GHOST Interview – Joo Won

You have probably read our interviews with Kim Joon Hyun and Kim Woo Hyung. Now, we continue with the last of our destined love, let’s meet our actor Joo Won.

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With hearts gushing with excitement, we entered the dressing room, to get nearer to “Ghost”. Our Joo Won who is 1 million times more handsome in person, is getting ready for the performance. Thanks to Joo Won, we are able to carry out our interview in a friendly atmosphere. It is starting right now.


Q 1: As you have been absent from the theatre for a long time, it seems that the most important thing is managing your physical stamina. Do you have any special methods in this area? Fans are very curious how you maintain your physical stamina.

JW: The most important is the voice. Previously, when I was filming dramas, I did not choose food that is beneficial to my body. Now, not only do I have to take care of my body, I also have to take care of my voice. So I ate a lot of things which are good for the voice. I also started doing facial masks and wearing scarves. In any case, I did whatever I could do.

Q 2: While preparing for this musical, is there anything which left a deep impression or any interesting anecdote? Please tell us. It does not matter if it happened during rehearsals or during performances.

JW: It’s difficult to recount such things because I always forget suddenly just when I am at the verge of recalling. Ah yes, there was something that happened during a performance. Wasn’t there a scene where Oda Mae visited Molly’s home? One time, Oda Mae said: “Ah, you are so good looking, you can almost be a doctor.” (refering to a scene where Oda Mae saw Sam’s photo). Ji Yeon’s Molly suddenly burst out laughing. In order to restrain myself from laughter, I had to run backstage. I remember there is another incident; we had a problem with the photo frame we were using. Wasn’t there a photo frame which we had smashed? Once, the photo frame disappeared and we didn’t know where the knife went to either. Two of us went backstage to look for them and we really panicked. Besides these, there weren’t any other lapses.

Q 3: Before you go up on stage, do you make any resolution or take any action?

JW: I make a resolution. I say to myself “Have fun.” This resolution of “Have fun” on stage is very important to me. When an actor goes up on stage, even if he wants to perform something very different, the truth is he has to stick to what he has rehearsed, he cannot deviate from the character. So, in an instant, I thought that the ones who have fun on stage are the best. The audience also likes this type of actors.

Q 4: Now, let us delve into the performance. When you are playing Sam, which parts did you concentrate on the most?

JW: In the beginning, I was deliberating if I should copy the actor who played in the movie <GHOST>, he appeared as sexy and manly. Afterwards when I thought more about it, to Sam the most important was Molly. He was determined to protect Molly and that was singularly the most important. This was something I must not forget.

As long as I keep this in mind, it’s ‘game over’. As long as something obstructs Sam from protecting Molly, Sam will definitely not forgive. Once I set this as the target, it was much easier. In the beginning, there were many kiss scenes to portray the love between the two. There was also comedy.(laughs) After that, it was solely holding on to the determination to protect Molly.


Q 5: What is the difference between Ivy’s Molly and Ji Yeon’s Molly?

I don’t know how others think. To me, Ji Yeon’s Molly looks tougher. Others might feel that Ivy’s Molly looks tougher but I feel that Ji Yeon’s Molly is tougher. Although these are my feelings from acting with both Mollys but funny thing is that the feeling I get may be differ from day to day. The characteristic of Ji Yeon’s Molly is that she is able to give people the feeling that she is a tough and yet good woman. It’s the opposite with Ivy’s Molly. Her Molly gives me the feeling she is more vulnerable. Hence, in the 2nd Act, Molly’s songs sung by Ivy are sadder.

Q 6: During the performance, is there any scene which you were absorbed in or resonated with?

JW: In the scene where I saw the spirits in the hospital, I cried. During the rehearsals, the visual field was not as broad so I didn’t realized. When I finally saw it on stage, the feeling is totally different. Standing on stage, I felt it as I sang each sentence of the lyrics. Especially in that instance when I saw the whole scene, my feelings just exploded. Those spirits belonged to people who existed between the 2 realms. In that scene, when I sang “I am here, I mustn’t give up” my tears flowed naturally. Not only did I see spirits in that scene, I also saw what they really looked like. When I saw how they struggled and knowing that “The realm that I am in now, I am one and the same with them” when this thought came to me during this part, I cried a lot. It truly resonated with me.

