Title: Camouflage

Author/picture edition: andreja1989/AndrejaH

Beta: Esther

Characters/Pairing: Park Shi On, Lee Kang To (Joo Won) / none really

Rating: R (just in case for slight violence)

Length: oneshot (1,173 words)

Genre: angst, crime, psychological, comedy, crossover

Summary: Can early retired professional help catching the criminal?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, they belong to writers of Good doctor and Bridal mask. Same with pictures I used for the edition.

Note: A bit of a mix of my favorite characters from Joo Won’s dramas. There might be little bit of hint of Tae Hee from Ojakgyo brothers as well or any hint to his new movie Catch me but I don’t know that yet since I still wait for the movie xD


“You think we can rely on him? I have no idea how you found him but he hasn’t been active for years because he settled in. How are you so sure he can do the job better than us? We can’t let that bastard escape again!”

“Don’t worry chief. I know him well, that is also how I knew where to find him. Trust me, he knows what he is doing.”


Today I’ll get you! He thought and looked at the mirror before making a bigger mess out of his already scattered hair. One quick look with his unfocused eyes was enough to know he is ready. His posture, dressed in freshly ironed suit, was slightly crooked, head turned a bit on a side while he clutched tightly on the strap of his bag that was hanging around his torso. With slow steps he was ready to leave the bathroom at the subway.

While walking to the lockers he didn’t look around but rather kept going towards his goal. There he spotted a man wearing black clothes and a black baseball cap on his head, lowered enough to hide his face. The man was standing at the locker number 54 and just typed the pass code when he stepped beside him right at locker number 46. “Good day.” He greeted cheerfully with his childish voice and bowed to the stranger before turning to the locker and not seeing the startled expression on the other man’s face.

“What do you want?!” The stranger grumbled just when he wanted to type in his pass code.

“Eh? Me?” He turned back to the stranger, eyes not meeting, “I came to get my things. I almost forgot to get them before going on the train. Luckily I remembered then I have to quickly quickly go or I’ll miss my train that leaves in 6 minutes and 13 seconds… 12… 11… 10…”

“Okay I get it.” Stranger cut him in, “What a weirdo…” He added to himself and watched as that weirdo once again turned to his locker and typed the code in just to see his access denied.

“Hmm? It should be 813729 because it forms two triangles on the dial one facing up and one down…” He pursed his lips when thinking, his eyes darting from the dial to the number of the locker and to the stranger still standing beside him, obviously waiting for him to be done before he would open his. “Ah… mister, don’t mind me. I don’t look at other people’s business, I find that very rude. So just take what you have to.” He spoke and scratched his head, “I’m sure it’s 813729…” He mumbled and with the corner of his eye saw the man turn to his locker as well. “46? Ah!” He hit his head again, “Not 46 Shi On, 64, 64!” With raised voice he shambled to the other side of the man who just carefully opened his 54 but was obviously getting more and more annoyed by the retard Shi On who kept blabbering to himself. This time his locker opened and he cheerfully added, “Here you are.” Shi On talked to the little bag he took out of his locker but then his eyes stopped for a second at the opened locker of the stranger.

“WHAT ARE ‘YA LOOKING AT YOU FREAK?!!” The man suddenly yelled which made Shi On step back a little, his hands gripping on the small bag he just got out of his locker.

“I… I… I didn’t see… L-looks like c-candy…” Shi On stuttered and backed away again when the man stepped closer.

“Candy?” He snorted and hit Shi On’s shoulder, “Want some of it? Maybe your brain will function properly then!”

“A-are you saying… that I’m s-stupid?” His eyes peeked at the other in fear but then with determination, “Don’t say that, it’s not true…”

“And what will you do huh?!” Man still didn’t lower his voice when glaring at Shi On before turning to his locker, packed the bag inside his rucksack and slammed the locker close. “Now listen you idiot, get the hell out of my sight.”

“You’re doing something bad… really really bad—” His stuttering words were cut off as the man hit him in the face, making him fall on the ground. “Y-you’re a bad man!” He added even though his jaw was hurting.

“SHUT UP!” The man yelled and hit him again, triggered even more by the small smile appearing on Shi On’s lips. He hit him once again but just then looked around him to find bunch of policemen pointing their guns at him. “What the hell?!” While yelling he let go of Shi On’s collar and got up, retreating backwards but he had nowhere to go since the lockers were right behind him.

“Give up; you have nowhere to run to!” One of the policemen yelled but the man didn’t listen to him. Instead he went back to Shi On who just managed to get back on his feet and tried to use him as a hostage. But it didn’t go up to his plan when Shi On started to laugh.

“What the—” He tried to say but was hit in his stomach by Shi On’s elbow who hastily turned around, went behind the man, pulled the rucksack from his back and took a firm hold of his arms behind his back. From behind his pants Shi On fetched his handcuffs and put them on the criminal before throwing the goods to his colleagues.

“You bastard dare to hit me huh! You are charged of possession of drugs and for assault on an officer.”

“What damn officer?” Criminal asked confused before Shi On roughly turned him around to face him. The childish, unfocused look on his face was nowhere to be seen anymore and his posture wasn’t bent anymore. Instead there was serious expression on his face with burning eyes that would pierce right through you. He hissed at the cut on his lip and once he pushed his hair back from his face to fully reveal it, the criminal’s eyes widened, “L-Lee Kang To?!”

“Bingo!” Kang To smirked satisfied that his camouflage worked even after he spent some years as a normal husband and father, without chasing bad guys around Seoul. “It has been some time since we saw each other, right? It seems three years in jail didn’t teach you a thing except acting more like a fox but you can’t escape me.” Satisfaction mirrored on his face before he pushed the man to his colleagues who would take him away. “Don’t let me get you again!” He yelled after them and fetched the phone out of his pocket. As soon as the chief of police picked the phone, he started speaking, “He’s caught and make sure this is the last time you called me.” Kang To immediately cancelled the line and rang a different number. “I’m on my way home… yes sweetie, lunch would be really great.”


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