My Diary (Han Gilro Romance Edition) – Part 2

by daydreamsindecember



Entry 2

Hello, I’m back. Like I was saying earlier, it had been an eventful day.  A day where I discovered truths and also learnt a few lessons of my own.  Where did I left off?  Ah, I talked about Kim Seo Won didn’t I?

When she stepped into the ballroom in that white gown, it was frankly quite astonishing. I could hardly recognize her in a different hairdo and full makeup. It was as if I had an epiphany.  Amidst the numerous catcalls I felt a slight thrill pass through my body.  Bells sounded in my ear. Kim Seo Won! Wow! She looked resplendent.  The strange thing was, no other woman had caught my eye except her.  Was I…perhaps, interested? Me? Interested in that snotty woman?  One with zero femininity throughout every fiber of her being?  These thoughts dissolved the moment I caught her and Mr. Annoying making googly eyes at each other.  Gong Do-Ha that fella! He always HAS to compete with me in everything! I waited around deliberating if I should approach Seo Won but that woman avoided my gaze. Instead she turned towards Gong Do-Ha and the two exchanged smiles as he walked towards her. I nearly gagged watching their flirtatious banter. I was not going to let this go. Definitely not I, Han Gil-Ro. So I made my bold move and decided on a confrontation.

My ruse was pretty clever, wasn’t it? It was such a crack to see irritation swell up within them. If there’s anything people should know is that 1) Han Gil-Ro never gives up without a fight and 2) Han Gil-Ro is as persistent as a hardy cockroach.  I have to tell you, I had a difficult time holding my smugness in. Take that, Mr. Annoying.

On a serious note, I do have to confess. The woman is constantly on my mind these days. Like a chess player I seek to know and understand her every move. I get angry when I see her, but even more so when I do not. See? I told you she drives me crazy.  Which sane woman would work her a*ss off at multiple part time jobs to support her family and even offer to buy a plough with her paychecks at NIS? Let’s not even mention the car; how would she have any money for herself? I could not help but feel indignation after overhearing the phone conversation. How could I have not after witnessing the tears?  Sadly, my attempts to advise later were disregarded and my well intentions accused of being shallow.

I know deep down that Seo Won detests my presence around her; the misunderstandings between us still shrouded thickly like fog. I can still remember how she shrank back at my touch, unwilling to even face me. It was like dancing with a headless statue. What good is useless pride when it does not feed you?  Was I wrong to have said what I said? It is the truth – albeit harsh, but a reality.

Yet, when I was shot a look of distaste and ended up dumped on the dance floor, a part of me was not so sure anymore.

What was that dull ache I felt?




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