Q 7: This is an interesting question. Isn’t there a song which caused Oda Mae much agony – “Little Indians”? If you could sing other songs, which song would you pick?

JW: You mean are there songs which are similar to this? (the reporter says it must be a number song) Hmmm….although there are but the number songs are only up to 10, I don’t think it works. I really don’t know. I can’t imagine Sam singing the song in such atmosphere. But, I really don’t know(laughs).

Q 8: If in reality, you are in the same situation as Sam and have to say something to Molly, what would you say?

JW: Hmmm, I guess it would be “I love you.” Besides “I love you” I don’t think there are other things to say. For example, words like “I am here” seem unnecessary. Because a person is already dead, any other words have no meaning.

Fans have also asked a lot of questions. Most questions require the use of 5 words to answer.

Q 10: Your favorite song

JW:  “I Had A Life”

Reason: This is a song that cannot be sung without emotions. It’s a song where emotions are very important. If it is sung without any feelings, it’s meaningless.

Q 11: The most appealing song?

JW: “With You”

Reason: The 2 Mollys sung this song very well. When I hear this song there is an indescribable feeling in my heart. There is an introduction part where she kind of talks which is good and as it goes towards the end the increasing shouting as she goes high, it looked really good.

Q 12: The feeling during the curtain call.

JW: Very fulfilled.

Reason: I can’t determine exactly the kind of feeling except that I feel very happy but at the same time a little sad. It’s a very complex feeling. Whenever it comes to a close, the most overwhelming feeling is the sense of fulfillment.

Q 13: Molly’s charm?

JW: A desirable girl.

Reason: Everything Molly does is very beautiful. Also, in the song, Sam said “Don’t be hurt by what others think, what’s important is how I think.” Molly understood those words and was captivated by Sam. She is the type of woman whom a man would desire. She works hard and takes pride in the things she do. She lives loving one man with her heart and soul. She is the kind girl a man desires and who is able to make you want to protect her. She is also very beautiful (laughs).


Q 14: Lastly, do you think there is such a thing as eternal love?

JW: I do believe, it’s just that I do not know as yet. I do not know if now I am leaning towards the side of unbelief. It would be good if such eternal love exists. In the past, when I used to believe in pure love, eternal love seems possible. As time passes, gradually I began to think such love does not exist. Reality changes. But if eternal love exists, it would be great.

Q 15: Give one reason why audience must watch <GHOST>.

JW: I think those who watched the movie <GHOST> will want to watch this. Also, I do not know why recently the movie is being re-telecast on TV. This movie was released when I was three years old. But it is only now after I have experienced love that I realized it is only movies like <GHOST> which are able to release the purest of our emotions. Twenty years have passed and this kind of love persists. Now, this excellent movie has been made into a musical and brought on stage. Here you have this magnificent stage which no matter how you look at it, is superior to the movie in conveying this kind of love. Also, this is not a screen picture but real life actors right in front of my eyes, this is the merit. Besides, I love <GHOST> because I can derive satisfaction from it. Right now, I am unable to do it, even if the situation arises, I still do not think I can do it. If a person wants to love forever and have a passionate love but is unable to because of realities of life then watching this will help to fulfill them. Thus, <GHOST> is able to give you that kind of “Ah, I also want to have that kind of love.” type of feeling. So, it will be great if you can watch it.


Although the time was very short, we are nonetheless able to feel the passion Joo Won has towards <GHOST> and Sam the character. Joo Won’s interview has come to an end. Towards Joo Won who has answered each of our questions seriously, we are again grateful. Please give your attention to <GHOST> which can make people hope for eternal love. Come quickly and watch Joo Won who plays romantic Sam who is bent wholeheartedly on saving Molly.



Chinese translation : david on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples

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