韓流ぴあ 2013/11 Special ­­­Interview with Joo Won


Joo Won revealed “What I gained most from “Level 7 Civil Servant” was people like Choi Kang Hee noona, Chan Sung, many other co-stars and filming crew, we had so much fun in filming.” 

Drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” broadcast earlier this year in Korea was a remake of a big hit movie with the same title back in year 2009.  The storyline was based on missions carried out by the secret agents of the National Intelligence Service, the drama made viewers burst into laughters and move to tears.   It also gathered good notes from viewers who found it hard not to watch till the end.  In this drama, Joo Won played the role of a fearless rookie agent, Han Gil Ro.

 “Han Gil Ro was a very charming character.  Although he was rude and recklessly challenged car race, he still had his pure aspect.  He just did whatever he would when he was facing his loved one.  As a man, I felt like playing this character at least once as I was so attracted by his colourful character. “

~ In the interview, Joo Won talked about how Han Gil Ro audaciously challenged the car race.  He also told us the story behind shooting the skydiving scene.

“Actually, the only skydiving scene taken was when I was landing onto the ground.   It was a freezing cold day however a few oversized fans were set up for filming the scene (laugh).  The microphone was unable to pick up my lines because the winds generated by the fans were far too strong, therefore I needed to dub the scene separately.  That gave me a different experience (laugh).”

~ From drama “Baker King” in 2010 till now, Joo Won mostly played heavy characters.  This time, he had some worries playing a comical character Han Gil Ro.

“To be honest, I did worry and didn’t know how to portray this comical character in the beginning.  Because it was a romance comedy, I think I had to act freely and naturally.  I tried hard to find Gil Ro in Joo Won.  Then, I came up a concept of making up a character of “Gil Ro + Joo Won”.   However, Gil Ro was so devoted towards his love but I never had this experience like him in real life.  I had no experience in recklessly challenging car racing either (laugh).  They are differences between Gil Ro and me, but I guess being so persistent with pursuing our dreams and our child-like personality are the similarities.


~ The drama depicted Joo Won’s love towards Kim Seo Won played by Choi Kang Hee, an actress symbolic for her baby face look.   Actually, her striking baby face has a 10-year age gap from Joo Won.

“When I first started filming with her, I did think she was a “noona 10 years older than me” but as time went during filming, I realised “I had never come across with such a pure person”.   Suddenly she would say something like “today’s weather is really good” while lying down on the bed in film set (laugh).  We still keep in touch, I am healed after talking to her.  She is a person with this character.”

Playing the role as a secret agent of National Intelligent Service, I heard you actually visited and spoke to the agents. 

“I went to National Intelligence Service a few times and spoke to a few agents.   They don’t use their real name.  While I thought it was unbelievable, I also felt sad for them.   Before meeting them face to face, I thought their image would be tough, however after meeting them, the impression they gave me was they were just like hyung or ahjussi living next door.   Then, I had a fresh image about secret agents.  Well, I think I never know if there are any agents around me.   Perhaps, my dad is also an agent (laugh).”

Although he was joking around during the interview, he also talked about the highlights of the drama.

“The most charming element of this drama is it is not heavy at all.   You probably think storyline based on National Intelligent Service sounds heavy but it is actually a light and interesting drama bringing you fun.  Other than that, we had so much fun during filming, I just hope we are able to bring viewers the same fun.   The drama has action scenes, love scenes and many attractions.   It will be such a pleasure if viewers find it enjoyable to watch.

Reporter’s side note:   After the interview, Joo Won greeted people saying “Thanks for your hard work” before walking out of the studio.  He was wearing the white robe!  I reckoned he was heading to the film set where “Good Doctor” was being filmed.   He looked so relaxed during the interview but I could see his seriousness towards acting.

Reported by   Murakami Kaori

Photo by         Kim Hee Jin­­ 

Source             韓流ぴあ  (Hanryu Pia) 2013/11 issue

English translation by manyearsago @ Joo Won Cutie







MC:     Joo Won is coming next.  He has something to say about his drama.  Let’s have a look at the footage now.

JW:      Good Day, Han Love viewers.  I am actor Joo Won, nice to see you.

Narrator:        Musical star Joo Won debuted in drama “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”.  He played a rival to his co-star Yoon Si Yoon and successfully became a breakout star.   His latest drama was “Level 7 Civil Servant” playing with co-stars, Choi Kang Hee and 2PM’s Chan Sung.   Other than love, everything is lies.  Genre of this drama is romance comedy unfolding the love between men and women.  Let’s ask Joo Won some questions about his latest drama “Level 7 Civil Servant”.

Narrator:        First, let’s ask  Joo Won about his character in the drama.

JW:      The character Han Gil Ro liked James Bond and he always wanted to become a cool secret agent.   Although his personality was sometimes like a child, he had his dream.  He was pessimistic towards love.

Narrator:        What is the attraction of this drama?

JW:      You would have thought storyline about National Intelligent Service is heavy but the story was not all about things happening there, there are other things like love and relationship.  I think viewers will find the story interesting.

Narrator:        Uhm Tae Woong played a cameo role in this drama, how was the filming atmosphere?

JW:      Tae Woong hyung is actually a very nice person.  Staff like him and are thankful for him.   When he is acting, you can see his powerful sense of presence.   His character was very important in the beginning of the drama.  Because of him, the drama became a hot topic.   His character was really very impactful in the drama.

Narrator:        What are the highlights of the drama?

JW:      Because the story was about National Intelligent Service, there were many action scenes but there were not normal action scenes, there was fighting scenes in ski field, I guess it was pretty unique.  In the beginning of the drama, there were also car racing and sky diving scenes, some colourful casino and dancing  scenes.  While I was playing those scenes, somehow I had the feelings they were just like things happening in campus,  and action scenes in a blockbuster movie.   I enjoy playing different genres and I think this drama can be watched with light feelings.

Narrator:        Last, please say a few words to viewers

JW:      Han Love viewers, “Level 7 Civil Servant” is to be aired in Japan.  It was a hot topic in Korea and we had fun filming this drama.  It was a very interesting drama.   Watching this drama will make you feel happy.  Because Kang Hee noona, Chan Sung and other excellent co-stars played this drama, please give us more support by watching it.   Thank you and be happy.




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