My Diary (Han Gil Ro’s Romance Edition)

by daydreamsindecember


Entry 1
This is Han Pil-Hoon. No wait, it should be Han Gil Ro now. I don’t usually write; much less keep a diary. It is strange then, how I’m penning down my thoughts in this book. I guess that’s because in spy school there’s nothing much to do for leisure so it’s self-entertainment (yes it’s pretty dull here, we are out of civilization and secluded to a protected area). It could also be because that I have been feeling different lately. It makes me confused and I need to get it out. Different? How different? Well, for starters I met a girl. Yeah I know, it’s not the first time I met one. But this one, she’s special.

She drives me crazy. Not in a good way, but not in a bad way as well. It’s like a love-hate thing we’ve got there. Initially she was a serious pain in the a*ss, her haughty self-righteousness not only losing me a car but also my rep.  To add on, she had the cheek to give me a ringing slap on the face in front of everyone.  Everyone.  I would NEVER live this down in my lifetime.  Oh, I also trudged down the mountain highway in 10-degree weather after her and got stranded when the wily fox called for delivery. This woman ought to have been shot. Alas, fate would have no other way but to put us within each other’s sight again. This time at the NIS interview. No matter how hard she tried to dodge, I knew it was her. How not to have recognized that frumpy hairdo? Don’t even mention the terrible post-modern dressing and the silly brooch she wears. If I had my way I would have taken the brooch away from her and broken it into a million tiny pieces.  With her around there is always trouble. Before we even started school, we were chased down the bus, we fought, my nose bled out, we fought some more, and then I had jajjangmyun down my face and everywhere else. If you think that’s all, no. That’s not it.  It doesn’t stop here. There’s plenty more I have to bi*tch about. Yes, call me petty but whatever. That woman is crazy.  She does not want to be responsible and pay for my car. I have every right to harass her during training. What’s worse than having to see her every day is to stand next to her and recite the oath. How she does it with conviction while being such a competent liar befuddles me. Anyway, this is one part of the story. Here’s the next:

So, at this point we are pretty much frenemies. You know, friends that are enemies? Or rather, in this case, it should be enemies who can be friends.  I think we can be friends.  I know right, I must be drunk. I hope to be drunk. But very unfortunately, I’m sober. As sober as a sober man can be.  I ACTUALLY WANT TO BE FRIENDS.  There have been a lot of misunderstandings between us.  I’m still trying to figure all of these out and frankly it scares me; the feeling of uncertainty. I get bothered when she ignores me and sticks with Mr. Annoying. He seriously annoys the crap out of me. He thinks he knows it all and those cheesy pickup tactics he uses, wow! Only she would fall for things like learning how to hold a gun and shoot using spoons and candy.  It’s not even the best method when I can’t do it myself, pfffttt. I’m the best there, not him. I’m the one who won that round against him. Why would she even want to hang out with him? I simply cannot understand what she is thinking sometimes.

Then again, she has her cute moments. That, I have to admit. Her money-grabbing ways can be repulsive but her bukkeu song and dance in front of the entire class was entertaining.  I couldn’t help but be tickled. And guess what, she can wear a dress nicely too! It caught me off-guard but at least now I know this woman has the capability to look good…in fact, pretty. Very pretty. Like knock-my-socks-off kind of pretty.

My brain is in a state of trying to decipher what I’m feeling right now as I’m writing. Certain parts of it are telling me that I’m experiencing the first symptoms of a complex but wonderful emotion called love.

I would love to tell you more (a lot happened today) but my hands are tired. And my head is giving me this buzz that won’t go away. I have to go take a break.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention? Her name is Seo Won. Kim Seo Won.



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