Close Encounter part 1 (Good Doctor)

by mrdimples


Part 1

YS was pacing up and down in her apartment, she looked at her watch. It’s still early. In an hour’s time, she will be staring face to face with her greatest adversary – Mom. She remembered the first time she told Mom about Si On, she did not take to it well. Afterwards, YS just avoided the topic as much as she could as well as deflect Mom’s attempts to set her up for blind dates. There was one time; Mom sprang a surprise and drop in on her in Seoul. She wanted to know what her daughter is up to but thankfully, SO was back in Taebak because his mom took ill. So they did not meet each other.

Mom was a feisty woman. She single-handedly brought up YS after Dad passed on when YS was only 14 years old. YS sighed and wished Dad was around, he would have persuaded Mom. Dad understood YS more than anyone did, he was a great guy. YS missed him so much. If Dad was alive today, he would have loved SO, the 2 men are so alike in their gentle and affectionate ways.

YS decided to go to SO’s unit and see if he was getting ready for the dinner. His presence was always comforting and she needed to calm her nerves. She opened the door and call out his name but there was no answer. Strange, where did he go? Then, she heard sounds from the bathroom, SO must be in the shower. She stared at the doorknob and willed herself to not turn it. Instead she knocked on the door and called,

“Si On ah…is you in there?”

The sound of running shower trickled to a stop. There was no answer for a good minute. Then finally, SO’s voice appeared from behind the door.

“Doctor, are you outside?”

“Yes, hurry and change up. We don’t want to be late, do we?”

More silence ensued.

“Doctor, I forgot my towel….”

“Tell me where it is, I will bring it to you.” YS could not help but blushed. She put her hand instinctively to her face as if someone was looking at her right now. She never thought she would be this affected by a man. His physical proximity drove her crazy.

“It’s inside the bottom drawer in the wardrobe”

“Okay, I’ll get it.”

YS went to SO’s wardrobe and searched for the towel. Wow, this man is more organized than she is. Everything is sorted out in methodical order. She could not help but look at one drawer where he kept his underwear. They are all boxers. She picked up one and almost brought it up to her nose before she dropped it back into the drawer in disgust. She groaned to herself,

“Cha Yoon Seo, get a grip! What are you doing?”

She shook her head to get the mental picture out of her mind and set about finding the towel. Strange, it’s not there. She opened another 2 drawers but they weren’t in there either.

“Si On ah, I cannot find them. Could they be somewhere else?”

YS looked at her watch, they really need to get going.

“Si On, you can come out now. I will turn around. I promise not to look.”

YS walked to dining table, griped the chair and stood there with her back towards the bathroom door. She could hear the door knob turned and the door opening. She bit her lips and squeezed her eyes shut. Whatever SO was doing, he must be moving so quietly. She could hardly hear any sounds. Then, she felt a presence behind her.


to be continued…


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