Listen to My Heart (Tomorrow Cantabile)

Fanfic  by mrdimples

Part 1


He has stopped sobbing but the tears were still flowing down his cheeks, his chin and neck. Naeil gently wiped them away with her fingers.


She couldn’t stop crying. How it pained her to see him like this, she had never imagined the extent of pain and guilt that had held him in bondage all these years. Now, she fully understands why it crippled him to the point that he feels hopeless about fulfilling his dream. She stroked his thigh and held his hand in another. Slowly, the look of pain and sadness left his face.

She loves him so much that her heart aches. Although he had never said he loves her, she could see it in his eyes. He was there whenever she needed him. His hands were medicine and his smile a balm to her soul.

She swept his fringe from his forehead gently with her fingers and traced them alongside the side of his face. He is so handsome, her sunbae. Thick masculine eyebrows framing the most beautiful eyes she has even seen. Many a times, she felt like she was drowning in those eyes which would shine like a dark shade of amber. She has always loved his lips because they were so full of character. These days, he smiled often. He has the most wonderful smile; his dimples would come out and make him even more gorgeous. Her heart would always skip a beat whenever he flashes his smile at her, then a warm fuzzy feeling will course through her body and make her toes tingle. Since the day she found him drunk outside her door and laid his head on her bosom, her body has always reacted to sunbae first.

He was now sleeping peacefully like a baby. Has she succeeded in curing him of his trauma? Another tear rolled down her cheek. She loved him too much to see him suffer this so she must let him go. Even though the thought of not having him by her side drove a knife into her heart, she knew she must release him. Now, looking at him she knew she made the right decision. Her sunbae is going to soar high and be right up there where he belongs. If this therapy works, he will wake up with no more trace of his trauma. She smiled at the thought of him conquering the music world with his genius. He is going to knock everyone off their socks, isn’t he? She will be so proud of him. Tears welled up more as she gripped his hand a little tighter.  She will do all it takes to join him in Europe but will he wait for her? He promised, didn’t he? She looked at the sleeping Yoo Jin with her lips trembling.

She moved her face closer to his. She had wanted to kiss him the other time he fell asleep on the couch but her heart beat so fast and she felt her body respond in a way she never experienced before. So she pulled back. Another time, when they were talking about being on the stage together like a couple, she saw the look in his eyes and again she bolted. She was just afraid of what she might do if she stayed on or what sunbae may do…


With her face hovering just millimeters away from his, she could smell him, the wonderfully clean but unmistakably manly fragrance. Her lips lightly touched on his forehead, his eyelids, his cheeks and finally she kissed him ever so lightly on his lips. He did not stir. She froze there for what seemed like eternity, staring at him, taking in every detail of his being as if he would disappear from her eyes the moment she closes them.

The worst day of her life is here. Standing at the airport, looking at sunbae checking in at the airline counter seems like a nightmare.

“Yoo Jin ah!”

Suddenly a shrill voice rang out. She turned around and saw Do Kyung running towards Yoo Jin. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Where did this woman appear from?

Do Kyung ran up to Yoo Jin and immediately hook her arm onto his. Yoo Jin did not shake her off but smiled instead. He didn’t say a thing.

Naeil stood there stunned, she was shaking all over.

“Ah, Seol Naeil, you are here. Sending Yoo Jin off?”

Do Kyung flashed her pearly whites smiling at Naeil but she looked evil. Naeil wanted to scream at Yoo Jin to shake Do Kyung off or at least say something but Yoo Jin just stood there smiling with his arm linked to Do Kyung’s.

“I will take care of Yoo Jin from now on.”

Do Kyung told Naeil, the smile never leaving her face. It was the winner’s smile, wasn’t it?

“Let’s go, Yoo Jin. We will miss the plane if we don’t move fast.”

Sunbae held up his hand and waved to Naeil good-bye.


Naeil screamed but no sound came out from her throat. It was like she was spellbound and stood rooted to the ground, helpless as she saw Yoo Jin being led away by Do Kyung.

She cried and cried as Yoo Jin moved further and further away from her.


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