Listen to My Heart (Tomorrow Cantabile) Part 2

by mrdimples

Fanfic Part 2 

She was smiling at him, waving her hand. He cannot comprehend. Did the judges change their minds? They must have. Because Naeil is going to Europe now. She looked lovely in her floral dress, her soft brown hair framing her face. She seemed to glow, a warm radiance spreading and reaching out to him.

“Seol Naeil, wait for me!”

Yoo Jin screamed running towards her. But Naeil couldn’t hear him, she started to turn and walked away. He ran like a mad man and finally caught up with her. Without a word, he pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly.

“Don’t leave me, Seol Naeil.”

He buried his face into her neck and nuzzled against her soft flesh. She smelled like so sweet and feminine.


She pulled back and touched his face gently. Then she tiptoed and moved her face closer. She kissed him gently on his cheeks.

He cannot wait anymore. He held her face in his hands and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft and moist. He parted her lips and…

What’s that sound? It grew louder and louder…It was the alarm clock.

Yoo Jin opened his eyes and found himself back in his study. He must have dozed off in the armchair. It would be nice if the dream was real, he could still feel Naeil’s lips on his, so warm and inviting.

He looked down and found Seol Naeil asleep in his lap. The alarm grew louder and louder. He tried to stretch out his hand to the clock on the side table as carefully as he can so as not to rouse her.  He turned it off and then quickly looked at her. She was undisturbed by either sound or movement. She must be really tired.

“Seol Naeil…”

Yoo Jin whispered.  He looked at her carefully and realized she had been crying, there were dried tears on her face. Then it came flooding back to him. She had sat him down for a hypnosis session. Did it worked? Was he really hypnotized or did he just fell asleep? Why was she crying?

He touched her hair and smoothed the stray strands as gently as he could. Her cheeks were a little pale and her eyelashes clumped with dried tears.  He stroked her lightly on her cheeks and could not take his eyes off her. She is beautiful. She is the first woman who turned his insides upside down.  Do Kyung never had this effect on him.

Most girls had given up on him after he gave them the cold shoulder but Seol Naeil persisted. Thank goodness, she did because he realized as precious as her gift in music is, she is even more precious as a person. Her music inspires him and made him fall deeper in love with music. But it is her person who makes him go crazy. He has done many things he never had before in his entire life. Is this love? He doesn’t know but all he knows is that he will climb the highest mountain and cross the deepest ocean for her.

Naeil started to move, she seemed to be struggling. Then she whimpered in her sleep.

“Sunbae…don’t leave…”

“Seol Naeil, wake up…”

Yoo Jin gently shook her shoulder and Naeil opened her eyes…


She grabbed his hand and started to cry.

“I dreamt that you left. Oh, no. Tell me I am not dreaming now, am I?”

“Are you really here?”  She held his hand more tightly as if she was afraid he would disappear.

“I am here. I will always be here.”

Yoo Jin pulled her towards him and hugged her. She was still trembling from the nightmare and her body felt a bit cold because of the thin dress. He felt he had to protect her and hugged her more tightly.

Gradually, Naeil calmed down and Yoo Jin felt her less tensed up in his embrace. Slowly, he pulled back and gently wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

“Sunbae, I dreamt that you…you left. I know it’s a dream but it was so real.”

“Silly, I won’t go anywhere.”

“No, sunbae. You can, you can. I think my hypnosis will work. You will be able to go to Europe.”

Yoo Jin looked at her and held her face in his hands.

“Even if it doesn’t, I have decided. I will go Europe and bring you with me. If you need more time, I will wait.”

Naeil looked into Yoo Jin’s eyes and knew that he meant every word he said. He loves her, he really does.

Yoo Jin smiled to Naeil, assuring her that everything was going to be alright. She smiled back at him.

Her smile never fails to cheer him up and gives him the assurance. He is going to conquer his fear, he has to. Not just for her nor for him but for them as one.

Suddenly, Naeil was aware of Yoo Jin’s hands on her face. He has never held her like this before. His hands were huge and felt strong. A man’s hands. She wanted to feel them on her body.  Before she knew it, she had reached out and caressed his hands.

This time, Yoo Jin pulled her closer and kissed her on her lips. It felt tentative and gentle at first but soon he moved his lips against hers with more urgency. She could feel his breath against her cheek, it was hot and sexy. Instinctively, she parted her lips.


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