Close Encounter Part 2 (Good Doctor)

by mrdimples

fanfic *Minors Stay Out*


“What! He is standing behind me? Is he naked?” YS’s mind raced as vivid images flashed in front of her.

She turned around slowly with her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

“It’s alright, Doctor; you can open your eyes. I have a towel on me.”

Yoon Seo opened her eyes. There, SO was standing, dripping wet and holding a small hand towel in front of him. She tried to avert her gaze but couldn’t help looking at his body. Although his frame was a tad thin and lanky, he had a beautiful v-shaped torso, lean abdominals and oblique abs running deliciously down his mid-section. The teeny weeny towel could not hide his hips and muscular thighs. YS felt really hot, she must be blushing like a tomato.

“Doctor, I think the towel is inside the dryer…”

Yoon Seo felt a bit light-headed. She opened her mouth but couldn’t get a single word out.

SO looked at her with concern, oblivious to the effect he had on her. He took a step forward and YS stumbled backwards and hit the table behind. SO reaches out and grabbed her, YS squeezed her eyes tight. Her mouth felt dry and she could hear her blood pumping.

“Doctor, are you alright?”

YS willed herself to open her eyes and stared at SO in his face, desperately avoiding looking down.

“S..Sure, I..I will get it for you.” She managed to get the words out before slipping past him and making the dash towards the laundry area.

For the next minute, she pretended to check messages and emails on her phone while SO walked back to the bathroom to towel dry. Once, he was out of sight, she smacked her forehead and groaned. She didn’t know if she was angry at herself for being flustered or for not taking a better look at SO’s body.

SO came out shortly with the towel wrapped around his waist. YS’s eyes remained glued to her phone screen and she nonchalantly asked

“Aren’t you getting dressed already? We are going to be late.”

SO hurriedly grabbed the suit hanging outside his wardrobe,

“Doctor, turn around and don’t look…”

“Yah! Park Si On, do you think I want to see you naked?”

YS turned around quickly so that he couldn’t see her blushed. Just saying the word “naked” made her heart raced again.

“Doctor, can you help me with this tie?”

YS jumped. SO was standing right behind her. Why is this guy sneaking up on her every time? Or has she been too lost in her thoughts? SO was struggling to tie his tie properly.

“You don’t have to dress up like this, you know. It’s just my mom.” 

“No, I must look the best. I need to make a good impression.”

YS’s face was just at the level of SO’s chest. As she stood there with her face millimeters away from his bosom, she remembered the first time she felt that inexplicable warm and fuzzy feeling that shot through her body. SO had grabbed and pulled her towards his body as he turned her away from the oncoming vehicle. She had thought how strong his broad shoulders and chest felt. Now, with her hands holding the tie, she wondered how it would feel like if she ran her fingers across his chest. She could make out his nipples showing through his white crisp shirt. She bit her lips and tried to concentrate on tying the tie because she was just making a mess of it.

Meanwhile, SO was enraptured staring at YS. She wore a frown on her face as if she was in deep concentration. Her cheeks looked a little flushed, the added color made her look even more beautiful. Her lips were full and sweet like a rosebud. He felt like grabbing her close to him and kiss her on those moist, inviting lips.

YS looked up and caught SO’s eyes staring back at hers with such intensity and desire. She gasped as he suddenly pulled her towards him and kissed her. She could hear his breathing turned shallow and rapid as his lips met hers with an urgency she has never felt before. Her heart leapt to her throat and she felt as if she was burning up. His strong and huge hands moved from her face to her body, caressing her all over. She did not know what came over her next but her hands seemed to have a mind of their own as she pulled up his shirt and her hands went beneath it. He moaned softly into her ears as she explored every nook and crevice of his body.

YS backed towards the table and SO lowered her gently onto it, their bodies still entwined. She unbuttoned his shirt and he almost tore it off his back in a hurry. He began to pull her blouse over her head when suddenly a piercing scream rang through the air.

To be continued


3 thoughts on “Close Encounter Part 2 (Good Doctor)

  1. When would part 3 be coming out? I hope it does soon! I’ve been anticipating it every day since I read it (long time ago) and I simply can’t wait for it! > < Please quickly upload part 3! XD I'm dying of anticipation! :3 Btw, I really really like all of your fanfics! They are super nice, interesting and I sort of get hooked on them! So please quickly finish writing part 3 and upload it soon! 😀 Thank you very very much in advance.

    • Oooops!!! I was just thinking about this yesterday and I thought it was all forgotten.
      It got buried in a mountain pile of Joo Won to-do things 😦 ,I do not know if I can continue. Let me summon my muse and see if I get inspired. Nonetheless, thank you for your compliments and I will try harder 😀

  2. Part 3 PLease!!! this is the story that I wanted.. while I love the drama.. I felt that the whole Mother thing was totally left hanging.. and we definitely need a little close encounters.. I love how you’ve captured the characters so well..

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