to one who has sealed leading man status?

Joo Won: “I know there’s debate over my acting, as well as the many areas I’m lacking in. I will work hard little by little, becoming a better actor. “ SIM Entertainment’s CEO Shim Jung Woon says, “I will let the company’s artists, especially the newcomers, participate in many weekend/daily dramas helmed by hardcore actors. They will work for 6 months to a year, learning about acting and cultivating an actor’s attitude/mentality.” Through their testimonies, one is able to find the basis of Joo Won’s success.

Instead of concentrating on his popularity, the company’s strategy of letting him learn the chops has made Joo Won into a trend, propelling him into stardom.  In addition, his excellent taste in selecting projects that link image, popularity and competiveness closely is one of the reasons that have firmed his star actor position.

Joo Won has revealed his unique road to becoming a celebrity. He left the group Frees after making their debut in 2006, subsequently participating in musicals <Altar Boyz>, <Grease>, <Singles>, <Spring Awakening>, making his formal appearance as a musical actor. His biggest motivations as actor– honesty and hard work, was already apparent from his musical days. He says, “The project that I was acknowledged as musical actor was <Spring Awakening>, then because of an unexpected emergency I helped the lead actor as understudy. It was an unplanned start; I just wanted to do this performance together. Even if there was no show I would arrive early at the venue daily to mop floors and practice by reading the scripts twice.” Just like that, opportunity descended upon a secretly prepared Joo Won.  The actor who was lead suffered an injury, thus leading Joo Won to take the stage and achieve success for the musical.


Part 2

The honesty displayed during his time as musical actor shifted thereafter to TV screens. Television actor Joo Won’s debut was the critically acclaimed 2010 <Baker King Kim Tak Gu> that garnered high ratings. He made his appearance as hostile antagonist alongside the show’s hero, leaving a strong presence with audiences. However, as it was his first tv foray, Joo Won’s stiff acting did not fluidly synergize with the camera’s movements. There were rebukes and criticisms, yet he worked hard on solving those problems silently on his own.

The project that helped Joo Won progress in leaps and bounds is KBS <Ojakgyo Brothers> that scored highest ratings for its time slot in its entire run of more than 6 months.  In the long running weekend drama, Joo Won not only honed his acting skills but also his attitude as actor.  This was a valuable strategy by SIM Entertainment.  “When <BKKTG> ended, Joo Won had many opportunities that could have increased his popularity. But my thinking is different, rather than be popular he has to learn acting, thus I involved him in a weekend drama that had an established/veteran cast. After Joo Won watched <OB>, he admitted that this drama had brought about much progress for him,” says Shim Jung Woon. This method had indeed become Joo Won’s motivation for success.

His excellent foresight of selecting projects that showcase his brilliant skills (<Bridal Mask>, <Level 7 Civil Servant> and <GD>) has also rewarded him with successful ratings.  This is especially so for the recently concluded <GD>.

Besides having won “Best Newcomer’ and “Excellence Award for Drama’ Joo Won has also gained recognition from industry experts and the masses. Each and every time during award ceremonies he never fails to reiterate his motto of wanting to be a humane actor in his speeches.  <GD> finished its run recently and amidst countless of compliments from viewers, Joo Won left a Twitter message through the social platform on the 10th: “This feeling.  This feeling from morning 10am to 10pm tonight. Yes it is this feeling!” Joo Won is presently rehearsing for the musical <GHOST>, which starts on 24/11/13.  One successful project down, another one being prepared for with genuine gusto. This is how he grows continuously.

Another reason attributed for his immense popularity with the young and old is Joo Won’s friendliness and warm appearance shown in variety shows like <2D1N>. “When I see Joo Won in <2D1N> my mood turns better for no apparent reason.” Many viewers share the same sentiments. If he were to continue possessing a genuine and humble attitude and setting it as basis for hard work, Joo Won would surely be on par with other top celebrities, becoming a star with a longer ‘shelf life’ and being able to stay by the fans’ side.

Original source: etoday from Baidu

Chinese translation: Joo演员 from Baidu

English translation: daydreamsindecember


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