Qualification To Love (Good Doctor)

by mrdimples



Yoon Seo’s heart was thumping like crazy when she stepped forth and hugged Si On. It was the boldest thing she has ever done in her entire life yet how could she deny her true feelings. As she encircled her arms round Si On, she pressed her cheeks against his soft shirt and buried her nose into his chest. He felt so warm and soft; yet the firmness of his body sent a wave of warmth all over her body. As her body melted into his, her heart filled with happiness. She thought “This is what love feels and smells like.”

Si On stood there speechless as Yoon Seo threw her arms round him; he was not expecting this at all. What did she just say? Does she see him as a man? As he felt her soft and warm body pressed against his, he knew he would do anything to love and protect this woman. He wrapped his arms round her and pulled her closer to him. He could feel her heart beating against his; could she feel his pounding heart too?

Yoon Seo felt as if an electric current surged through her body. She hoped he didn’t notice her racing heartbeat and trembling body. She was too shy to let him know how he affected her physically. How did she see him as a dongsaeng before? She breathed hard as she let herself be enveloped by his presence.

“Am I making Doctor afraid? Si On wondered as he felt Yoon Seo’s trembling. He slowly pulled himself away and looked into her face. Her cheeks were flushed and wet with tears. Has he made her upset? Maybe he should not have hugged her so tightly. He gently wiped her cheeks and asked in a small voice “Did I do something wrong Doctor? If you don’t like this…”

Yoon Seo put her finger to his lips and shook her head, “No, Si On, I like it. I like it very much. Can you please hold me?” Si On did not hesitate and pulled her back into his embrace, he nestled his face into her shoulder and caressed her hair. He felt as if he was dreaming. Is he really holding his love in his arms? Does this woman truly love him? Has he qualified for her love?

Suddenly, the phone in Yoon Seo’s bag buzzed. Both Si On and Yoon Seo jumped at the sound, breaking apart from each other. Yoon Seo was annoyed, “Who could this be?” she muttered as she fished the phone out. It was Prosecutor Voldemort, she quickly turned the phone off.

“Who is it?” Si On asked

“Ah, it’s that irritating Prosecutor.” Yoon Seo hastily replied

“Doctor, let me talk to him.” Si On said

“Why? Why would you want to talk to him?” Yoon Seo was taken aback.

“I will tell him not to call you, doctor. I don’t like him. I don’t like you talking to him.” Si On spluttered.

“Are you jealous? I thought you said you weren’t upset.” Yoon Seo teased

“I was very very upset, doctor. But I hid it, I hid it because I…” Si On started but before he could finish, Yoon Seo reached out and held his hands. She looked at him in the eyes and smiled “It’s okay, I know, I know.”

Under the glow of the streetlamp, Yoon Seo’s face shone. Si On remembered how beautiful she looked that night when she slept in his bed. Her face was basked in the moonlight and her skin looked so smooth and dewy. He had wanted to touch her then but he could not. Now, he reached out his hand and touched her cheek. Yoon Seo moved closer towards him and whispered, “Would you like to kiss me?”

Si On’ heart raced, he has never kissed a woman. Not even the kind matron at the orphanage who had a soft spot for him and always kissed him on his cheeks. But he knows that this is what normal people in love do. He read on it, watched tons of video clips of actors doing it but he has never done it before. He starts to get nervous.

Yoon Seo noticed his nervousness and pulled him nearer to her, she tiptoed slightly to move her face close to his. Her thighs rubbed against his and she was surprised at how hard and muscular they were. She put her hands on his shoulders and her breathing quickened as she locked her lips with his. It was as if a thousand fireworks set off in Si On’s head, the sensations were overwhelming for him but he felt good, really good.

He started to kiss her back and it almost made her lose balance but he gently placed his hands on the sides of her face and pulled her closer. She could feel his breath against her cheek as he moved his lips against her. She never knew he could kiss like this. His breath felt hot and sexy and she instinctively parted her lips.

Si On felt as if his body was on fire. When Yoon Seo’s thighs rubbed against his, there was a stirring within which he had never felt so strongly before. Her lips were soft and moist, her breath like a sweet and delicate wind. As they held each other and kissed, their bodies melt into one.

When they finally pull apart, they were too shy to look into each other’s eyes. Yoon Seo traced her fingers on Si On’s chest, “Do you still love me?” she asked. Si On smiled and stroked her face, “I never stopped loving you, doctor. You made my heart run like 100 laps. Even though it hurts, I never stopped loving you.” Yoon Seo nuzzles into Si On’s chest and they stood there in each other’s arms for a long time.



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