Joo Won Feels Pride in Title “Actor Representing 20’s Actors” (Interview)

The reason Joo Won is receiving this much love was within himself.

Acting without resting, drama, musical and now movie.  He probably doesn’t have enough time for performance but is also working on movie promotion without a rest.  It’s not easy to receive so much love in every project but Joo Won’s popularity does not have a comma (rest).

Joo Won proceeding an early morning interview with Newsen in SamChun-Dong had no sign of being tired but made staffs around him laugh with a smiling face.  At a question, “Isn’t early morning rise difficult”, Joo Won says he “regularly wakes up at 7 a.m. even if there is no schedule” and adds, “I don’t have morning sleep so during college I would wake up 6 a.m. and arrive school by 7 a.m.”





“Many ask isn’t it physically tiring.  To be honest, there are times I feel tired but fortunately I get such an interest about the character and the project I am in every time I start a new project that I can withstand the tiredness.  Same with the musical.  I started the day after completing drama ‘Good Doctor’.  I scheduled it that way although I knew I would be tired.  It was so much fun practicing from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Just the thought of being able to stand on the stage once more, I was able to forget my tiredness.

At a question how he takes rest with his busy schedule, Joo Won replied the answer of a disciplined young man “I’ve stopped drinking coffee these days and spend time near home.  Seeing friends once in a while is all.  I can’t drink, so no alcohol.” “If I drink alcohol, it will affect me the next day so meet a friend for about 1-2 hours and then I go home.”

If he’s given an official resting (vacation) time, he says he wants to travel. And then made us laugh by saying “even a short trip would be great fun” “just going to the airport for filming gets me excited.”

I have not traveled foreign country properly.  I want to fly on an airplane.  Just going abroad for a schedule was exciting.  I stayed in Japan for one week but did not feel tired even with the busy schedule.  Just the fact I am in a foreign country and not in Korea made me excited.  Asian Tour is scheduled for next year.  Perhaps it will be more exciting than this year (laugh).  I was surprised to see multinational fans coming to see my current performance.  I won’t be able to compare with an Idol but just the fact that they know me was surprising.”

Joo Won worries about how to reply to fan’s love.  He said he is always with a heart of gratitude and for his fans he is leaving through the front door after the performance instead of the back door.

“Although there is a back door I deliberately come out towards fans and try to communicate with them.  They came to see me and I should repay them with the least I can do for them.  It takes too much time to sign for them so I usually shake hands.  There wasn’t much chance of communicating with the fans doing dramas but I am happy performing on stage as it gives me time to be near the fans.”

His change in popularity from the past.  And ratings.  Joo Won to question asking for his comment on living as an actor representing 20’s he said, “I wish I am also an actor representing 30’s” and relayed his hope.

“I have the pride of being called actor representing 20’s.  However I do not think I am one myself.  There are so many who work hard.  I am being talked of since there are so many actors in 20’s showing their shape.  It makes me think I should always strive harder.”

Joo Won says “when I see other actors, they really seem like an entertainer/artist” “I cannot even try to look grand/famous.  People around me comment we dressed you grandly in suite and I am running around with a big smile.  Haha.  Stylist is having a really hard time.”

To Joo Won who says he is like a fashion terrorist, when asked whose idea it was to use the wig in the past scenes from movie ‘Catch Me’ he says it was his idea.  And asks “did it look strange.”

“Had to give the change in appearance from past to present.  To present innocent Ho Tae 10 years ago thought wearing a wig with longer hair might be alright so we tried it.  While filming the past scenes (in ‘Catch Me’) filming of ‘Good Doctor’ was on going.  Since changing the actual hair style had limitations so used the wig and I personally thought I looked good in it.”

When told him the question was asked because the wig stood out, Joo Won said “wig should stand out” “that’s wig’s charm” and generated laughter.

Through ‘Catch Me’ Joo Won showed 50% of himself into the character unlike the other characters he played.  He says there is a completely different charm to Ho Tae than that of Bridal Mask and Shi On.

“I was not confident in romantic comedy but after ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ I started becoming confident.  Rom-com has higher rate of weight on the man and woman of the main role.  To pull the project as the main you need tremendous strength but did not have confidence.  I received some confidence through ‘Bridal Mask’ as my first title role and through ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ I tasted the allure of rom-com.  Rom-com acting has more of myself mixed in the character so I felt free at times while acting.  Furthermore, Ho Tae’s cute charming side took a big part in choosing ‘Catch Me.’”

And with this he added “the good part of ’Catch Me’ is that it’s a movie that can be watched comfortably.” “It has less dramatic part but it’s a movie that is better if you can watch in a good mood. Hope everyone enjoy with a light heart and laughter” to recommend watching the movie.


As such, young actor with the right concept takes on a role of perfect profiler Lee Ho Tae in ‘Catch Me’ who meets his first love again in 10 years who’s become the grand thief and draws the events that happens while chasing and being chased.  Joo Won becomes Lee HoTae who graduates from Police University top of his class with an extraordinary appearance profiler who analyzes criminal psychology to solve cases.

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Newsen article origin Here

English translation by Sdee HC @

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