Joo Won “I May Change Without Knowing It”

“Although I do not know if I am really that honest….but I will continue to persevere in holding on to my own thinking.”

Towards Joo Won, the sunbaes have nothing but favorable criticisms. At a young age of 27 years, Joo Won stands out from his peers with his honesty and natural tenacity. What piques us most is the strength of his motivation to forge ahead. His diligence at such a young age has led his seniors to look at him differently.

Joo Won has always won the praises and approval from his seniors. Kim Eung Soo, Jung Woong In, Ryu Soo Young and many more seniors have spoken of Joo Won during their interviews and even chased after him(his shows). In addition, on KBS2TV <Happy Sunday-1N2D>, Joo Won got nicknamed “Bromance Complex” and played the part of a maknae well, monopolizing the affection from the members.

But Joo Won feels that rather than basking in the knowledge of his seniors’ approval, he prefers to view it as having to work harder because his seniors have thought well of him. During a recent interview in a café at Seoul Gangnam port, Joo Won confessed,  “Rather than saying that the seniors have approved of me, it’s better to say they think well of me. Receiving such love from the seniors is really good.”

He continued “Being liked by my teachers is just like when I was on <1N2D> together with my hyungs, it makes one grounded. In the future, I want to preserve myself. Although I do not know if I am really that honest, I will persevere in holding on to my thinking. This may seem to others that I have changed and of course, I may also change without knowing it myself but just like how I returned to the theatre, I will do so with the same mentality as I had when I performed in the past.”

With the support of his seniors, Joo Won returns to theatre, towards the musical <GHOST> he is all excited. Recently on <1N2D> his hyungs have encouraged and cheered him on. Joo Won said “After I left the ratings went up, sure enough it did…” Although he said it like this, it revealed his thoughts “It wasn’t as if hyungs wanted me to leave, I am really happy that the ratings increased. It’s for the good of everyone that I have left the show, now I will have to work even harder.”

In order to upgrade himself, Joo Won has made many decisions including enrolling in graduate school. “This has got to do with my dream of becoming a professor since I was in high school. In the future, if I have the opportunity and the ability, I would like to teach students. Of course it will depend on how things progress.”

“I have envisioned after I get married, on days when I am not filming, I will clean up in the morning, brush my white hair, put on a cloak, wear my sunglasses, sit in a nice car and receive a kiss from my wife then I would go and teach. This dream of becoming a professor is one which I had for a very long time.”

Joo Won also dreams of acting with Ahn Sung Ki. He said “I want to act with Ahn Sung Ki sunbae. Ahn Sung Ki sunbae was the first celebrity I have met. I have always been respectful of the seniors. After I met him, I felt that he was very approachable. He was also very friendly during the award show, very worthy of respect. I was very nervous when he sat beside during my first award show but sunbae took the initiative to talk to me. He is a senior whom I like very much, I hope I will become someone like sunbae.”

Joo Won will be appearing in this musical <GHOST> which is based on a 1990 movie of the same name starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. A production of massive scale with 1.68 million tickets sold worldwide, it stars Joo Won , Kim Joon Hyun, Kim Woo Hyung, Ivy and Park Ji Yeon. The musical <GHOST> will start its run on the 24th at Seoul Gurogu, D Cube Arts Centre.

Sourc: mydaily

Chinese translation: Sherry on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples on


note : left out a line about the musical in the last paragraph and also two cast names which I do not know the Hangul.


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